WoT PC: Swedish Madness & Hunnicutt’s “Firepower”

Good day everyone,

A few things from World of Tanks PC, first up, from 16 January to 21 February you can earn Personal Reserves, Premium Consumables and Equipment for playing Random Battles in Swedish tanks.

For the historians out there, WarGaming will be offering a reprint of the legendary book Firepower: A History of the Heavy American Tank. It will be a limited run from 6-8 weeks, with a price tag of $59.95. Also comes with an in-game bonus code.


Edit: Listed publishers price. Pre-Orders can be made at the publishers site here.

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WoT PC: Swedish Madness & Hunnicutt’s “Firepower”

31 thoughts on “WoT PC: Swedish Madness & Hunnicutt’s “Firepower”

  1. Sultanbev says:

    Oooooh, WG getting into publishing. That is a seriously important reprint, and compared to the original price, $50 is cheap.

  2. Bingo says:

    A bonus code for T14 would really fit the content of the book. But I wouldnt be surprised when it is just random shit like 3 premium days +1000 Gold.

  3. zombietropa says:

    Compared to I have paid for some tank books, $50 is indeed cheap. I must admit, my interest in American heavy tank development isn’t that great, so I’m on the fence on this book.

  4. M.Blackburn says:

    I googled where i could get a reprint and it gave me a link to wargaming’s website, then said the page didn’t exist? so where can i get a copy of this book?

  5. jetpowerfie says:

    Wahoo! I was afraid this has been canceled! I’ll definitely be snatching this up and telling my few tank-history-buff friends about it too!

  6. wolvenworks says:

    it’s sold out…..not that it matters. 60 bucks is above my paygrade, and i’ll end up just buying another game first

  7. it’s price is $59.95. it is almost $60. but most of the people (actually 2 of 3) said it’s $50. that proofs the mindgames of capitalism and marketing techniques are working as intended. GG, WP.

    1. marianr87 says:

      What are you on about? This article first said it was 50 dollars and then corrected it. That’s what your capitalist mindgames are, geez. This is not a an official WG site, somebody simply made a small mistake, sheesh.

      1. calm down hero, slowly put your gun down and get some sleep.

        i did not know it was written 50 dollars before edit.

        and if u think that mindgamez does not work on you, i have nothing to say.

        but we see that xx,99 / xx,95 prices everywhere for a reason.

      2. marianr87 says:

        The reason that some prices tend to be at xx.99 or xx95 is that humans are stupid and buy more products at those prices than if they were listed honestly at xx.50 or xx.00. I tend to round off those prices to the highest values most of the time so those tactics don’t work that well with me.

        In anycase this book being 50 or 60 is irrelevant as it’s a good price even at 100 seeing as the older prints can run into the thousands of dollars.

        BTW the book is already sold-out on the site.

  8. wfschepel says:

    Hurray, got one, too. Paying about as much in shipping as for the actual book, and probably customs, too, when it gets here. But, whatever, this is going to be a nice addition to my collection of historical literature. (Although it may seem a tad out of place next to ‘the archaeology of the roman economy’.)

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