WoT PC- Black Tanks for Black Friday

Good day everyone,

Well the trials and tribulations of the console editions Black Friday specials have been documented, but what do we have for the PC version? Well….

No word exactly on whether these will have any sort of bonus over their already available counterparts. Admittedly they look much bettervwithout the text or emblems plastered all over them. As for the pricing, WG has put this up:i1u2eeh


Screenshots courtesy of the lads at Dom1n.

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WoT PC- Black Tanks for Black Friday

44 thoughts on “WoT PC- Black Tanks for Black Friday

  1. Would be nice that if you already have the standard version of the tank you could just buy the black camo that gives you what ever bonus it may have. You know, so I don’t need to buy the same premium again

    1. pixywing says:

      Armored Warfare did this with the tanks they launched that you could buy to get closed beta access in a sense. The initial tanks would be exclusive for a full year (better than what Wargaming has ever done saying they will never sell this again to literally sell it again the next month looking at you type-62). Now there is a reaper version of these tanks players can buy. If you have bought the initial version you will get the reaper version for free by playing all of 5 games within a one month time frame. Kinda sad you expect having to pay money with Wargaming, although these are the same people who took 18 months to nerf the KV-1S that was one shotting tanks a tier below it.

  2. Honcho says:

    I own all of these in their original form. Rereleasing these and probably giving them a 75% extra bonus on XP earned (like the console versions) makes me feel bad about ever having spent money on WoT.
    Spending money on WoT now feels like you will be robbed of the value of your purchase whenever WG feels like it. My T-34 is now just a poor mans T34 tank because the black version exists. It does not make my T34 worse or imbalanced or anything, it just makes it look worse at what i bought it for: train may crew and earn XP.

    1. pixywing says:

      Wargaming has destroyed their console player base. They have screwed every player that has bought a premium, as well potential customers are going to go what happens when next year are they going to make premiums with a 100% extra xp boost next and then I get screwed if I buy this?

      All they have done is made premium tanks unbuyable thanks to completely destroying EVERY premium purchase made in the game up until this point.

  3. betterdead thanred says:

    if they cost moderately more than the standard T34, IS6 etc, and they get the xp bonus included. i understand why ppl want to pay money for it. but if it’s just a re-skin or comes with the crew xp bonus for no additional cost. ppl will feel cheated for their money

    1. pixywing says:

      If it has exp boosts people will feel cheated for their money as it nullifies every premium tank I have bought as well as makes fears of what about next year is there going to be premiums that are even better that will then screw everyone that not only bought the new exp bonus premiums, but who has ever spent money on the game.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Very unimpressive tier 5 for 99, I guess there are people with desperate enough reasons like wanting all the premiums they can…

    1. pixywing says:

      The game would honestly be better hard resetting to patch 8.4. They keep adding new tank lines instead of fixing the broken mess that is arty, they continue to dumb down the game by removing machine gun ports, they nerf accuracy so skill matters less when firing. The changes they have made is to get people to spam premium rounds more which will cause people to either buy premium tanks or premium time or both. They stopped caring about this game back in 2013 and only care about $$$.

  5. Sir_Lanzenschrott says:

    actually ….
    Tank Inspector is showing:

    T34 B (aka black T34
    IS-6 B (aka black IS-6)
    SchwarzPz.58 (aka black Mutz)
    nothing else that looks like “Black Edition”, not even the Löwe B.
    Sorry to destroy your dream.

    Don’t know what to think of it.
    They look awesome, but the pricing will most probably be …. underwhelming.
    Well, let’s wait for “Black Friday”. Only about 7 hours until then.

  6. betterdead thanred says:

    i have 10 tier 8 prems
    5 tier 7
    7 tier 6

    most are bought some time ago, and the most of those feel useless in todays meta…..
    quit playing WOT 2 months ago, but yearn to go back when they stop fckng me over with my several houndred’s euro’s worth of premium tanks that are now considered waste of money….
    sitting here complaining like a moron, hoping they will listen to my opinion of balancing the game….

    have a nice day
    yours truly

    average disgruntled germanbias dude

    1. pixywing says:

      Yeah same I have dropped $1500 USD on the game, and haven’t spend any money on it since February 2015. It wasn’t a waste of money considering the 3500+ hours I spend on the game. It’s really hard to go back to when I can just play Overwatch and if I ever need a tank fix just play Armored Warfare where my tier 10s actually make money (not saying tier 10s in WoT should make money, but they sure shouldn’t be able to hemorrhage hours of progress in one match) instead of having to spend one hour grinding a tier 5 to play in a tier 10 game.

      1. betterdead thanred says:

        if there was a server for WOT with monthly subscription of 5-15 euro’s.
        -where MM was always fair when it comes to skill and tank type spread.
        -No OP bullshit tanks (ussr maybe…….) and tanks are truly balanced, face it, many tanks that are UP or OP can easily/quickly be nerfed or buffed by changing some numbers/soft stats.
        – not putting wrong tank in the wrong maps, (arty in himmelsdorf or maus in steppes for example)
        -increased xp and credit income for standard tanks so there was no real ”need” for premium tanks
        -IMHO restrict arty on maps to max 2. and they cannot platoon.
        -re-work gold-ammo on tanks, cuz if there is subscription of 5-15 euro’s. limit the goldspam, a tank may perhaps only carry 10% of total ammo-capacity for gold. I Think T-54 has 50 rounds of ammo, give it a max of 5 gold shells.

        If stuff like this was implemented in an own server with subscription, i would jump over there in a heartbeat.

    1. pixywing says:

      Same I quit spending money in February 2015 and haven’t played since Overwatch came out. The match payout is too hard to go back to. Doing 0 damage and 0 spotting in a game that you win 15-0 shouldn’t be different than a game won 15-14, but WoT gives a very even exp payout in a 15-14 and a exp payout where the bot that never left spawn in the 15-2 game gets more exp than the guy who did 3.5k damage and got 2 kills.

      What gets me to quit playing for the night the fastest with WoT isn’t bad teams or getting one shot by arty. It’s when I do really good and get punished because my team went 15-2 instead of 15-14 and thus I get less exp than the bot on the winning team. There should be no distinction between a 15-0 and 15-14. The team that lost on the 15-14 should get more exp than the team that lost 15-0, but this will be from damage, spotting and kills, not because the game decides the bot on the 15-0 team gets 532 exp. The bot on the winning team should get the same amount of exp both games, not 532 in one situation and 132 in the next.

  7. димо says:

    stupid, stupid Wargameing… i would fire them if i was Trump ! pls don1t buy any of these Anthracite fakes if you have any kind of common sence 🙂

  8. димо says:

    Wg please fail to sell any of these overpriced items, you lazy, greedy, lousy cheap-ass Wg … i wish i dont see any of these black-ass suckers in the random 😛

    1. pixywing says:

      It is when you consider you can buy games like Civ 6 and Overwatch for the price of the tank and get hundreds of hours of enjoyment out of them.

  9. Renzo says:

    Well I wonderwhy PC never gets fun april fools game modes like TOG boats…. Oh wait I know why because the playerbase thinks it isn’t historicly accurate.

  10. siralexice says:

    Aaaand the Black Friday offer is live for the EU. It is shit, as expected, with just the T34 in black and no option to buy just the tank alone.

  11. siralexice says:

    EU region gets shit, as usual. One tank and even that one tank is not available in standard package with just the tank alone.

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