WoT- Personal Mission Changes

Good day everybody,

First up in a fairly news filled day, changes to personal missions set to come in 9.20.1. This time they aren’t quite as straightforward as mission requirement changes, but changes to the menu interface and changes to the reward mechanics. Let’s see what we have:

First off is the changes to the menu interface, the hope being that this will more clearly display progress. First off, Personal Missions will have their own separate header in the garage:


As well as new displays for showing the progress on earned vehicles…


And a new tactical map showing progress in a set of missions. Why a map of all things? Can’t really explain that, but I suppose it looks nice.


Vehicle Components & Orders

Commendations have been removed, and replaced by two new entities. Both of these will be relieved for completing the final mission in a set. Components will be received upon completion of the 15th mission and are used to receive the reward vehicle when all five mission sets are complete.

Orders are a bit interesting. Orders are rewarded for completing mission sets with honors, and can be used to skip any mission so long as you completed any previous mission in the set with honors. Interestingly, you can later go back and complete any skipped mission to receive the Order back for use elsewhere. Final missions can be skipped as well, but will require the use of 4 Orders.

Orders can also be transferred to future operations,  so you can save up and use them to complete several mission sets.

When the update arrives, players will receive any awards that they would have received under the new system.

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WoT- Personal Mission Changes

28 thoughts on “WoT- Personal Mission Changes

  1. Backslash says:

    Im not sure what this entails. does that mean it now becomes easier for players to now get the reward tanks? not sure i want more t55a’s and 260s running around (though they could use some helpful buffs). I already completed all 300 missions,with over 80% completed with honors, so do these orders carry over to the new series of missions coming out, or is this wargaming ways of negating the effort or time put in by certain part of their community (like how they turned the M6 mutant from a special testers tank to one anyone can get).

    1. GlennA says:

      T55a isnt really that great of a thread as its a slightly weaker T54 so not like you have much to fear from it. Now the Obj 260 its basically just an uptiered 252 trying to be like the IS7 and failing.

      Both tanks have respectable characteristics but they’re far from being OP or superior to similar tanks of the same tier.

      1. Anonymous says:

        After the IS-7 buffs Its so much better than Obj 260 it was even before the buffs. 260 armor cant stand against IS-7 and only good thing is that you have Apcr on 260. So you are totally wrong. IS-7 is much better than Obj 260 in any way chape of form

      2. Yes, IS-7 had better turret and now it is also faster which was ob.260 strength over him. Still, some missions don’t depend on skill but just on pure luck so for me it is nice to see those changes for players who are stacked. I’m not afraid of swarm of 260s because we already have plenty of X tiers in battles.

  2. Nameless says:

    Sooo… orders are received for completing any missions with honors? And they are used to skip missions you don’t wanna do, right? Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m a bit confused 🙁

    1. Berto72 says:

      1 order, skip 1 mission (1-14), 4 orders to skip mission 15…
      dont understand if to get orders you have to do with Honors all set or just last one…

  3. Parrrley says:

    A mission set is for example, from 1 to 15 light tank mission for stug? So if I gather 4 orders (4 sets) I could skip the last mission for TD 15 Obj260 ??

    1. kunexar says:

      By way its worded at the beggining it doesnt make much sense, but later on you have this part “and can be used to skip any mission so long as you completed any previous mission in the set with honors”. I think that it meant that each mission in “set” (light/medium/heavy/td/spg) awards you with one “order” and then you can use 1 order to skip on emission from 1 to 14 and 4 orders to finish up mission no. 15. Im happy with this, as it will quicken rate of getting my t55a since right now i cannot get into a match with 2td that are higher tier than me (mt15 for t55a):/ SOOOOO im happy:D.

      I dont think that orders going from earlier stages should be able to progres harder missions tho. Im against getting 15 order from stug missions and using them to skip 14 missions in 260 part. that way we will be overwhelmed by 260, while right now their amount is just right (1 out of around 100 t X is 260 and im happy with that)

      1. Parrrley says:

        but then.. it doesn´t make much sense. Right now you can skip one final mission by doing the other ones with honors.

        I hope we can trade the previous misison sets done with honors to skip the hardest final missions ..

      2. Berto72 says:

        i dont think that any single mission will give an order, but only the full set.
        otherwise you can get 75 orders just from stug missions, a bit too much and too easy…and surely you must unlock tank by tank, without jumps…
        im really curious, need just last one for 260 and meanwhile get near to all honors to the previous….

