WoT- Personal Mission Changes

Good day everybody,

First up in a fairly news filled day, changes to personal missions set to come in 9.20.1. This time they aren’t quite as straightforward as mission requirement changes, but changes to the menu interface and changes to the reward mechanics. Let’s see what we have:

First off is the changes to the menu interface, the hope being that this will more clearly display progress. First off, Personal Missions will have their own separate header in the garage:


As well as new displays for showing the progress on earned vehicles…


And a new tactical map showing progress in a set of missions. Why a map of all things? Can’t really explain that, but I suppose it looks nice.


Vehicle Components & Orders

Commendations have been removed, and replaced by two new entities. Both of these will be relieved for completing the final mission in a set. Components will be received upon completion of the 15th mission and are used to receive the reward vehicle when all five mission sets are complete.

Orders are a bit interesting. Orders are rewarded for completing mission sets with honors, and can be used to skip any mission so long as you completed any previous mission in the set with honors. Interestingly, you can later go back and complete any skipped mission to receive the Order back for use elsewhere. Final missions can be skipped as well, but will require the use of 4 Orders.

Orders can also be transferred to future operations,  so you can save up and use them to complete several mission sets.

When the update arrives, players will receive any awards that they would have received under the new system.

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