WoT – Micropatch for


On 09.03.2017 at 04:00 CET micropatch will be applied on the servers and expected downtime is 45 minutes.

Battles for Stronghold (besides skirmishes) will be reset from 02:59 UTC 09.03.2017 till 05:59 UTC 09.03.2017


There are plans to release Micropatch 9.17.1_2 on March 9th, 2017

Maintenance will begin at 01:00 Pacific Time (09:00 UTC) and will last approximately one hour.

During maintenance, the World of Tanks servers will be unavailable.

Patch note:

  • Fixed the issue with a spontaneous switch from the full-screen to windowed mode when logging in to the Garage
  • Fixed the issue with the display of vehicles in the postmortem mode when switching between vehicles
  • Fixed the issue with switching to the windowed mode when logging in to the client for the first time and pressing Alt+Tab
  • Fixed the issue with the automatic minimization of the client window after restoring it in Windows Vista
  • Fixed the issue with a black screen when pressing Alt+Tab on PCs with Radeon R7-R9 graphics cards
  • Fixed the issue with the inability to restore the client window after pressing Alt+Tab when the DirectX 9 is used
  • Fixed the issue with the absence of sound in battle after the last spotted vehicle is destroyed
  • Fixed the issue with the inability to click the Service and Exterior buttons in the Garage for a vehicle that has just finished a Battle for Stronghold or Skirmish
  • Added the Strv S1
  • Adjusted the Object 907 armor parameters
  • Added the following vehicles to the Tech Tree:
  • VK 45.03
  • 112
  • Panther/M10
  • Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger


When maintenance has completed please restart World of Tanks using the launcher file (WOTLauncher.exe) and ensure your game client updates properly.

If automatic updating has been enabled in the launcher settings, make sure that the client has finished updating.

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