WoT: Map Overview: Fjords – Part 2

Hello tankers! Find out how to play tank destroyers, medium tanks, and SPGs on the renewed Fjords map. For this overview, thousands of replays were processed, and the actions of the most effective players were analyzed.

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WoT: Map Overview: Fjords – Part 2

One thought on “WoT: Map Overview: Fjords – Part 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    So this ‘multi patch fixed 5 times over’ map Fjords is now so screwed up now by WG developers that now they make a

    ‘an easy for idiots style guide to how to play Fjords’
    as imagined by WG developers (who don’t play WOT) ~ just for you and for fun and comfortable play

    most games here seldom ever last 5 minuets
    – as 1 side steamrollers the other quick due to the 25% server RNG in MM teams, and there is zero MM in team/ player selection just Tanks

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