WoT PC Q&A Gathering.


in a few days there will be a Q&A with the devs for World of Tanks PC so start shooting your questions.

I will be gathering and sending them tomorrow so warn tell your friends and their mothers so that they don’t lose the chance to have their Q answered.


<As for the comment section, don’t worry if your comment won’t be visible straight ahead, a bug is still holding all comments for moderation even after I “cleared passage” to the users to comment freely. I am going to contact the WordPress support team asap to fix it.



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WoT PC Q&A Gathering.

228 thoughts on “WoT PC Q&A Gathering.

  1. Blackswordsmen says:

    Also with super conq probaly being the tier 10 replacement… are you still going to add the chieftain?? Possibly as alternative branch line?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why dont you replace current German tier 4 medium tank Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. D with Ausf. F version of the same tank? It will only have slightly better armor ( current Ausf. D has 30 mm while Ausf. F would have 50 which is still meh for tier 4 ) but tank would be much more historically accurate because Ausf. F version could equip both short and long version of 75mm gun while Ausf. D only existed with short version of that gun.


  3. After playing more than 400 battles in a 2 person platoon since patch 9.18 (mm changes) mostly on tier 8, I had only 1 battle where our platoon was the top tier in a 3 tier spread battle, even though at least 150 of them were 3 tier spread battles.
    Additionally we have seen much, much more higher tier tanks (9,10), than lower tier tanks (6,7)
    What are you planning to do, in order to fix it for platoon members and keep encouraging players to play in platoon rather than solo for better matchmaking?

    1. Flox says:

      You´re right. But solo the MM is not much better at all, I have to say. Have been lowtier most of the time since the removal of tier 12 battles. But with 9.18 it got even worse. That´s the primary reason I did quit this game . Hope they fix this so I can play this game again without getting my nerves nuked to oblivion becaus of unfair tier matching.

  4. Flox says:

    Since someone already brought up the frustrating and unfair low tier-situation under tier IX, I would want to ask about my second biggest concern with the current World of Tanks:

    What are the plans with improved modules and directives? My perception is that this stuff has been well received on the RU cluster, while EU and NA regions have shown quite the contrary. Many big YTers and streamers from EU/NA voiced strong concerns about this new system…. not to mention the very negative and sometimes emotional reactions from the community especially in the forums.
    The common perception to a degree is that WG is ignoring those concerns completly, supposedly because the RU players like this stuff much more. It seems that it is set in stone that this will be implemented soon. How are you going to handle the disparity of player opinions amongst the different regions? Is there a possibility that both (impr. modules and directives) get scrapped at least for EU or NA because of the negativity around it, or are those regions simply too small compared to RU to make their feedback count?

    Thanks in advance

  5. Happy player says:

    Why are your EU weekend specials so bad compared to NA and RU? You know, we can check them out and see the different threatment.

  6. Why was armour made a balanceable stat? Doing so just makes the balancing of this game more convoluted and makes balance an even more messier process. Armour should have been as historically accurate as possible because it can act as a fixed baseline to balance tanks around.

    If you are worried about the loss of role of armour in World of Tanks, you should address THE number one cause for its demise in the game. Premium ammo. Rebalance that and you will fix many of the balance issues within the game.

  7. MOMO_Mizrahi says:

    Will the the AMX-13 with the Chaffee turret ever be added to the game, perhaps as a premium? I really like that design.

  8. Kindabruh says:

    When is the IS-4 getting moved back to tier 9? If memory serves, Murazor talked about this a few months ago…
    Also, will the new tier X be ST-II, with the double guns?

  9. Ravioli says:

    This one is important for the community – Why don’t you bring the negrep button back to the forums? Most of the playerbase misses it, and it will bring a nice amount of feedback.

    1. Nocomment says:

      Because WG announcements usually got by far the largest amount Neg reps of any posts. Not good for the companies image for new players…

  10. EmpressNero says:

    When, if ever, are you going to address the gold ammunition situation and revert armor back to historically-accurate armor levels? There’s not much point to keeping the tank’s historical look if you’re making up all its stats (including armor) out of whole cloth. At this point, you might as well make remove all the historical tanks and replace them with your your own imaginary designs.

  11. Can'tFindK3yboard says:

    When, if ever, are the T34-1 and T34-2 going to be buffed/re-balanced, also why or why not. I as a player see no point to going through the 34 series to get to the top tier Chinese mediums when the light tanks are so appealing.

  12. Can'tFindK3yboard says:

    Also what is the state of HD maps? Can we honestly expect any by the end of 2017 or will this be a situation similar to the Havoc Engine. Even if you are unable to keep up your promises I think the community will very much appreciate honesty as a breath of fresh, confidence inspiring, air, after all, truth, reality, and public perception of a game play hand in hand; after all reality in the long run is unavoidable.

  13. Can'tFindK3yboard says:

    When it comes to low tier balancing, has the balance department considered the heavy impact of much of the player-base having 50-80% crews. Do you know what their analysis on the topic (if any) has been, I am genuinely interested having just realised the implication of this mechanic.

  14. whitesample says:

    If a buff to preferential mm premiums doesnt work, would you make the option to exchange them for other ones without prefferential mm?

    Also, whats the fate of the Jadgtiger H? Replacemente of Jadg8.8 or a rebalance in the german TD line?

  15. 1 – Will the Swedish HTs have their armor nerfed and mobility buffed to be closer to historically documented values?

    2 – Were the historical values for the Swedish HTs ever even tested?

