WoT New Personal Missions Tanks

Good day everyone,

So it’s been announced that the bizarre British tanks we’ve seen recently (and a certain four tracked Russian) will be the new reward tanks for the next set of Personal Missions. In addition they’ll each have a unique camo pattern available when certain objectives are met. (Links to our previous posts with full stats as


For Full Stats



For Full Stats


Object 279(P) (formally 726):

For Full Stats


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WoT New Personal Missions Tanks

14 thoughts on “WoT New Personal Missions Tanks

  1. banjoman150 says:

    A tank without any viable hullweakspots outside of the 2 key. How fun. Oh and this time the turret is strong enough to block premiumrounds. Yay. What it even isnt as slow as the Type 5 to compensate for that crazy armor? GET OUT OF HERE

    1. Robopon says:

      It actually has a very peculiar upper plate, any tier 10 can pen it but it’s very trollish. And you can always try to snipe cupolas too.

    2. DZ says:

      another typical whiner of a tank being OP before it even hits the server, you tomatoes are the reason this game is going to the gutter.. millennial wankers

  2. wheeledtank says:

    You have the names of the Chimera and Excalibur mixed up. I’ve seen the Excalibur on the PTS and it seems to be a rather peculiar vehicle, comparable to something like an Obj. 416/430-2, but the turret is on the front

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