WoT Kongzhong chinese TD trailer

Good evening everyone, WoTclue just released a trailer for the Chinese TDs for the chinese version of World of Tanks.

Please note that as of now, this has been confirmed for the Chinese server only, however these tanks have been spotted on other servers as well. So we do not know whether WG keep their word and keeps them CN only or if they plan to release them on other servers as well. I personally don’t really care anymore as historical accuracy seems to not be WG’s priority anymore with tanks like the FV 251b (120) or some of the german hightier tanks. ( I also have my personal issues with how they have implemented the Panzer 58 into WoT).

Anyway enough talk, here is the video.

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WoT Kongzhong chinese TD trailer

15 thoughts on “WoT Kongzhong chinese TD trailer

  1. Anonymous says:

    Watching without sound and not reading Chinese, looks like a wwe snack down with some boxy tanks thrown in…

  2. I know the so called “flavor” of Chinese vehicles is modified versions of the soviet vehicles with high alpha damage Zedong lolcannons, but these are clearly rough sketches that would never ever work in rl, maybe accept the tier 2 and maybe tier 9 because its a 122-54 clone.

  3. che2palle says:

    Fix the game first. than, add new tanks! the game is a mess. Pleas WG focus of fixing the game…I know I’m wasting bytes on some random server by writing this because WG doesn’t care!

  4. dddzxc says:

    Disgusting fake tanks. Even more frightening is that the line, 11 tanks, all fake tanks, adding the game will undoubtedly seriously damage the lower limit of the game

  5. Why the hell is there a Chinese server that nobody (except the people who read blogs and invest time into the subject) knows about? Can’t all the severs be public? Sure, it is run by another company, but why does WG not care about it then?

    1. Mizutayio says:

      the chinese server is very “unique” You want a CW tank? no problem, pay like 300$ and get an Object 907 in your garage. Want a Type 59 Gold? give Konzhong your paycheck for the entire year and you can grab one. you can even buy gold ammo in large bundles. If you thought WoT EU was a cashgrab, then you haven’t seen the chinese server.

  6. Shrike58 says:

    I’d play them if they were introduced but I’d rather WG didn’t…or if we got Chinese TDs I’d rather a branch ending in the Type 89.

  7. wremisekrummels says:

    WG i dont care whatever you bring these tanks into the game, but then you are doing them you have to throw your historical accuarcy away, and bring my lovly afkpanther back too!

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