WoT – Micropatchs for 0.9.18

EU Severs

On 03.05.2017, we will be applying a server-side Micropatch. Due to this:

  • Both servers will be unavailable from 06:30 for 25 minutes
  • EU 1 cluster will be unavailable from 07:00 for 25 minutes
  • EU 2 cluster will be unavailable from 07:30 for 25 minutes

From the Forums it looks like the patch will include Bug fixes for the lags and other small issues. Also an update to the MM including these from an earlier NA patch.

The matchmaking mechanics were adjusted as follows:

  1. The top tier of three-tier battles will comprise the same number of tank destroyers, SPGs, and light tanks (of both Platoon and solo players) in both teams. For each of these vehicle types, the number of vehicles will be the same in both teams (i.e. they will be treated separately). In addition, the top tier will comprise the same aggregate number of medium and heavy tanks in both teams, but these vehicle types will not be treated separately.
  2. The top tier of three-tier battles can have only one SPG.

This change will allow for easier balancing of the top tier tanks when selecting teams. This change should result in an almost identical balance for the top 3-5 units.


When maintenance has completed please restart World of Tanks using the launcher file (WOTLauncher.exe) and ensure your game client updates properly.

If automatic updating has been enabled in the launcher settings, make sure that the client has finished updating.

Source WoT Portals and DoM1N

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WoT – Micropatchs for 0.9.18

32 thoughts on “WoT – Micropatchs for 0.9.18

  1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    Wait so EU did not have these changes yet ?
    Even if they came to NA before 9.18 came to EU ?

    WG why did you even gave us an outdated version if there was already a hotfix for it, why did you make us suffer an additional week ?
    Even if this wont solve most (if any) of the problems everyone complains about. Mainly :
    -Arty is not only completely useless but also more anoying than ever.
    -MM is unfair and every game ends in 5 minutes with 15-3 kind of results.
    -The “ideal” 3/5/7 MM almost never happens, and it is near impossible to be toptier unless tier 9 or 10 or 5/10 MM… Which also implies that all tanks pretty much have pref-MM which means actual pref-MM tanks are now worth nothing (if they dont get pref-pref-MM like PzB2 as a compensation I’ll ask for a refund of exchange for their new OP equivalents with “full” MM).
    -Personal missions are impossible because of the new MM restrictions.

    The micropatch should have been a return to 9.17.1…

    1. -Arty is the best it has been in years, was about to leave the game because of all the instant kills and so were a lot of new players. If you’re being rained on artillery, use your wasd hacks and try to use your brain to not be where they expect you to be.
      -“Every game ends in 5 minutes” Talk about making things out of your ass. Played 10 games today at tier 8, average battle time was 9:43. You’re probably team killing like there is no tomorrow.
      -3/5/7 in those 10 games occurred 7 times. “almost never happens” only at tiers 1-3.
      -I am sorry you couldn’t fail platoon and ruin other people’s games for the selfish reason of rigging your missions. Get good buddy.

      I’m sorry you feel like the world is against you Speedy but it would help if you stopped talking out of your ass with these alternate facts.

      1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        Listen you little cunt I am usualy very respectful of others but. I dont really appreciate being insulted by a cancerous fucktard who talks about making things up when everything he says is the opposite of what the large majority of people have been reporting on feedback threads of the forum.

        -I am an arty player. Before calling me a noob eventualy go check my stats which are way above average, and also see that I play all classes of tanks enough to have experience in all roles and know how to position. Arty was never a pain to me because I know how to avoid it, unlike most people who complain about it in this game.

        -“average battle time was 9 : 43”. You consider 10 games enough to represent the current state of the game. 10 games is nothing compared to probably the few hundreds of games some people have played before sayinf everything was or wasnt fine with 9.18. You say I think the whole world is against me but I dont speak just for my experience, I said what the large majority or players (at least the ones who give feedback) say ; which you would have understood if you weren’t an illiterate ape and actualy read my comment instead of turning it into “I think WG succ” like the nice ass licking fanboy you are.

        -Blaming some people of teamkill and failplatoon without ever seing them play, kid you deserve be beaten the fuck out if you. I hope one day you’ll make the same mistake in real life and insult people for bad reasons, you’ll get you ass handed to you in no time and that’ll be thenbest thing that can happen to you in order to make you realize your pathetic life is worthless and its time to learn fucking respect.

        I hope you dienunder a truck.
        Regards, the tramkiller mission-rigger tomato with probably more brain cells than your whole fucking imbred family.

