WoT- New Hall of Fame Beta

Good day everyone,

WarGaming is (tentatively) planning on releasing a test for a new version of the Hall of Fame with update 9.20.1. So what does this new feature do? It’s a performance tracker, keeping an Overall player performance based on Random Battles as well as individual tank stats.

These tank performance ratings will be based on 5 factors: Survival rating, damage done, damage blocked, assists, and kills.

Now one important caveat is that not all of these factors will be equally taken into account depending on the tank. For example, damage blocked will be a bigger factor in your rating for a heavily armored tank like a Maus (being along the lines of 30% of the total rating) as opposed to something like the Bat-Chat 25t (where damage blocked isn’t factored at all).

It’s hoped that this system can be flexible and thus easy to adjust with any updates to the tanks themselves.

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WoT- New Hall of Fame Beta

24 thoughts on “WoT- New Hall of Fame Beta

    1. qwerqwer says:

      Probably won’t happen – uniscums are afraid of anything that will drop their numbers apart from WN8. E.g. WN9 exists but never took off. Also anything that includes assist damage.

      1. shithead says:

        WN9 does not really exist, there was only a concept and that was it. Because the guy who made it left the game for good…

  1. Berto72 says:

    could be useful have “last 100 battles” or “last 30 days” stats too…
    1 because who play since 2011 like me (remember? no gold ammo, weakspot.. weakspot…. what hell is it?) dont wanna or have time for reroll,
    2 because could be intresting to follow performances in dynamic way…
    3 at least does not matter, lot of my friends and of old players lost interest in this game, so leaved…..

  2. SuperFly says:

    So none of the 5 factors include actually winning games. Bravo Wargaming! No no, don’t let any team-feelings cloud your judgement. Lets all masterbate to egocentrical achievments….Bravo!

    1. Somehow, I think if you do a better job at: 1) not throwing away your HP and staying alive, Blocking Damage, Doing Damage, Assisting in kills (like arty stunning a tank so it can be killed easier), and Kills—-

      I think your Win Rate—and enjoyment of the game—will go way up.

  3. Wurstfinger says:

    Survival Rate but not Winrate is included? Really?
    So i guess hiding and camping is better then winning games.
    Failgaming at its best.

  4. SCARed says:

    well, the factors shown are the ones you can influence yourself (to some degree – damage blocked and prem-ammo are a problem …).

    WR is something, you can only influence to some extent, especially as lowtier, which your are very often with the new MM-template (3-5-7 … 🙁 )

    still I agree: it should be part of the rating, as winning should be the biggest goal for the games, not some sort of personal rating.

  5. So, can anyone help me out? I am still looking for those ‘special mods’ that the top clans have access to; they tell me they have these things.

    There are supposed to be mods that will: Help you use terrain to your advantage in regards to concealment and cover, proper target selection, focus fire, sharing damage, side scraping properly where appropriate, shooting at weak spots, prevention of over extending and getting killed, prevention of exposing your tank on a ridge, paying attention to mini-map.

    I think if I had mods what will do all that for me, my stats would go way up.

    I think these mods are called: Getting Skilled at WoT and Using Your Brain. At least that is what the top Clanners tell me these mods are called.

  6. what exactly is wrong with what we have now Personal Rating?

    I can see easily how good or poor I’m playing over the months as my Victories percent goes ‘up’ or ‘down’ showing how I do or don’t help my team

    Destruction ratio and Damage ratio Needles show how well I play in real terms as a player
    Overall Personal Rating score shows ‘Me’ if I’m improving as a player and how other players compare likewise

    without something like Personal Rating as we have now
    I would lose all interest in playing WOT would just be ‘mindless who cares fun’ in a tank
    may sound good to some ~ but I certainly would not pay a penny to play it anymore be pointless

    unless iv read this news wrong somewhere?

  7. DZ says:

    comical to see that half the morons on here don’t realize all that info has / is already on the page.. just more for them to whine about. typical liberal snowflakes.

  8. arthurwellsley says:

    WG have actually been forced into this because since 9.18 Wn8 is actually dead. None of you seem to have noticed that the original creators of Wn8 do not have the time to maintain it anymore, and some have even stopped playing WoT. Wn8 used to change with every patch, and also the numbers were tailored on each individual tank. Since 9.18 the few players still maintaining Wn8 decided that there was too few of them and too much work, especially with the constant stream of new tanks. So Wn8 was moved away from scores based on individual vehicles to scores based on class of vehicle and tier only. This devalues enormously the effect of Wn8. So WG have effectively been forced to take over producing a meaningful assessment of player skill, because Wn8 is now dying with each new patch and each new tank, as it ceases to be relevant.

    If you do not accept what I have said above, show me the forum on the website that deals with wn8 that says something different from what I have said.

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