      3. You get 1 order for each mission 15 completed with honours.
        So if you did all mission 15 for stuff with honours that only 5 irders.
        Enough to skip 5 ‘normal’ missions or 1 ‘normal’ mission and one mission 15.

        I think this is ok to help people skip stupid mm mission and rng missions. The only thing blocking me from a 260 right now is lt7. It is beyond retarded.

        However I do hope that it doesn’t take away from the achievements of the players who did do it . I don’t want people to skip anything they are not good enough to do and still get the rewards.

  4. Berto72 says:

    “When the update arrives, players will receive any awards that they would have received under the new system.”

    thats mean we dont lose missions already completed with honors, i suppose.. the new system recalculate any single reward of all set of missions, done with old system, and will re-assign in automatic the new rewards?

  5. andrebellons says:

    Then those “Orders” should be weighted on the set they were earned from: From completing with honours just 4/5 of the stug missions you can skip TD15 for Obj260…

    I’m totally in favour of the idea to be able to skip a single mission… but the possibility to skip the last ones seems totally broken…

    I can totally feel the frustration of being stuck on some missions, i’ve been there too… I had to waste so many hours on some super-hard missions (like the one to burn 2 tanks in same battle) and then they made them easier… Now they would make so that anyone can get a Obj260 without ever having to do those tedious 15th missions (in which sometimes luck works better than skill, but that clearly give those tanks that “aura” of being unique)… This way it would be nothing more than another premium tank that anyone can have…

  6. StevoMS says:

    So… can i hes 9.20.1 now? Srsly this patch is basically buffing half my tanks (british) and with the changes to these missions, i will basically have a t-55 almost immediately if what im interpreting is true. I am super hyped.

  7. Confusing wording – you don’t earn an order for every mission with honours as some people above are wondering about.

    “Orders are rewarded for completing mission SETS with honors.”

    e.g. complete ALL the Stug missions with honors, and you get one order for each SET (LT, MD, HT, TD, ARTY) = maximum of 5 orders from a campaign.

    “Orders can be used to skip any mission so long as you completed any previous mission in the set with honors”

    e.g. if you have all 5 orders from the Stug campaign, then you can skip any 5 missions in the T28, T55, or 260 campaigns – but only if the ones you want to skip have the previous one earned with honors.

    (Which also implies you can’t skip the first one of each set.)

  8. Berto72 says:

    sorry tell this, but the news as reported with some word changed is not so clear as Official Forum:
    commendations were removed. They were replaced by two new entities: Vehicle Components and Orders. These are received for completing the final mission in the set. Components are awarded for fulfilling the primary conditions while orders are awarded for completing with honors the 15th mission in a set.

    Components are used to receive a reward vehicle—you get it upon completing all five sets of missions. An order is a whole another deal as it allows to skip the completion of any mission

  9. wolvenworks says:

    agreed with the Order system. now i can just get over that damn SPG+LT mission and get my Stug IV already. it’s such a brutal grind for my off-roles that i practically gave up n actively finishing it for the sake of my sanity and actually having some decent fun for once in my grinds

  10. Ultra0wnz says:

    So if I read this correctly we get an order for each 15th mission of a set we complete with honours, and can use this to either skip a mission in a series of honoured missions, or doing the same with 4 of them for the 15th. Furthermore we have to complete all 5 15th missions in order to obtain the tank.

    Is it then just me, or does this actually make it harder to obtain the reward tanks? In the current setting only 4 of the 5 sets need to be completed to get the reward tank, now we need to get all 5… You could still skip this by using 4 orders, but you would need every preceding mission to be honoured if I’m correct? This seems like a harder job to do than in the current setting…. Only advantage would be the ability to skip pure rng missions like the fire or something….

    1. OseanTanker says:

      No, it will be the same as it is now. If you complete the other four XX-15 missions (not every mission) with honors, you will get four orders. Those four orders then can be applied to the fifth component and unlock the rewards tank. This is a much better system in my mind. It leaves intact the old system while allowing people to bypass the more BS missions.

      Since I am on the T-55A and have completely the previous ten XX-15 missions with honors, I should have ten orders when this change goes through. I have completed two of the T-55A final missions already. If I use the 8 of my ten orders, I can get another two final missions complete, which leaves me with two orders left. I will use one on LT-7 and one on HT-12. This will unlock LT-15 for me and clear the path for the heavy missions. This will move me much closer to unlocking the T-55A than in the current system.

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