WoT Patch 9.19 release.

A preliminary release date has been set for the next version on the RU cluster as the night of Monday 29th May. So patch day will be Tuesday 30th. So this is after the Wargaming League Grand Finals. No news yet if the release will be the same date on EU and Na or later. We will post as it is announced. Source WoT Express.

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WoT Patch 9.19 release.

34 thoughts on “WoT Patch 9.19 release.

  1. still dont know how I feel about all the “improved equipment” for bonds. Next thing you know CW and reward tanks will be sold for bonds as well, I

    I’m all for skill based MM but ill pass on being limited to tier 10 only thanks

    1. Found the replay. It was over an IS-6 I was in a dynamic platoon with, on Sand River, a 3-tier tier 8 game ( I was in the tier 6 Swedish Premium autoloader). It was a arty countdown, the enemy had a Hummel and an M40/43.

      1. The St. Emil, third member of our platoon, also got the purple countdown later, but too soon after I was hit by the Hummel (which looked like a normal stun to me) – so it must have been zuiker[[SR-WT] in his M40/M43…

      2. Thanks jacke4913, I’ve never noticed that before. Does explain it. I wonder if the new equipment will show any purple symbology – it’ll confuse matters if it does!

  2. Psychopatton says:

    The eternal grind for temporary buffs will kill it. It will become a “must have” for all the unicorns and sheeps that follows.

  3. konfern says:

    So new equipment putting into disadvantage anyone who does not have time/want to play “full-gold-spam-try-hard-lose-tons-of-credits ranked tier X-battles” is going live after all? In that case I don’t think Im gonna bother to play wot anymore. 9.19 is basically gonna turn average player into punching bag for unicums and no-lifes. Prepare to get raped by objects 140/907 etc with 4k dpm.

  4. Standup Philosopher says:

    i guess they patch before the end of the wg league grand finals because they want to sell the chrisler gf premium tank

  5. Nevermind says:

    The improved Equipment is a load of shit! almost as smart as the bonuses for buying a sticker for your tank. When will WG ever get this dumbasss idea out of its head.

  6. Soifon99 says:

    Why is this patch so soon after the 9.18 disaster? are they trying to force us to forget about the 9.18 terrible tier X scouts? so we stop complaining about them and start to complain about other things?.

  7. Patata Caliente says:

    So they won’t change anything about the ‘improved’ equipment? That is a very bad idea. I for one did not think 9.18 was all that bad, but 9.19 will be ugly. Wargaming don’t seem to give two shits about game balance.

  8. Blankman says:

    Split the ranked into tier 6 8 and 10 with different scaling for bond reward perhaps..?

    It’d allow a newer player to enjoy the thrill of ranked match and at tier 6 they’ll (hopefully) grasped the basics of the mechanics to play relatively well..

    It’ll keep the unicorns running tier 10 with some incentives with higher bond scaling while keeping the mid tier players motivated to keep on playing..

    1. JohnJr says:

      That is a very good idea for the rank battles. But as we all know WG doesn’t give a rats behind about what anyone other than their uniscum. I would love the ride 6 and 8 ranked battles, but the uniscum would still be in those as well to seal club the lower skilled players like they do now. So the special equipment should only be useable in ranked battles and not in pub matches.

  9. Infernal969 says:

    Yeah, can’t wait to get “outplayed” by no-lifes and wallet warriors, simply because I don’t play the goldspam shitfest called tier 10 that often.

    1. bbmoose says:

      So you get outplayed simply by the fact that someone has 2,5% more dpm in the same tank? It only makes a difference when you can shoot continuously at eachother and if you are at the same hp at the start. So it’s almost never going to make a difference in direct action. WG just gives good tankers something to play for, while the rest of the current meta is catering towards windowlickers in heavy tanks.

      1. nasf9 says:

        Its not only dpm, its also, thanks to new vents and others – view range, camo, aiming time, dipersions, mobility, everything.

