WoT- Korean & Asian Server Integration

Interesting news from the WoT Korean portal: In mid-March, the Korean WoT servers will be integrated into the Asian servers.

Details  still being worked out, but so far the following will be transfered:

-Player achievments, Marks of Excellence etc.

-Goods, such as gold, Free XP, Tank XP

-Premium time (which will halt until account transfer is complete)

-Unused Personal Items

-Supplies, equipment, modules and ammo

-Permanent camo, emblems and inscriptions

-Personal Mission Progress

-All tanks (Except premiums)

Regarding premium tanks, all permanent camo/emblems/inscriptions will be refunded for full purchase price, and XP earned on them will be transfere to thier nations Tier 1 (even without a Tier 1, it will be displayed when purchasing a Tier 1 or when converting Free XP). Crew members will be transfered to the barracks.

Items such as Clan Gold, temporary camo, and Friend lists are being discussed for transfer.

Players will not have to download a new client, after an update you can access through the existing Korean client.

The Korean servers will not be recieving Update 9.17.1. Players will recieve it when they are transfered to the Asian Servers.

Accounts can be transfered from the time of integration in March to the end of August.

An update on refunds will be made in the future.


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