WoT Map Supertest: Minsk Changes

From the WoT forums.

We’re launching the closed test of the adjustments to the Minsk map. They should provide more tactical variation around Victory Square (in the eastern part of the map), add a safe route at the center of the map, and improve both the offensive and the defensive potential of Minsk’s northern part.

So what has changed?

  • The buildings bearing the “People’s Deeds Are Immortal” installation (those huge red letters on the roofs) now have accessible backyards. This will let heavily armored vehicles get into short range with more ease, and also provide additional opportunities for attacking and taking enemy positions. This extension will make the map a bit larger (1,050 by 1,050 meters).
  • The terrain in the northern part of the map has been raised to create a fold, and the shrubbery is thicker now. This should create more tactical options for both the attacking and the defending side.
  • A ford has been added to the northwestern part of the map. The ford makes crossing the river safer (for either team) than the bridge which is currently well exposed to fire.

By introducing these changes, we intend to make the gameplay more variable and fun while keeping intact the historical accuracy of the map. Whether we go forward with them, depends on the test result



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WoT Map Supertest: Minsk Changes

16 thoughts on “WoT Map Supertest: Minsk Changes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wargame and there Shit City Maps

    you would think after 7 years they would understand clearly from there countless mistakes with City Maps
    Most players dislike them and a lot
    there crap unless you have Heavy Armour
    as its all countless Corridors ideal for thick Heavy Armour

    that fucks up Light Tanks
    most Medium Tanks
    ,most if not all TD’s
    and SPG … could give a shit , but they fare the worst

    but hey its WG and ‘go fuck yourself’

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yeah, the open maps with 3 arties are where shit is at. Them 15 minutes Malinovka and Prokhorovka slogs, the absolute shitfest of Sand River, just glorious.
      Sorry you can’t jerk off in your swedish ramp or T67 every match.

      1. fuwg says:

        We all know this triggly puff is some russian monkey tank fan that identifies as non-binary and gets moister than a mop in “their” yeasty nether regions over city maps.

    2. Robopon says:

      Actually around 50% of the players like city maps and hate open ones and vice versa. And both points are understandable. You you also block the 2 maps you don’t like, good morning.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey WG, just make another video explaining to us idiots how we should play your shite maps instead of actually making maps that are fun and intuitive to play.

    1. NoComment says:

      They really don’t need to make any videos just add the following desription to all maps… Pick a corridor drive forward till you hit camping corner. shoot at 20-100m at the enemy in their corridor on camping corner see who wins…..riveting gameplay….not.

  3. Goondam says:

    lol this comment section is proof how retarded the wot community is

    city maps are not even meta anymore but go on keep bitching about them, oh you can now blacklist 2 maps but nope continue bitching

    yes glacier and studentski are such amazing maps, that encourage active play-style

    1. Anonymous says:

      “city maps are not even meta anymore”

      and yet another City map is due to hit all the WOR servers within the month … a new meme?
      likely more to follow

      after all in ~ World of Tank Corridors
      > you need City & City etc for the Heavy Tank Tomatoes to not die fast in after all its just the ‘W’ key to remember (oops, they still do die, and fuck over there team

      City Maps
      a low skill cap that’s the problem, like mice in a maze same thing but with Tanks

      1. gundamu says:

        do you mean kharkov ??

        which is completely reworked, has a huge open field?? yeh man such city map much wow

  4. Anonymous says:

    after all these years they still cannot get how to make a decent map for all tank types? … in fact the map dev team has actually gone backwards when comparing earlier maps.

    and how about reintroducing old maps that the community likes and have been asking for for years!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yeah, usually the newer the map, the worse it is. Dunno what they put in their tapwater in the office but boy, they really should take a long, good look at their maps at some point.

  5. OrigamiChik3n says:

    What i find funny is that Wargaming boasted that Minsk map was made to accurately depict actual buildings. So what about these changes. Are/were they actually present in real life Minsk? If so, why weren’t they modeled from the beginning? If not, that means the map does not actually represent real life Minsk and we can expect things like burned out dirigible or German aircraft carrier stuck in ice during further polishing of this turd?

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