WoT Patch 9.20.1 Known Issues

At last after five days Wargaming have acknowledged that there is an issue with the friends list and in garage chat. First the statement from support then the amended known issues list.


Currently we are experiencing issues with the chat and friends list.

We are working to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

Wargaming Support Team,

Known Issues
Misleading description of the camouflages received as personal mission rewards.
Correct description can be found in the patch article.

Added new rewards: Camouflage patterns:

A set of three Camouflage patterns for the reward vehicle is earned for completion of all 75 missions
The same set of Camouflage patterns becomes available for any vehicle of the nation the reward vehicle belongs to, once all 75 missions are completed with honors
A set of three unique Camouflage patterns (summer, winter, and desert) can be earned for completion of each operation

Personal mission(s) have only Secondary conditions completed

Issue under investigation, fix planned soon

Incorrect amount of orders received from the personal missions.

Issue under investigation, fix planned soon.

Not possible to recruit crew members received from personal missions.

Issue under investigation, fix planned soon.

Incorrect description of the SPG-15 mission for Object 260.


Finish battle as the top player in your team by experience earned


Finish battle as the top player in both teams by experience earned.

Base capture bar, missing in Portuguese version.

Issue under investigation.

Matilda BP, Marks of excellence incorrectly placed. 

Issue under investigation.

Bootcamp not accessible.



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