WoT Map Fisherman’s Bay in HD

Fly through Video.

Source WoT Express.

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WoT Map Fisherman’s Bay in HD

14 thoughts on “WoT Map Fisherman’s Bay in HD

  1. Kyros says:

    That’s enough, I watched 4 of this now and was keeping myself shut. But it seems like that Animal which is making this videos can’t freaking improve like most WoT players.

    Who the fuck thinks it’s a good idea to freaking break the flow of the video and music with this crappy stillshots, it would be ok if it would fit to the beat or volume of the music. Also who the f starts with full volume earblasting music that needs to be turned down and then in the 3/4 up again. And he also just changes the song WTF ?

    And then this camera movement, he started ok and then was like a spastic. You could litarally teach an ape to edit better videos.

      1. Kyros says:

        Nah I just don’t like bad or unfinished work that could be done much better with just a little brain usage. Im not so easy satisfied.

        If you stop complaining and start to rest, we are all heading into a future of The Emoji Movie’s, Destiny 2 Games, Youtube Cancer content, People that will value their opinion and religion over science and law.

        All that things just to barely satisfy the dumb sheeps and make the most profit out of it. The many faces of Capitalism, ironic.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You hope that they are not going to take the opportunity to trash every map as they get to it – but they do! Looks like they removed soft cover at both sides and flattened out the bit in the middle. Then they removed all the bushes and trees together with some of the buildings from the middle – oh and just in case made the village by the water more corridor with larger blocks of buildings and wider roads.
    More heavy tank friendly – effectively a please use heavies and spam more gold/buy more premium account time map.
    As for the rest of us actually wanting to play it? Fck us.

  3. GamingW/War says:

    This map did need some rework but this is not good. They need more soft cover on this. I Agree with ^SumYunGi to some extent but this is way Heavy friendly only because they can see better now. Map wise this is now more of a med/light tank map. Lots of movement sure but you have the same problem on Prokhorovka. Once side just needs a better spotter and let the TD’s do all the work. Heavy’s will survive sure but it looks like they are trying to make it less “Kamp bush” and more “every dies in 4 mins! Lemmings everywhere!” That’s my two cents.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Two thoughts come to mind here: 1. Where the hell is all the soft and destructible cover? this is now a true corridor map left or right the center is a huge artty wet dream. 2. This map does not in any way look balanced. The “red” base has better access to the town, and a better location for artty to rain on the town. Really I’m not impressed.

  5. Liam says:

    Looks like WOT is about to purge some babies in the next content patch. Maybe the game will become less volatile then.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    1. DZ says:

      yep, the whiners never cease to amaze me.. same people that whine and complain, are the same exact ones that never offer anything constructive to the game, they just point out what they don’t like.. and then run to a cold corner so they don’t melt..

      1. Anonymous says:

        Ok you want a positive comment ? Leave the maps as they used to be. Leave the styles of tank play different as they used to be. Remember when this game grew in popularity and everyone told someone else to come and play? When this game made the developers a fortune despite it being free to play? Sure update the graphics for HD – but do not wreck the game play!
        It is so obvious – make maps suitable for heavies , which introduces armour , which needs gold spam, which leads to all games run at a loss , which gets some people to buy premium tanks or accounts to recover the credits.
        It used too make money because people wanted to play, wanted to try different tanks and grind through the tiers , we had rock paper scissors. Now we have gold spam rock rock rock and lo and behold everyone moans ! Of course we moan they are ruining the game we have played for 6 years+

  6. Jigz says:

    This is bad what they’ve done to the middle ridge line particularly. Also the widening of the roads in town is pretty bad for game play.

    WG really does favour the sub 48% win rate players it appears. From ridiculous no frontal weak spot tanks to big open corridors.

    I can see the gold spam increase and equally the increase in revenue for WG…..

  7. bbmoose says:

    This is bad. They fucked up the entire midridge, so there will be less possibility to set up crossfires for the heavies in the town. It is great as it is, lot’s of possibilities to flank and stuff, but as far as I can see, it’s a two corridor map now. You go left, or you go right. No softcover, no hardcover on the midridge, it’s just looks bad.

  8. Vlad says:

    Same with Fjords, the open area in the north part of the map where the majority of the people like to fight, on the HD one they removed all the bushes, like every single one. and all the hard cover( those rocks), same here on Fishermans bay wtf did they do to the middle part and in general they removed like 80%+ of the bushes and hard cover plus the map is way flater now, thx Wg for making this maps look good visualy but really really really bad for the gameplay 🙁 :/

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