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World of Tanks has an incredible and diverse community, with seemingly infinite degrees of creativity stemming from all corners of the globe. Over the years, you’ve developed many great mods that tinker with the game for the better. Some of them (view range circles, arty view, etc.) even inspired game features and are enjoyed by all tankers now. To show our support, we’re launching an official World of Tanks mod hub (currently available in English and Russian).

The World of Tanks mod hub is the place to find all the new and best mods. Its simple and straightforward interface allows for quick browsing, while submission requirements ensure mods you choose to install are good to use. Also, you can submit your developments at any time to check whether they fit the Fair Play policy criteria. Extensions that pass the check will feature on the mod hub, where tankers can discover and download other players’ creations without worrying about policy violations.

What’s this check?

  • Stage #1: We make sure modifications don’t contain bugs, have no critical impact on performance, aren’t forbidden, and work correctly. Having ticked all the boxes, a mod becomes available for download.
  • Stage #2: Upon achieving a certain number of downloads, a mod undergoes more thorough stability and performance testing. If any issues arise, it is sent back to its creator for improvement. Modifications that successfully pass the test will be marked by a green check to show they are verified.


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WoT Official Mod Hub

18 thoughts on “WoT Official Mod Hub

  1. Well, thats the first step to control the mod sector. Today it is just a free mod hub, tomorrow it is the only allowed place to get modes from.
    I just hope, that the small moders or skinners can partake there too without to much of a hassle or bureaucracy

    1. Jon says:

      Considering most mods I’ve seen are on curse and that site throws up every red flag there is from my security programs. This is very welcome

  2. Anonymous says:

    strange, they seemed to of forgotten about warpack…
    Well frankly they dont seem do wont to do something to get rid of it and i have been driven to contemplate installing it more than a few times

  3. wolvenworks says:

    betcha need to get the WG Game Center for this. they’d need to do a lot more than empty promises to persuade me to switch over from Aslain.

    1. XVM is something we can call a ‘psycholgical cheater”; when you see your team full of tomatoes against the enemy team full of unicums, you do not preform as well. I look at noobmeter every 1st of the month to see if I went up and I am fine with that… I got better at the time I stopped using XVM. Imo the stat part of XVM should be banned for the reason I just gave you. The other features are fine, but the XVM part of XVM is not.

      On another topic: I do hope they finally put out the GUP mod more often with this.

      1. WANKATANKA says:

        i need XVM, to see how MM is working!
        Knowing your enemy has nothing to do with psycology, its just logic.

  4. Seth H says:

    They need to add a stage 3 that the most used mods are evaluated for being officially added to the game (like the Battle Assistant mod). I’d like to see the “non elite” tank filter mod officially added to the garage, as well as the zoom out mod that lets you zoom out 500 meters from your tank to look around.

  5. Fioretzcarraldo says:

    I’m probably ignorant, but wasn’t “withe dead tanks” forbidden from EU? I remember that it was legal in RU Servers but not in EU, but I could be wrong.

  6. Tiger88 says:

    It wasn’t mentioned in the video so I’m asking it here:

    Shouldn’t be there a type of filter that if your game folder contains any files that are not from the “Official Mod” website then the launcher MUST FAIL.

    If they insert this feature, it will go a long long way dealing with Botters, Aimbots, tundra, gun pointers……. Cheaters basically. It will finally be a huge step towards making the game fair for those who play fairly.

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