WoT-Marathon for the T25

Good day everyone,

WoT has recently announced a new marathon for a Tier 8 US premium, the T25 Pilot No.1.


To earn this, you must complete 13 of the 15 daily missions, this starts on March 12th and runs to the 27th.

The first mission is simple- Win 5 Battles, and be in the Top 10 by Experience earned. Base XP only, and Random Battles only, Tier 4 and up.

Reward will be one Daily Order Token and a Personal Reserve.

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WoT-Marathon for the T25

36 thoughts on “WoT-Marathon for the T25

  1. Q says:

    So WG wont give us the description of all the missions in advance but they will give us the option to buy the mission tokens from the store…

    I expect the first 5-7 missions to be easy so people get hooked and then the goals will turn into something ridiculous so players with less skill/time/luck will have to buy the tokens.


    1. Svalsbard says:

      Yep. That’s how they got me with the Christmas missions. Missing 2 tier 5 ornaments after all that grind? You bet I paid them money to finish. Very smart marketing.

      1. There you go. You’re the exact target they wanted to reach with their Christmas special. I was perfectly content to stay at Tier 9.

    1. worldsdawn28 says:

      Better than that! This thing sacrifices a bit of hull armor for a decent advantage in almost all other areas over the M26 Pershing.

      1. Jurrunio says:

        T25 is a lot less versatile than other Pershing variants. It has much less armor on the hull on all sides, and the turret has more exposed areas not covered by the mantlet. Also, the armor is so thin HE shells from other meds can often pen the sides next to the engine. The T25 will easily get rekt if it faces 1 on 1 against other tier 8 meds (other than SP – which it can flank around).

  2. If each mission only lasts a day they cannot make them too hard because otherwise nobody would have a chance. On the other hand they cant make them too easy because it’s a free tier 8… But the T25 Pilot is pretty much a Patton KR (by the looks of it), so it’s fun but far from being the best, and it’s far far from being OP/gamebreaking.

      1. Not even close. It is 55 KPH top speed, a amazing 1.92 sec with .12.12 10 bloom which means it literally has T10 medium gun handling. Its more like a light than a Spershing.

        Spershing is a super slow bad gun handling tank that relies on gold because you cant flank. It relies on armor as well, but its sides are butter and good players simply hit your armor gaps.
        This is like a mini M46, but will have better speed and camo in exchange for the gun. As I said though this will snap shot at 200m all day long, it literally hasthe same gun handling as a M48/M60 patton and a Object 140.

  3. Honcho says:

    Its a patton kr with worse mobility and a weaker turret. Its more like a stock tier 8 patton from the tech tree.
    If everyone could get it, it wouldnt be that much of a problem, because its rather bad. WG just wont give it to everyone because it would hurt their economy.

    1. It has the same mobility I would say, worse power to weight but WAY better ground resistances and a higher top speed. Also even though tanksgg says the turret is much worse than kr, the post from WG says its mantlet will be 203mm, so the turret will be as good/better than the kr. (less area outside the mantlet)

    2. sfcstorm says:

      Its a better KR. IDK how you dont see its way better aim time [1.92 vs 2.4 is huge] 55 KPH top speed way better traverse and terrain resist are not just better. On top of that a slightly better ROF and im betting solid camo.

      For hulldown this is an amazing tank. It literally has T10 medium gun handling and not just T10, but best in class T10. It basically has the exact same gun handling as a M60 Patton in game and almost identical to Obj 140.

      If I was a KR owner I would be pissed TBH, this is just a better one.

      I do understand WG has gimped mediums hard lately as the armor keeps going up and pen styas the same, as well as maps keep getting more cover and cities and choke points, but still on hills this thing could be an amazing flanker.

  4. Daryl says:

    No wonder I prefer tier 5. Never to face these recent monstrosities, WG know how to make the cash roll in.
    Modern people of today so gullible.

  5. Deano says:

    i cant help but wonder what the next missions will be i suspect the 1st 5 or 6 will be a piece of piss but after that theyll be a giant pain in the ass

  6. HkS150 says:

    nothing will beat t44-100 for me,if you missed that tank you missed a once in a lifetime chance :P.

    i’m still looking forward for this tank though.

  7. This is a pretty short marathon, some people already suggested it, but starting with easy missions that pick up difficulty is a lucrative way of encouraging people to spend money on tokens. The tank itself looks pretty decent if it must compete with the T-44-100 and FV4202 P. Good luck to everyone looking to participate!

  8. VladCelTroll says:

    I’ve seen it on the server already. Won’t be too long till the next wave of retards will come.

    They’re sooo easy to kill. Just shoot at their front and they’re dead. I think it’s gonna be a free premium. So enjoy it 🙂

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