WoT Patch 1.5 – T78 Tier 6 US Premium TD

T78 (🇺🇸US, Tier-6, premium) in final form. This was initially intended to replace the T25/2 but WG diverted it to a premium ( I wonder why ?). Pictures and stat screen.

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WoT Patch 1.5 – T78 Tier 6 US Premium TD

10 thoughts on “WoT Patch 1.5 – T78 Tier 6 US Premium TD

  1. ducks says:

    How is it a hellcat? it is a prototype chaffee with a jackson turret. Because Jackson is THE TIER VI HISTORICAL TANK DESTROYER

    Remember, in-game hellcat is almost fake (it have a jackson turret in order to TRY to make it useful at late war, only a prototype with weight and recoil problems irl), historical hellcat should be a tier V tank (T-67 is so broken, it should be a nerfed tier IV, in consequence)

    1. Paweł Rogulski says:

      Oh damn you are right!
      It was a little too little for a Hellcat, and my brain didn’t recognize it fully

    2. Anonymous says:

      Actually The Jackson on the Turret on the Hellcat is NOT fake it was an entirely historical plan. Basically to increase its firepower the Americans used the Jackson Turret because they Hellcat Turret would crack when they fired a 90mm from it basically creating the “Super hellcat”
      But also the T78 is also real there was a plan to mount a 90mm gun on the Chaffee (not specifying Turret but the jackson’s seemed like a safe bet by historians and modelers alike) if it went into production, which it did. But in the end the plan didn’t come into fruition and the T78 fell into obscurity… until historians found it in the early-ish 2000 (my guess). But my point is both the T78 and the 90mm “super” hellcat are both very real

      1. ducks says:

        The keyword is “ALMOST FAKE”, this is because:

        -Historical Hellcat should be a tier V vehicle, with its correct TURRET and GUN
        -Super Hellcat is not a Hellcat, as I said, heavier turret and gun will change the vehicle behavior, superhellcat is slower with worst gun handling and a big recoil for its light hull
        -Hellcat is not represented in game as players think it should, because simply is not a Hellcat! No wonder it can’t be balanced
        -Because the importance of the historical hellcat and its iconic appearance, it is a SHAME not to have the correct model in game
        -“Super Hellcat” was forced in game to have an artificially long USA TD tech tree (actually, 2 full tech trees with rejected prototypes, non finished projects, misrepresented tanks, and plain fakes)
        -“Super Hellcat” would do a perfect tier VI premium TD, if tech tree would be fixed, instead of this even less know chaffee with big gun

  2. Nameless says:

    Just curious but, did this thing really exist? The only other picture of it I could find was of a very, very old model (likely from 0.7.x).

  3. bbmoose says:

    Looks awesome and balanced, right inbetween the Hellcat and Jackson. I’ve 3-marked the Hellcat and Jackson, and had a great time doing it. Currently at the second mark with the Wolverine, which is a lot different, but having a good time as well.

    I think I might have to buy a premium again…

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