      2. Thagomizer says:

        Puts popcorn down, stands up, checks personal stats (58k games, 52.5% WR)

        I’m finding arty is better now – making damage is more consistent and RNG isn’t such a bitch. My damage per SPG game is probably slightly better now. And playing against arty isn’t so bad now (just brush off them evasion tactics like stopping and changing direction randomly.)

        I’m getting more more balanced games. Yes, I’m still getting some 15-3 games, but not as many.

        MM feels better. I’m no longer feeling that WG is trying to level me down by making me always bottom tier.

        Lights are still a problem; it’s hard to justify passive scouting when you’re top tier – top tiers feel like they should be upf ront. (But a loss is still fun when my bottom tier scout ends up doing twice as much damage as any of the other 29 players.)

      3. Someone wished I would “dienunder a truck.” Neat.

        I am sorry that I didn’t put in more than 2 hours of my time to do what a statistics website like vbaddict can do in minutes.

        I’d fight you Speedy, but shit splatters.

    2. MM says:

      SPEEDYCRAFT51 MM balanced different tank types NOT how good players are… are you realy so dumb that you dont understand this?? In 9.19 we will get ranked battles…

  2. El Diablo says:

    So how is a player to get the yamada medal if there is only one spg two tiers higher? Did they fucking go full retard?

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      You should have known that the answer to this question is “yes” ever since they decided that 9.17.1 was ready to reach live server to begin with…

      1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        Perosnnal missions that have the same requirements were not changed tho. Along with many other now impossible ones.

        Yes, they went full retard. They changed medals but noone cares about them, they are nowhere near as important and rewarding as PMs which are now impossible to finish.

      2. None of those personal missions are impossible, Speedy, the simple requirement is not to be dumber than a box of bricks when you pick the right tanks for the job. If you found an impossible mission, feel free to list some out. I am very curious to find out what fantasy world you live in.

      3. SpeedyCraft51 says:


        3 missions that are near impossible with the new MM because the amount of luck required to have both the required amount of targets AND manage to kill them all before your team does is huge ; it’s probably as safe to hope for arty to oneshot a tier IX tank in 9.18 now that even some LTs can avoid pens.

  3. ASIA server got 9.18 patch 6hrs ago and I can confirm that this micropatch was not included in the update, at least the two tier 10 SPG in a game with tier 8s says it wasn’t… guess we’ll get it next week then

    Well done WG, exemplary performance as always

  4. bbmoose says:

    I only have played tier 9 & 10 (grinding and playing Leo top of the tree), so I can’t really comment on the new MM. What really stood out to me, was that I was facing a lot of tier 8 pref mm tanks whilst playing tier 9. I don’t now if that’s a coincidence, or if it just is how this MM works.

    Arty is fine with me, but then again, I haven’t played heavies or other tanks that get targeted a lot by clickers. The minimum stun and the idiotic blastradius however, is super annoying. Getting 200 damage from a shell that lands in a different postcode is simply annoying.

    The only thing they should fix is that mediums and heavies will get treated differently. I’ve had plenty of matches on Himmelsdorf and Pilsen that ended up being a 3 minute 15-3 win for the team with more heavies. It is so obvious that this happens on certain maps.

  5. Sandor Nagy says:

    Has anyone noticed that we are not allowed to play SPGs in platoons? What the F is this? If i want to play with my friends and support the team in the same time, I am not allowed to do it. Discrimination for arty players who would like to play with their friends. They are forced to play with 29 random… disgrace

  6. Bring back Wt E100 says:

    The main issue with this patch is not arty nor MM for me it is the overpowered tier 8 and 7 lights as top tier… only good thing about this is that the cry about the “op” e25 may end now.. a lttb or t71 as top tier can easy carry a game by its own now.. totally stupid

  7. siralexice says:

    Now arty players all focus on one tank, it is not one shot, but you are still dead in the same amount of time.

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      “It’s not a oneshot but you’re still dead in the same amount of time”.

      I dont know in what part of the universe you live for time to be so bended around you that it makes a oneshot of 1800hp (for exemple) last as long as multiple 250dmg hits with a 30-40s cooldown between them…
      But its definitely not on earth. Which could thus explain why things take so long on your side ; probably bad ping.

      1. siralexice says:

        As I live in Romania, there is no such thing as bad ping or lag. But seeing you are an idiot that needs explaining here it is:
        3 tier 8 ~10 arties hitting you at the same time with ~500 damage means you are mostly dead.

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