WoT Patch 1.2 Chrysler K Appearance

Quick post that I’m sure will generate some discussion, the normal Chrysler K (without the eSports “flare”) has shown up in the files for Update 1.2. Possibly indicating a sale in the near future? I guess we’ll find out.

In the meantime, screenshots:

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WoT Patch 1.2 Chrysler K Appearance

21 thoughts on “WoT Patch 1.2 Chrysler K Appearance

  1. lefanatik says:

    oh yes i hope he comesout ! i cant bought it in the past hen he cames out, today i would buy it instantly ! nice i hope ! thanks for the info

    1. cefre00 says:

      This tank symbolizes how WG went from entertainment to money making. This tank should have never been designed and introduced to this game.

      1. lefanatik says:

        personaly I didnt have problems in front of this kind of vehicle its the same situation ith the type5 and co, you are not to plan to fight at front of them, have to flank and hen you react enough during the game its orking correctly ! defender is much more cheating tank as this Chrysler !

      2. Anonymous says:

        In the super test it had less armor but was waay faster, like the VK45A it would have been amazing, but wg somehow fucked it up and had the Sirfoch fiasco.

        Like, look, that gun is compeltely the same as the VK45A, it would have worked lol

  2. that standard 192mm AP pen is bad especially so with the 3-5-7 MM always bottom tier with that +2MM always

    still as WG says it has ‘a excellent Gold shell’ at 4800 credits each
    of course you will lose credits really bad BUT! it has a excellent Gold shell as WG reminds us?

    1. Anonymous says:

      A front weak spot wouldn’t do much against it. It’s a rear mounted turret so it’s supposed to sidescrape instead of going head to head. That weak spot will be covered. Ur other suggetions would work though. Maybe a slight increase to the reload could help.

      1. Anonymous says:

        but still even a avarage player whould know there would be a chance to pen that piece of visual crap…

  3. I have the Chrysler K GF and I’m not a keen fan of it but it does easily lose out on hill-based maps. It’s only best use is in a city map but never out in the open on a hilly map like Westfield where there is close to no possible location to side-scrape from.

  4. Timothy Jones says:

    Perfectly balanced tank the turret not strong enough to bounce tank Destroyer rounds and the front end is no different than most German hulls

  5. SkaerKrow says:

    Apart from the disparity in performance between its standard and premium rounds, this is actually one of the most well balanced tier VIII premiums in the game. It trades almost everything for a strong frontal armor profile, though higher tier vehicles can still punch through its LFP, and anything can punish it by outflanking it and getting into its sides and rear. Potato players get mad that they can’t just press 2 and blast through its UFP, but who really cares about the opinions of such incompetent players?

  6. Mikosah says:

    They should have gone with the supertest version that was faster but less armored. This sort of armor scheme of being idiot-proof against tier 6 but terrible against tier 10 is the embodiment of the game’s current problems.

  7. Anonymous says:

    As an owner of this tank, with many tier 8 premiums purchased over the past 4 years…. REALLY, this tank is nothing special.

    So much hype about it being OP at the first intro of it was false advertising.

    If you dont believe me, buy it when it comes out and be disappointed… its your money.

  8. Doowlax says:

    I have Chrysler and i think that tank is pure trash,no gun depresion,low pen,weak sides, i only wish every of u that think that tank is OP just buy him and find how bad is that tank.Funny that nobody complainind for defenders,patriots,scorpios that change game meta in tier 8 battles.Just watch how many Chryslers u see in the game and u will learn something.In last 60 days i didnt see any Chrysler in the game,so it must be good,wright?

  9. Anonymous says:

    The Chrysler has a strength and many weaknesses. From what I remember, much of the initial hate was not because it was op, but because it was a prem that wasn’t going to make money because it had to rely on gold against many tanks it would fight.

    And the Scorpion is not OP. It is feckin huge (so poor camo) and has no armour; it just does well on maps where beyond visual range scouting is a thing

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