WoT Ranked Battles Q&A

Brief Q&A from Amway921 and Olga (Product Manager for Ranked Battles), and mostly about just that, Ranked Battles:

At the start of Ranked Battles, the number of battles with Tier X vehicles in Random Battles dropped by 15-20%. Tier 8 was a much better experience in Random Battles during this time.

Our goal: Firstly to give people the chance to compete against equal players, and the second, in my opinions, was to give something special for that.

The command portion of the game is poorly executed, though in Ranked Battles this is slightly better. In the second beta season we complicated reaching the 5th rank and we assumed that 45% who played wouldn’t reach it. They’d hang around ranks 3 or 4. As well, the number of people with less than 1000 battles and very low statistics should be greatly reduced- These are our expectations, so we’ll see what the next beta season brings.

Initially we had planned on giving 3 chevrons to the losing team, but this lead to players hugging the red line and waiting til the last minute to get into the fight. With that, people received their reward that the expense of the rest of the team. We won’t completely write off the chevron, we understand the individual results should be appreciated. Though nothing is finalized, so we’ll see how future developments go with players.

(Regarding certain battles that featured Rank 5,4,3, and 0 players in one battle) This was a safety net of sorts for the matchmaker. This way we wouldn’t have Rank 5 players waiting for a long time to get into a game, and was supposed to be a rare exception. We have since reworked it, and with the SPG changes it should be minimal in the second season. We’ll closely monitor the statistics.

We’ll reconsider prime time. Late night players should have things a little easier.

The announcement for the second season (for certain regions) should be in early September.

The second Beta season will consist of 3 stages over 3 weeks.

In this Beta, Personal Missions will not be counted towards.

In the general test, we introduced the possibility of gaining Marks of Excellence, however players said that this complicates obtaining marks, and affects the number of battles played in Random. We’re reflecting on the topic.

After the second beta season, we plan on launching an official season reflecting the new changes.

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