Wot Map Supertest: Pearl River

Remember Pearl River? Indeed, it’s one of the older maps in World of Tanks. We removed it from the game a couple of years ago because it was too linear and maze-y. Since then we continuously received requests from many of you to bring it back into Random Battles. Now, we are happy to have a prototype ready for testing, let’s see what do you think about the map.


The following changes have been introduced to the map:
• The flanks for the medium tanks were reworked as they were, as said above, too linear and maze-y. That was one of the main points for criticism.
• A safe passage has been added for the team starting from the lower base. Now it roughly corresponds to the upper base passage. Before, there were two approaches from the upper base, but only one from the lower base.

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Wot Map Supertest: Pearl River

11 thoughts on “Wot Map Supertest: Pearl River

  1. NoComment says:

    “too linear and maze-y. That was one of the main points for criticism.”

    Isnt that a contradiction in terms? a linear maze would be a strait corridor wouldnt it?

    1. NoComment says:

      I agree, It was for me one of the better maps as there were lots of alternate routes to flank relocate etc. I suspect it will get the usual Ht’s go to this corner. Td’s this bush etc along with the usual flattening to make it low gun depression (Russian) friendly.

    2. Robopon says:

      It was honestly pretty damn bad. Middle was a death ground and nigh unplayable. A small corridor from base to base and a huge wasted space on the other flank. Also you couldn’t cap like at all. This new one actually looks really nice.

  2. Tachenk0 says:

    I always liked this map….most favourite was the second version…or was it the third? The one with the ways through the middle hill.

    I also loved Stalingrad….miss that map…I hate Mines, Paris and I really see no point in Kharkov

    1. Nameless says:

      Now we need Northwest back and I think we can erase one black dot for WG. It would still be 99 to go, but one less is always a bless!

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