WoT Patch 9.17 Overmatch Changes.

QuickyBaby has released a video of how the 9.17 changes work.

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WoT Patch 9.17 Overmatch Changes.

33 thoughts on “WoT Patch 9.17 Overmatch Changes.

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      That all tanks can and will benefit from.
      Russian roofs, american sides, light tanks and mediums with now even more ridiculous rng armor (didnt have enough of BL-10 bouncing bat chats), and eventualy a nerf to all tanks with bad accuracy to begin with because now if their shot hits at a funny angle well rip your shot…

  1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    To people complaining about historical accuracy, well that’s what you get :
    They wanted to give reasonable armor to the new STRVs, and the only way to make them work was to make a change to a core mechanic of the game which affects every tank.
    They could have just overbuffed the new TD’s armor, but that would be too unhistorical. And now we end up with a massive buff to every tank in the game, and a new feature that breaks balance.

    What’s the point of T-62A now that the 140 has everything better than it ? The massive turret roof overmatch area was the balancing factor of 140 (and 430 but much less). And it’s gone.
    And what about IS-3 and IS-4 ? The roof was one of the few places where lowertiers had a chance. While it’s good for IS-4 which suffers, IS-3 did not need that at all.
    And now T110E5 and other american HTs which are meant to have crazy frony armor but almost autopen side armor can sidescrape. Same with paper mediums.
    And the Scorpion exemple was extreme but shows just how broken it has become : the largest non-arty caliber in the game failed to pen the lowest possible armor in the game (1mm) with AP.

    All it would take to make everything fine is a slight buff to Strv’s armor, say, 65mm just so it cant be overmatched. And they would not need to break a whole mechanic for that. But hey, historical accuracy is what matters, they cant afford to change it too much otherwise you see people post things like SP15 the other day (I understand his frustration but really this is not a simulator we dont care about historical accuracy as long as you dont go as far as giving 200mm armor to an AMX13…).

    This is why the game cannot hope to do well and have BOTH arcade balance and historical accuracy (even with slight adjustments). Too much of one ruins the other, and in the end the game suffers from it.
    Good luck to balance that new system. I hope some tanks (especialy object140) will get an armor nerf when going HD to make up for that.

    1. Nya-chan Production says:

      “And they would not need to break a whole mechanic for that.”

      Except it’s exactly otherwise – the mechanic was broken to begin with. Seriously, the 122mm overmatching 40 mm of armour even at 89 degrees was a bigger exception (very counter-intuitive) and more ridiculous than bouncing 183 mm shell at 77 degrees in the new system.

      I am very glad they reworked the overmatch rule. Some balancing will have to be done, of course, but it works way better now, in my opinion.

      1. Tommy_Gun says:

        The previous mechanics might have been broken, but new mechanism will be even more broken.

        After patch 9.17 ELC AMX (tier 5 scout) will have more effective armor than Tiger I (tier 7 heavy).

        The worst part is that after this patch it will be not about armor. All will depend by armor angles. And this is why it will be so broken.
        Good luck penetraing AMX 40 (tier 4) with your tier X gun…

        WG previous statment: “We will improve the role of armor” Ok you will improve the role of armor angles. Not armor itself.

    2. Tommy_Gun says:

      The armor nerf wont do anything. After 9.17 it will be all about armor angles.
      You have 1000 mm penetration gun ? And guess what will happen if you hit a 1mm armor angled at 76 degree ? well you guess it ! It will ricochet…

      The new mechanics will simply firstly check armor angles. If it is below certain angle 76° – 80° it will start calculation armor penetration. Otherwise the gun caliber and gun penetration will be completely ignored.

    3. Yes you can… Well with some few exceptions. There are always proposals, blueprints, prototypes, etc with different armor layouts, engines, and guns.

      It’s just that WG wants to fuck up so hard in these deparments

    4. aaaaaaloko says:

      yea, so it will be unhystorical if they buff that stupid swedish tds right? But its ok when swedish HT are unhystorical buffed right? just fucking shit against shit. those stupid mongoloids from mogoloid countries

  2. Ioruba - NA server says:

    Fuck wg and their russian logic !! How i will pen the IS6 and IS3 when driving my tiers6 and IS6 and kv5 ?? HAN ??? USE GOLD THEY SAID ?? NO I WILL NOT MY KV5 and IS6 its used to make credits not lose it /!!!

    1. rubberboas says:

      Maybe try not smashing your teeth against a rock two tiers higher than your face right away? Maybe try some other tactic than just rushing forward, try to shoot at higher tier enemies head on, die and then complain?

      1. Ioruba - NA server says:

        Maybe can you read properly before release your dumpiest coments ?

        And about the is6 122 gun or the kv5 107 gun ?

    1. Ioruba - NA server says:

      True !!! could you image that little bugger tier7 soviet scoult… i forget the name! He have a vary angle armor on all sides !

      1. Thag O'Mizer says:

        My LTTB is going to be even more fun (best light tank in the game already that already bounces a lot).

  3. thesherbet says:

    This is kind of a welcome defensive buff for higher tier british tanks but as for effectively removing all weakspots on loads of tanks this isn’t really the best move

    1. Zorin234 says:

      This is actually a nerf.
      High tier British have a 50.8 mm of roof armor so most of the time they won’t be overmatched.
      This patch however made it so that it’s easier to not bounce.
      Normally you auto bounce at 70
      In this patch it’s 72,
      if you have 2x the caliber (aka a 105 vs 50.8) it’s 74
      3x it’s 76. So actually your more likely to be penned in your conqueror.

  4. Anonymous says:

    In a vacuum, this change seems like it makes sense and that armor will work in a slightly more intuitive way. But, wow, it will throw tank balance out of whack in unpredictable ways — with some bad tanks becoming surprisingly good and some good tanks becoming surprisingly bad.

  5. xtc4 says:

    In a vacuum, this change seems like it makes sense and that armor will work in a slightly more intuitive way. But, wow, it will throw tank balance out of whack in unpredictable ways — with some bad tanks becoming surprisingly good and some good tanks becoming surprisingly bad.

  6. Current 3xcaliber rule doesn’t mean autopen like QB says. It means you will not ricochet and you’ll always get the chance for the pen roll.(which will often lead to a pen)
    It’s possible (but hard) to bounce the 183 shell on the scorp with the current mechanics.

  7. Nevermind says:

    What a cockup! Watching 183 bounce of of a tank with 1 mm of armor is insane. The Kinetic energy alone would wreck the thing. All the just to have the Swedish tAnks… that’s a load of carp.

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