WoT Patch 1.0.2 Public test Sever

The Public Test was originally due for release today but has now been delayed till tomorrow 25th of May at 14:00 Moscow time. Patch 1.0.2 is expected in three-four weeks time in June.

Changes,introductions and fixes.

  • Client improvements.
  • The nerfed Object 268 version 4.
  • New top-tier Russian tanks: The K-91 medium tank and the Object 277 heavy tank.
  • Changes to the customization interface.
  • Return of the Klondike map for Grand Battles.
  •  Changes on 9 maps: Malinovka, Ruinberg, Erlenberg, Cliff, Abbey, Sand River, Fjords, Mountain Pass, Tundra.
  • Personalization corrections (special garage).
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