WoT Public Test Patch 1.0.1

Patch 1.0.1 Test Server should come online in the afternoon of April 12th unless there are problems then on the 13th.

This should bring with it the new Italian Tech Tree some time in May.


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WoT Public Test Patch 1.0.1

20 thoughts on “WoT Public Test Patch 1.0.1

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fixed mm? Nope! Fixed tanks? Nope! Fixed bots? Nope! Pass….. It’s like having a building with rotten frame and you just keep adding more and more floors… And for all of you that will say: “You five year old, tank development team and balance team aren’t the same” I have to ask one thing? Where the hell is the balance team? Why noone has made a post about the broken the 263 v4? About the broken mm? About the premiums? And more important what is the situation with bots? Should we report them? Does it even matter? The past weak with the marathon a lot of times half the team was bots… Are all those solved and the only thing we miss is the Italian tech tree?

    1. heinz says:

      i mean MM and tank balancing is really not good but everyone complains about bots and i am just standing here not having a problem with them. hell, i dont even notice any bots.

    2. DIADTEC says:

      if you hate it so much, dont play, quit bitching. Go play another game if you dont like it. My 183 mm LOVES your stupid russian td’s to death.

      broken MM ? I assume you have a suggestion on how to fix it? No? shut up then

      why no one made posts about premiums ? whats wrong with them exactly? None of them are controversial apart from mayber the krysler gf. It’s wg’s way of making money on a f2p game? what do you have against them?

      bots? I am all for bots at low tier. It’s a much better new player experience rather than having a seal clubber in their t67 go in and make new people rage quit. “bots” at high tiers are just people that really need to go back to tier 5 and master the basics first.

      bots on the marathon? why dont you just bot too? It’s a better experience for low tier players. If you are so desperate for a shiny laptop or a new processor, how about you get off your ass and get a job. Even if you got a part time job 2 days a week washing dishes, you could get that processor in a week and the laptop in 1.5 months; although it is retarded on wg’s part not to put in a reasonable cap on the amount of tokens you can make in a day.

      Fixed tanks? whats broken about them exactly? OBJ 263 v4 is just as broken as any other tier 10 ripping apart tier 8’s. The obj 163 really isnt that good, you just jumped on the bandwagon and cry ” OP OP OP”

      It’s like all you do is bitch and throw fits, but you dont use logical evidence to back up your points, nor do you provide and suggestions on how to fix these problems. WG has been making this game for half a decade now. What have you done in game developments buddy??? I’d wager that the answer is “nothing”.

      You contribute absolutely NOTHING by complaining. take action and do one of the following:
      1- leave the game silently. no one wants to listen to you
      2- keep spamming decent suggestions until it picks up and wg is forced to listen to it

      1. StevoMS says:

        Nice roast (not sarcastic i agree with pretty much everything) but the 268 v4 is broken, no argument, especially when you consider that it effectively has the same armour as a T110e3 or jagE100 (does not even have a lfp weakspot like either) and the mobility of an strv 103b (5k faster) and a 155 gun (i know the gun is bad but it needs to be a lot worse if WG is to balance the tank) sure HE can be effective but most tanks dont have a 183 or type 5 gun to effectively fire HE. It satistically is broken, well played if you can easily deal with them, but the tank needs to be tuned down.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Are you serious? Is it MY JOB TO BALANCE THE DAMN GAME? I pay them and I have the responsibility to fix it? You want some ideas have some: 1) bots. When a player is reported for boring an employee of wg will spectate the game and ban the player (wow uses this strategy) 2)mm. MM will ensure you are top tier 50% of the time (queue will suffer as a downside) 3)tanks will be nerfed according to their wr. Happy now give me my billions

      3. Anonymous says:

        Plus it was THEIR DAMN WORDS! They stated in numerous occasions how the new patch will require no new updates for ppl hardware. And as for the “get a job” you don’t know me or if I work and how many hours so the next time think before you speak.

      4. Anonymous says:

        As a side not about the premiums: let’s compare: scorpion g=better rhm,patriot/chrysler=better t32,liberte=better amx 65t,somua=better 50 100,defender= way better is3..am i wrong? And as a solution (since you asked) about the pref mm tanks could be to have the option to mount different equipment removing pref mm as long as you have it mounted:ie is6 with d25t has pref mm,if you choose to mount the bl9 it loses its pref mm. Same for kv5 with the long 107,jt 88 with the short 128,wz111 and 112 should get the tier 9 122 (with horrible stats),sp should have to choose between two engines and the only one I can’t think something good is the fcm…maybe an autoloader.

      5. Anonymous says:

        263 isn’t that good? did you even play the 263 asshole?
        263 was my best and my favourite tank, it could snipe with its very good dispersion and had the mobility to reach sniping spots quickly.
        It had a decent camo so that it wasn’t spotted 24/7 and it had very, very reliable upper front plate and superstructure with a weak lower plate and HE spam mantlet area.

        You rarely saw people using it because no one wanted to grind up the awful line for it, i free xp’d my way to the SU-122-54

        Make no mistake the SU-122-54 wasn’t a terrible tank, it just had mobility and dpm going for it but otherwise wasn’t such a great tank.

        263 was an absolute beast when in the hands of a competent player, whilst 268 is good in the hands of any retard with a mouse and keyboard.

        268 v4 requires no skill to impact the battle significantly, little to no situational awareness, it outpaces the old 263 in terms of speed and engine power, the armour to just sit infront of enemy tanks in open terrain and have little to no chance of being punished, whilst derping the enemy at close quarters with a quick aim time, good alpha gun but the gun isn’t the issue.

        The tank the gun is on, is the issue.

        Now, before you bring statistics and shit like that i was top player in 263 before they replaced it, top player for hall of fame, on 89% MoE was going for 3rd mark but was too late, had a 99.95 percentile average damage in it which was 3738 or so.

        My 268 on the other hand has 4317 average damage but has 2738 average damage blocked compared to my 1500 in the 263

        My win ratio is 68.75%in the 268 compared to 53.92% in my 263

        i have 112 current battles in my 268 with 84.52% MoE i believe.

        i’m not a super unicum player or a unicum player if you disregard my recent WN8 and WR

        My overall WN8 and WR is currently 2089 and 55.39%

        So i’m not some random potato or jumping on the bandwagon.

        The 268 is a stupidly powerful tank which has a huge impact of every game it plays in with a very low skill cap.

        268 V4 is the most broken tank currently in the game, along with Type 5 and 4 heavies whilst 705A and 430U are too good but aren’t OP or broken.

    3. Ion7 says:

      Agree with everything said here. One thing with the bots. I tested on one of my friends account the report system: after 8 days straight of using all reports on the same account, they were banned for 24 hours…not sure if it goes up from there but that’s what it seems to take.

      Granted I don’t work for wargaming, but how hard is it at 1am 3 days after a patch goes live to update the text file with a tanks stats. There doesn’t need to be reaserched into this stuff just, “oh, the 268 v4 can reverse way too damm fast, better fix that and upload it tonight…”

      Am I missing something major here or is WG just so out of touch as to not know what’s going on?

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