WoT PC: Update 9.22 Common Test Review

From the NA portal as EU have nothing yet. Enjoy.

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WoT PC: Update 9.22 Common Test Review

16 thoughts on “WoT PC: Update 9.22 Common Test Review

    1. Ion7 says:

      Reaserched the 416, grinded it, and reaserched the t54 since this was announced. Anyways you shouldn’t be able to grind one line and get five (Once the 430 II’s successor is introduced) tier 10 tanks from one line.

    2. ROMBAT says:

      The change has more sense than you ever know. Don,t worry if you suck in obj 416 you,ll be sucking in all the rest of the tanks…

  1. Thetopcat says:

    I still cant believe they are pushing ahead with the 263 changes despite the feedback that no one wants to take the 263 from tier 10

    1. Robopon says:

      We have to wait and see how 268 v4 will perform on the common test. WG can easily change something about it according to server statistics and maaaaaybe what people about it.

    2. Jurrunio says:

      Dont understand why does the Obj 263 need changes at all… It’s a high-DPM, low alpha TD, just like the British Badger. It’s uncommon to see in battles is because it is too average, without huge alpha or insane DPM or all-round armor. That’s not why it needs to change though,

      1. Thetopcat says:

        I find it hard to believe that the 268 v4 will be played more than the 263. v4 looks average to bad in all departments bar armour.

      2. Tim Allen says:

        In what way is it a good change? The tank is barely played because the entire line besides the tier 10 is underwhelming. The SU-101 is god awful, the SU-100M1 is nothing special and neither is the SU-122-54. The Object 263 is what makes the line GOOD. Unless they mega buffed the Object 268 version 4, which I’m certain they didn’t, it’s going to be completely worthless. On the tech tree preview thing they did a week or two ago, the rate of fire was 3.5 rounds per minute. With a 650 alpha gun, that’s around 2275 damage per minute. This tank will now have the second worst dpm behind the Foch 155 at 2250. But guess what the Foch has? A 3 round 750 alpha autoloader. The tank has 2 good things about it: Somewhat decent armor and it’s heavy. That’s it. The speed is good but who cares if you can’t actually turn the tank. The premium pen is mediocre, the gun handling is garbage, the dpm is garbage, the gun depression is garbage, and it has a weak spot on top that’s only 250mm thick with some parts only 100mm thick. So no, it’s not a good change, and unless you’ve played the 263, you will not understand why people are pissed.

      3. Landshark_IX says:

        The reason the 263 is rarely played seems to have more to do with the vehicles you have to grind through to get to Tier 10 rather than any faults with the Object 263 itself.

    3. Anonymous says:

      We can still stop them if we all become the vocal minority. We have to protect our tanks.
      It is likely that this will cause a huge shit storm in Russia, Russian players have a louder voice, they may save 263 yet. But we too have to protest and call out for a retraction of this change

  2. Jurrunio says:

    Nice, as if 252U hasnt brought along enough Soviet cancer, the game needs more heavies that are better than existing HTs.

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