WoT Polish & Chinese Crew Voices

Not much going on today (slow news day would be an understatement), but we do have a sample of the Polish crew voices (male only so far) and a rerecorded Chinese female crew voice with the correct dialect.

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WoT Polish & Chinese Crew Voices

15 thoughts on “WoT Polish & Chinese Crew Voices

  1. Tommy_Gun says:

    To be honest Polish crew voices are old as far as the polish language support in WoT goes (that is why they are male only). In fact those voices are already in game client. If you install wot and chose Polish language for some reason this is how the default crew voice would sound…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just want the TKS and 7TP so that my girls Und Panzer tank collection could get closer to being complete
    (Italians need to come and the BT-42 needs to be added in, a shame it isn’t in already)

  3. wolvenworks says:

    actually, this chinese voceover sounds better. did they get this one from Taiwan? because the old one sounds likes she’s from the PLA lol

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