WoT Map Supertest: Minsk More Changes

New changes added to further test the late May update map version.


• Courtyards behind the buildings near the fountain (centre) has been raised to add more variety to gameplay.
• the map has been enlarged to a custom size: 1050 × 1050
• in the elevated northern part of the map vegetation density was changed. This should improve variability of gameplay.
• a ford was added in the north-western part of the map for safer crossing over the river

Now the WoT Epress flythrough video.

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WoT Map Supertest: Minsk More Changes

4 thoughts on “WoT Map Supertest: Minsk More Changes

  1. This russian shit and also charkov shit. It looks like all eastern maps are complete garbage. The same with Pilsen and Stalingrad (hopefuly rest in pieces).

  2. Anonymous says:

    I thought the map devs did a good job on fixing Kharkov.

    I am not sure how you can fix this map to be more playable in the mid.

    Please TAKE OUT the Helicopter flying over! Such a distraction from the game.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It seems like the dark areas on the east part of the map, at the border, whould be an interesting part of the map. If these parts where opened up, and not just the eastern ceentre, then it probably whould open up more variety

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