    I’ve read through the documents and see no reason why they should have been “balanced” the way they have been and I honestly think they would have been better with historical values and would be more enjoyable to play as well.

    3 – Is it possible that we could see the historical Emil 1 (not the wrongly named Emil currently in-game) as a tier 8 premium HT for the Swedish?

  16. Jurrunio says:

    When will they fix the annoying second gun on the WZ-120? Super expensive, but no better than some tier 8 medium tank guns.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Can you buff/rework the accuracy of tanks in game ?
    Because currently it is random if you hit your target or not and getting closer to the target is no option for longrange tanks it also sucks if you cant hit the weakspot at low ranges which happens to often

    Im thinking that you should make tanks always hit up to a specific range which is based on theyre accuary rating like 200m for 0,4 and 400m for 0,3 there should not be situations where i lose because rng said no

    It is one thing trying to nerf accuary on the move but when that means that you cant even hit while being fully aimed then theres something wrong

  18. Tamas says:

    I also have some questions and I would be very happy to get straight answers:

    1. There were promises that WG finally start fixing this game ,however I didnt experience any positive changes so far. (I dont think I am alone this opinion)
    Can I ask why the late?

    2. Since the last some updates the ingame spotting system is working terrible and acting weird. Tanks disappearing medium range even when they firing each other.(stationay or moving vehicles no difference) This also happens when there is flat terrain and no bushes nearby. I also experienced this in city maps too.This problem is just “supporting” camping. And “thanks” to that nearly every battle is a campfest.
    Are there any plans to create a new and much sensitive spotting system to stop this nonsense?
    Some ideas to that: – WG should create or copy the same situation awerness skill(and add every tank commander) from one of the other tank game. For example when you put out your nose from a cover and one of the enemy spot you, you get a warning sign without delays.
    – Camuflage rating between classes should be minimal.
    – Make shells visible after shooting. This will be a great help to locate camper vehicles and give the attacker chance to hit them with blind shoots.(This worked perfectly in the another tank game)

    3. Theres no secret the SPG balance was a fail and the stun mechanic with increased splash just made the class more powerful and the tankers simply cant defend them against.
    My experience fighting against arty from the last month:
    a: enemy arty hit the ground in front of me meters ahead and I lose 800-1000hp plus crew stun
    b: same like point a without stun effect
    c: direct hit from an enemy, lose about 200 hp and four of the crew members insta dead plus crew stun
    d: direct hit from an enemy arty and tank destroyed( not because the ammo rack explosion)
    e: etc…
    Thats cleary shows something is really wrong with the whole mechanic.
    Are there any plans to do something with this?

    4. There are tons of modifications in this game which are give the users unfair advantage are there any plans to ban every mod even the xvm to keep this game clear?

    5. Are there any plans to remove the premium tanks “magical armor” ability?

    6. There arent any balance between single and autoloader tanks. A fully upgraded autoloader tank can easily eat a single loader one or at least make serious damage to it and can escape thanks for its speed.
    Are there any plans to do something?

    7. Are there any plans to remove premium ammo?

    8. Sometimes I still experience the ghost shell problem, especially the tanks which using high caliber howitzers like: Kv2, Pz4, Sherman variants.
    Are there any plans to investigate this?

    Thank you for the answers in advance!

  19. Ion7 says:

    Could dual purpose AA guns make their way into the game either as a separate class or a normal upgrade? We already have some but what about a ZSU or Green Mace vehicle? If so, how would they be balanced and what would their role in battle be?

  20. Where did the turret on the supertest “Super Conqueror” come from? It’s not exactly the current Conqueror turret nor is it exactly the turret that Listy found. The supertest model seems to be a hybrid of the two. Can you provide historical documents and drawings of it to prove its authenticity? Or is it a “WG fake”? Makes little sense to bother replacing a fake tank with a real upgrade but give it a fake turret… if it is indeed fake which is TBD, but at this point it’s looking that way

  21. Will the Japanese medium tanks be buff like mobility? Also the tier 7 is lacking in other mediums since it’s slow and struggles when facing tier 9 and 8 opponents it should have its historical 45kph speed and it’s 10 round Autoloading belt-feed cannon difference is good pen and very fast firing rate but slow reload and dmg per shell

  22. AntiLich says:

    do you think the defender because of its armor should have the is-6s gun and the is-6 should have defender armor cause of that bad pen gun.i dont think preferential matchmaking works anymore because is-6 cant pen tier 8 anymore reliably with all the lack of weakspots

  23. Anonymous says:

    Why not?
    If it’s about fantasy tanks, WoT has passed that point a long while ago.
    If it’s about balancing:
    Edelweiss, while it is the fastest medium tank in the game because of high power/weight ratio and low terrain resistance, the gun has mediocre penetration and tank has mediocre armor.
    Nameless a thin lower plate easily penetrable by same tier tanks that houses transmission, very limited frontal gun depression compounded by the tank’s height and an upper plate that varies in thickness(the 220mm is only on the lowest and flattest part of the upper plate, the rest of it gets thinner the higher it goes).

    It would be nice to have a new tank instead of reskins.

  24. Seth says:

    When will you FINALLY come to your senses and add player tiering to MM based on player rating/stats? Allowing players to rush up the tiers or to buy a premium tank with little experience does not make for a competitive match. If MM was competitive we wouldn’t have so many 15-1, 15-2, etc wins/losses.

  25. Seth says:

    When are you going to make larger maps for the upper half of tanks to play on? It makes no sense that a tank can have view range that covers more than 1/3 of the map.

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