WoT Mini patch contents (5 Feb)



There will be a mini patch possibly coming tomorrow on the western serves and these are the following fixes:

  • An error in which a two-gun tank lost the ability to fire single shots after firing a volley.
  • An error in which it was impossible to sell equipment with the demobilization of the crew if the number of places in the Barracks was less than the number of crew members in this vehicle.
  • An error in which an invitation to platoon did not come if the invited player was in battle.
  • An error in which the central beam of the artillery sight was shifted to the side if the resolution of the 3D render was less than 100%.
  • Other technical errors (they dont think worth mentioning)


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WoT Mini patch contents (5 Feb)

3 thoughts on “WoT Mini patch contents (5 Feb)

  1. Anonymous says:

    3rd word – remove armored cars – they goes like f1, they is OP! They does not miss, they have better gun than most MT and HT at same tier. Unbalanced game play!

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