WoT Personal Mission Compensation Update

Good day everyone,

Brief update regarding the compensation for Personal Missions: You will be recieving Order Forms and Female Crew members, though it seems those crew members will be coming next week according to Mr. Conway on the EU forums.

So no need to panic if you see your Orders but no crew, they will be coming.

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WoT Personal Mission Compensation Update

4 thoughts on “WoT Personal Mission Compensation Update

  1. Ultra0wnz says:

    Do I have to claim that order somewhere? Heard them say it at the stream but I still have as much available as beforehand….

  2. …And if some of you guys got a mission done while campaign was down here is the nice reply you get (I fullfilled conditions for mission 15 lights for obj260 and attached the replay):

    Ben Hope 2 November 2017 12:28
    Hello TheGalt,

    Thank you for contacting customer service.

    As you are aware the campaign was removed due to a technical issue and is now available once again.

    Due to this we will reward all one female crew and 1 free order. However these will be added next week.

    Be aware that all mission conditions that were met while the campaign was deactivated will not be completed.

    Please note we have still seen some issues that is impacting the campaign missions and they can be seen on the article below:

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    Best regards,

    Ben Hope

    Wargaming.net Customer Service Representative

    Wargaming.net Customer Support

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    ….. Getting tired of the bad service from WG

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