WoT Micro Patch 1.1_2.1


This micropatch is rolling out tonight on RU EU and NA. Severdown times will be:

  • For RU, The work on each server will take about 25 minutes and will begin: RU8, RU9 – 3:00 (MSK). RU6, RU10-3:30 (MSK). RU3, RU4 – 4:00 (MSK). RU2 – 4:20 (MSC).
  • For EU, The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 12.09.2018 for approximately 25 minutes: Both servers starting from 06:30 CEST, WoT EU1 starting from 07:00 CEST, WoT EU2 starting from 07:30 CEST.
  • For NA, Planned restarts Wednesday, September 12, 2018: WoT NA USC: 03:30-04:30 AM PDT. Downtime Will be approximately one hour.

Patch Notes

Fixed some technical issues with Personal Missions.

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WoT Micro Patch 1.1_2.1

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