  10. PingKiller says:

    i love the 9.19 and also coming one day Frontline… why you guys all cry around?

    you can play for anything into WoT, even the new equipments…

    if you wanna pay for them, because you are to weak to grind them on ranked battles, then just dont do it…

    new equipment + frontline is end-content, which every player can reach with enough effort into playing or grind into tier10 tanks…

    if you wanna play for fun, just do, but then dont try to get killed by player like me, which are trying to play for getting better and play-goals, not for only fun.

    i do play without paying anything WG, just because i dont need, and i have only an average wn8 by 860+

    catch me ingame if you want a nice conversation… if you flame, just do it 1x then i dont care ๐Ÿ˜‰

    ps: i dont read here your comments on my person, so just dont waste your own lifetime to respond ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. nasf9 says:

      I wont cry, I’ll just stop playing wot(thankfully GWENT goes open beta soon) No point if WG thinks its fair to automatically put into disadvantage players who do not have tier 10 tanks or do not run premium to keep up with tier X gold spam battles economy sucking credits from them. Im happy now i never spend any real money on this game. Good luck to all of you who stay, you will need it to play against something like e25 or obj907 on rations and improved equipment.

    2. ButCanSerBIntoSpace? says:

      Thus far I’ve refrained from writing in here, but now I just have to. My apologies for the wall of text you are about to witness.

      I don’t even know where to begin with the nonsense witnessed up above. This guy obviously has no clue what he’s talking about. Whilst not an uncommon thing to see on the internet (to say the least), I felt obligated to reply to this one. Even more so when he said “don’t waste your own lifetime”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Most of this makes me feel like “do I really have to spell it out for you”, but here it is in case of anyone else (e.g. that one “like” to his comment) feels like he does. And before you’ll get to bask in the thought of “that’s just some tomato whine” – My all-time wn8 is roughly about 2k, recent averages being somewhere between 2500 and 3500. Even though I’m just an okay player myself, I do admit being slightly amused by that guy’s comments being like “then don’t get killed by people like me who are in it for srs business”.

      (Then again, maybe it’s just that? Maybe people like him want to get an advantage by restricted equipment or OP tanks instead of competing purely by skill? And yeah, I know – it’s WoT, RNG and all. But there’s still a difference between a skilled and a non-skilled player.)


      Okay, TL;DR answers firstly below. After that, then comes the long one.

      1) People are crying because the new equipment and directives are unfair to say the least.
      2) No, you can’t buy the new equipment using credits or gold. You need to use bonds.
      3) Bonds are only received by playing ranked battles.
      4) Ranked battles are tier 10 only. In addition to this, they do require a good bit of time.
      5) Establishing the above, one can state that ranked battles are expensive AF. Not to mention the fact that everyone will be firing gold in there.
      6) See any indirect correlation with Rubicon and it’s bonus stickers here? If not, then just please stop thinking.

      And then the long one:

      People are “crying” (using his words) because the “advanced equipment” and “directives” are usable everywhere and with any tier. Not just ranked battles. That is simply wrong by all possible standards and also pretty shitty game design if I may say so. This is coming from someone who has some game design background in his own life.

      Think about it. If you can use them everywhere, it will only widen the gap between the ones who have the time and skill and those who don’t, providing the skilled and/or nolife ones restricted equipment to perform even better. Something they don’t need – or in some cases don’t even *want* to use. I’m one of the guys who wouldn’t want to use restricted “special equipment” like that, because then it’s less “skill vs skill” and more “equipment vs equipment”. I don’t feel very accomplished raping half of the team with my superboosted tank and directives. I’d rather have no advantages over my opponents. And before you can choke on your evening coffee yelling “but there’s already expensive equipment in the game!”: That equipment is not restricted and thus only achievable by a smallish group of players. It’s also not restricted to be available through one certain game mode and tier 10 only.

      Makes one think they’re sort of – *gasp* – forcing people to play ranked battles.

      And even if that stuff were only usable in ranked battles, the above statement still applies. It will be less about skill and more about equipment, directives and gold ammo. The latter being one of top problems of WoT game balance to date and lately even WG has admitted that. I personally think this thing here is equally game-imbalancing if not even worse than gold.

      Well, now that I’m at it, might as well rant about this as well:

      This year they promised to “fix the game”. Are they really doing that? I mean, I quite liked the 9.18 update, even when many didn’t. In my opinion it provided some decent foundations to actually fix many of the issues WoT has. But somewhere a few months ago they seemed to stop listening to their players again. Something they also did before and what ultimately lead to the infamous “Rubicon” update. What is this 9.19 all about? It’s certainly not tackling the issues in the game (of which there still are plenty) but only presenting new ones. The class system, individual tanks, *current* equipment and current crew skills are all in need of serious rework. Just look at the equipment or skills, most of them are just useless and do not present real choises at all!

      1. Infernal969 says:

        Thanks for that wall of text. Seriously.
        But I’m afraid that the mouthbreathers defending this idiocy will get scared of reading anything that isn’t their own bullshit.

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