WoT- New Hall of Fame Beta

Good day everyone,

WarGaming is (tentatively) planning on releasing a test for a new version of the Hall of Fame with update 9.20.1. So what does this new feature do? It’s a performance tracker, keeping an Overall player performance based on Random Battles as well as individual tank stats.

These tank performance ratings will be based on 5 factors: Survival rating, damage done, damage blocked, assists, and kills.

Now one important caveat is that not all of these factors will be equally taken into account depending on the tank. For example, damage blocked will be a bigger factor in your rating for a heavily armored tank like a Maus (being along the lines of 30% of the total rating) as opposed to something like the Bat-Chat 25t (where damage blocked isn’t factored at all).

It’s hoped that this system can be flexible and thus easy to adjust with any updates to the tanks themselves.

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