WoT Ranked Battle Mode: Beta Season

The official Intro and explanatory video from Wargaming.

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WoT Ranked Battle Mode: Beta Season

14 thoughts on “WoT Ranked Battle Mode: Beta Season

  1. Mizutayio says:

    Before commenting: please keep in mind that ranked battles are not going to be the only way to earn bonds. Just looking at the comments on youtube you see so many people who didn’t do their homework and just assumed becase that’s the only place where you can get them at the moment.

    Why i wrote this, because i am tired of the constant crying, it was fun for a while, but it seriously has to stop. I prefer to give WG constructive critics, becase unlike the crying, they can actually use that.

    1. Infernal969 says:

      Yeah, you will get 100 bonds for doing a 125k exp over the weekend mission, rotfl. Dude, do you even WG?

      1. Mizutayio says:

        I’m sorry, but how do you know that, i know that WG is known for doing hardcore and pretty much imposible missions, but that’s just assuming the worst.
        I know it’s a silly thing to say: but be more confident in WG

    2. Morganator says:

      Its not the way you earn bonds its the absolutly unfair advantage they give players who dont care/want to play for improved equipment

      1. Mizutayio says:

        but if they neither care nor want to play for improved equipment, then they shouldn’t complain. but that is with everything. If you don’t want to put in the efford, don’t complain if they’re better. I’m not gonna play ranked, and i’m not gonna complain about that one or two unicums in one battle that may reload half a second faster than me.

    3. Anonymous says:

      I think the point is ways to improve stats isn’t the future of the game. Especially when there are already balance concerns. There are so many other aspects of the game that need attention, so this addition is just an insult. A completely meaningless way to add more grind to the game.

  2. Concerned and Experienced WoT Player says:

    Who in the Wargaming community asked for this? Answer: No one!

    This will only further unbalance the game (even Pub matches), as only the Unicums will be able to take full advantage of this, unless you are able to sell bonds, then we are back to strengthening more the “pay to win” direction WoTs has been going.

    Way to go Wargaming… you are continuing to wreck the game, and ignore the communities requests.

  3. The statement that only unicums Will get full advantage for this is not true. Just for doing Rank 5 which is not that hard, you Will get 1500 bonds a week! Plus at least other 1500 at season ending if you had a bad overall score. That’s 1500×4 + 1500 = 1500×5 = 7500 bonds at month! And i am speaking for low average players. Bad players i think Can always earn with some efforts their more or less 1000 bonds at week. Not that bad after all’.

    1. wremisekrummels says:

      These people dont care, that they also can earn the bonds…. they are blaming WG, that they dont get the same earning as the purple one, even then they are doing less

    2. Tenkstar says:

      It’s still a kick in the teeth to new players. If you want your playerbase to grow you cannot keep giving established players an advantage and so make that tier 9 to 10 grind even harder.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Glad to hear bonds will be available to all players, not just those with tier 10s. As someone with no tier 10s yet (only one tier 9 so far I hope this mode sticks especially after the failure of Rampage. (Tier 10 restriction and poor economy)

  5. heinz says:

    Why does WG say that the mode is only about your result and not about winning/ losing? That’s wrong. Yes you can still earn ranks when losing but it would be more fair if the losing team is getting the same xp and credits as the winners . As long as this is not given it still matters if you win or lose

  6. Concerned and Experienced WoT Player says:

    Yes, bonds will most likely be available to all players, as I am sure they will be for sale by Wargaming like gold, silver, and of course – “personal reserves” that you EARN.

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