WoT Q&A 9/12

Quick Q&A compiled from various WG staff in various places:

From Anton Pankov:

  • The Polish community is one of the most active, larger in fact than the Belorussian community (2.9 million registered users to Belarus’ 2 million).
  • When asked about eSports, Pankov mentions plans for a informal league of sorts for the older demographics (30-40 years old).

From Vyacheslav Makarov:

  • I wanted to do trade-ins even when Tanks first went into release. We found documents about it going back even to 2012, complete with the name of the person who worked on it. It’s one of the biggest changes we’ve had recently with a lot of people working on it recently.
  • I want to fix a few things with the game interface. Particularly with the Personal Missions, the interface for that isn’t ideal.
  • Sandbox is likely to have HD maps soon, we’re getting the platform set up now.
  • We’re trying now to not toss things out. Earlier if we released a game mode that didn’t pan out we’d just scrap it. Now we’re trying to do things a bit more carefully- looking at it, drawing conclusion, reassembling things and looking at it as a designer. Sandbox hasn’t been abandoned in that sense.
  • (Will there be 10 nations?) Good question. At some point there probably will be. We have the Italians, who really fought and had some post-war developments. Real fighting machines that we’re trying to add into the game. When? Can’t tell you right now.

  • ATGMs on large tanks in Random Battles: Probably not going to happen. Though maybe in some other mode that we’re experimenting with…
  • The number of people on the balance team has changed, especially in the leadership.
  • Rebalancing older premiums is tough. It’s always going to cause discontent, or some saying we haven’t done enough. At the moment I’m waiting in horror for the moment we decide to do something with the KV-5. It’s one of those tanks who’s balancing we regularly postpone.
  • We’re working on a new customization system and, god willing, we’ll be able to show it on the Sandbox soon. Players can adjust the size of camo patterns, colors and all of that. This all requires some huge improvements to the interface though. We’re also experimenting with 3D customization. We have a workable prototype for 2D customization, it really gives a sense of how the vehicle is externally painted. There will be no pink tanks however! Despite the historicity of the pink IS-2.
  • I’ve noticed we’re preparing a pretty cool New Years event, something new.
  • At WG Fest this year we’ll have an announcement with details on our project “Caliber”, all are invited of course.
  • I don’t really like the current implementation of boosters in WoT. It’s a bit infuriating at the moment to have a time always ticking over you, so perhaps we’ll look into having them work for a set number of battles, I don’t really know. It’s something we’ll think on.
  • Regarding preferential matchmaking in some tanks, it’s pretty sad that we have such exceptions in the game. At one time Seryozha Burakatsky was indignant about what the preferential tanks began to do to the game. Now it’s pretty clear that it was a mistake then. There are some problems with individual preferential tanks, and we’re preparing for their rebalancing. There are some vehicles to be altered, and some where maybe nothing will work out.
  • Wheeled vehicles- I want them, and we did technically have them running in a fun mode. As I said earlier, we don’t throw anything away, we keep it all in house. Of course a lot of things need to be tuned, and the physics needs to be finished. Some interesting stuff, and enough historical material that we can pull to Tier 10.
  • A feature for hiding statistics should be done, but there are a number of nuances. Hiding nicknames are a complicated story. At the moment we are thinking that maybe it’s something we won’t miss out on with the allowed mods. Still, it’s something we’re working on.
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