WoT Load-in Bug Announcement

We have an announcement rather than a micropatch which must mean a fix hasn’t been found yet. From Wargaming support:

We have become aware that in some very rare cases the battles are not loading. This is causing the battle to not be played.

It has also been noted that any player is affected is not able to log into the game for the full duration of the battle (15 minutes)

We are working very hard to resolve this issue and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

The Customer Support Team

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WoT Load-in Bug Announcement

11 thoughts on “WoT Load-in Bug Announcement

  1. Never mind says:

    I hate to sound harsh, but if I was as incompetent at my job as some of the WG folks seem to be, I would not be employed for very long.

  2. Mendyal says:

    Uninstall modpack, start the game.
    Exit the game. Install modpack. Solves it for me without having to wait for the batttle to end.
    Without a modpack uninstall the battlescreen would show up even after 1 hour when relogging.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This bug is REALLY old and its not something new. Its been around for years but its so rare that they’ll probably never fix it.

    1. You know WG has problems when players in the forums know more on how to fix in game issues better than WG support. Especially when people complain of support tickets like this:
      Player: *Generic problem other players have been discussing on forums*
      WG Support: lul must be your computer that sucks. Serb’s programing skills are impeccable.

      or something not entirely unlike this:

      Player: My ping goes up and my frame rate drop when I play German tanks, but the opposite occurs when I play Russian tanks.
      WG Support: Working as intended.

  4. Clogman says:

    When will they fix the damn sound bug, where you miss sound on one channel, usually the left one and have to exit game to get rid of it ?

  5. Godwin says:

    And in the meantime their automated system is in overdrive giving out warnings and penalties for leaving battle in the middle and not rejoining. So if my client crashes or connection breaks and their buggy client doesn’t let me log back in, I get smacked with a warning and then a penalty. And their support team is as useful as a pharmacist in a graveyard, just keep repeating the same old cr*p.
    Good stuff WG. Real god.

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