WoT- Korean & Asian Server Integration

Interesting news from the WoT Korean portal: In mid-March, the Korean WoT servers will be integrated into the Asian servers.

Details  still being worked out, but so far the following will be transfered:

-Player achievments, Marks of Excellence etc.

-Goods, such as gold, Free XP, Tank XP

-Premium time (which will halt until account transfer is complete)

-Unused Personal Items

-Supplies, equipment, modules and ammo

-Permanent camo, emblems and inscriptions

-Personal Mission Progress

-All tanks (Except premiums)

Regarding premium tanks, all permanent camo/emblems/inscriptions will be refunded for full purchase price, and XP earned on them will be transfere to thier nations Tier 1 (even without a Tier 1, it will be displayed when purchasing a Tier 1 or when converting Free XP). Crew members will be transfered to the barracks.

Items such as Clan Gold, temporary camo, and Friend lists are being discussed for transfer.

Players will not have to download a new client, after an update you can access through the existing Korean client.

The Korean servers will not be recieving Update 9.17.1. Players will recieve it when they are transfered to the Asian Servers.

Accounts can be transfered from the time of integration in March to the end of August.

An update on refunds will be made in the future.


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WoT- Korean & Asian Server Integration

30 thoughts on “WoT- Korean & Asian Server Integration

    1. Anonymous says:

      For the last 6 months or so I’ve seen player populations hit 25-27k at peak hours, I don’t think theres something really bad going down so whats up with the panic.

      1. Hungrian says:

        Over 30K players on NA Sunday when i was playing. The 15K peak is simply BS. The “NA is Dying” crap is tiresome BS.

  1. Sooooo…. people are just SOL when it comes to their premium tanks? They can’t transfer them or get a refund (so far)? So if you have a rare tank like an su-76i… you’re just screwed.. too bad? I.. don’t think that will go over well..

      1. Kitsune says:

        That’s the problem. some premiums are not available for sale.
        Here’s all the stuff that are either not always on sale or completely unavailable for purchase:
        – SU-76I
        – SU-85I
        – E-25
        – KV-220-2 Beta Test
        – M6A2E1 Mutant
        – TOG II*
        – T23E3
        – T95E2
        – M60
        – THE TYPE 59
        – Panzer IV/V Alpha
        – Panzer IV Schmalturm
        – BT-SV
        – Panzer IIJ
        – Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f) a.k.a. The Mini-maus
        – Type 97 Te-Ke tankette
        – other anniversary and Christmas tanks like BT-5 ART or Tetrarch

  2. yonggary says:

    user name will be change to random one. after transfer, can change user name free, with one time.
    if same e-mail account is exist in asian server, korean server’s e-mail must be change. same account migration will not process.

    account of “Not Adult User” will be delete.

  3. And then the Koreans leave because of Potato servers?

    Honestly, I’ve only heard negative things about the Asian servers performance.
    ( Granted, China’s exclusive personal server is a way bigger mess than just some lag issues… )

    1. Akina90 says:

      Koreans has loads of clans over there and they used cheats, since WG KR executed the bans like WG did in RU/EU/NA/ASIA those clans stop playing….and then the population dies.

      Asia server is not bad in terms of performance, it’s somewhat harder to play as the average performance is more even. Games like QB’s recent WZ-111 RP showcase on EU is rare to happen on ASIA server.

      1. Albedo's Ahoge says:

        I get much better ping when connecting to US server than to the Asia server…. and I live in Asia (Australia).

    2. Akina90 says:

      You are not the only one, for some strange reason Australia and New Zealand has better connection to the US than Singapore….(FYI ASIA server is based in Singapore)

  4. szukam says:

    how about you write something about the most popular NA streamer and a realy cool guy Poshy who died after 48 hour charity stream yesterday? at least give him a tribute post.

  5. Liam says:

    27k players vs millions of ppl in NA isn’t very comforting. Considering the variations of players you need online to complete all tier games and tank class. How many of those players are afk? I’m always afk yet the server still shows online, so players online is irrelevant..

    1. The Isolationist says:

      Well, there are less than 27k players online at ASIA server at any instant (except weekends and specials maybe) and I’m not worried. As long as the numbers are stable, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Its time for NA_e to go to EU
    and for NA_w to go to RU
    Or if not that just combine NA east and west. Max i see for NA is 32,000. Max for EU is 300,000 and Max for RU is 1,000,000

  7. wolvenworks says:

    can confirm this WILL happen. been hearing this bit of news since few weeks ago. i think WG’s just cleaning up the management, but regardless they need to expand the Singapore office now. it’s almost well known that they’re generally understaffed, and i’m not even sure if they’re done with the restructuring.

  8. Getoveryourself says:

    Not getting their PREMIUM tanks…. That is absolute bullshit If they 1/2 the number I have that would be hundreds of dollars lost. Even if they do refund the $ loads of tanks can not be bought any more. It’s not like they asked to join SEA. ( then who would) How can WG do that to them

  9. Jurrunio says:

    It would be great if player population in SEA server increased. We might finally get 2 servers clusters, so that means less down time. Aussies might even get a server cluster closer to their land.

    I doubt whether Koreans will accept the way of transfer though. They lose rare premiums, get worse ping, forced to communicate with others who might or might not use English well, let alone willing to communicate……

  10. Koreans have been playing on the Asia server for some time already, to get a feel for it.
    The issue about premiums, comes from the Vietnamese server transfer when they were able to “buy” with in game gold farmed via collusion on the global map any premiums they wanted(think Chinese server style) , even rare tanks the rest of us dont get to have. Then they brought them to the Asia server and most of the players were pretty upset about that.

  11. I would like to make a correction on premium tanks issue.
    Premium tanks will be transferred same as other tanks, but premium pc cafe tanks(can use only in premium pc cafe where they have a special deal with Wargaming Kr) will not be transferred to asia server account.

  12. Can we kick out the players from the country that had its language support removed then if we are getting the Koreans. I feel sorry for the Koreans as wg Singapore are the laziest most incompetent entity that I have ever dealt with. They couldn’t respond to an issue appropriately at gun

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