WoT Referral Program 2.0

Hello everyone,

So as most of you know, the old World of Tanks referral program is no longer around, didn’t take them long to come up with a new version:

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WoT Referral Program 2.0

7 thoughts on “WoT Referral Program 2.0

      1. DIADTEC says:

        no, all progress from 1st referral program is lost and is no longer for completion. I gave up on trying to do it because it is almost certain you will see the t95e2 in the upcoming bonds for tanks program

  1. Sturmi0545 says:

    WG needs to fix/boost the number of created new accounts again, to create the illusion of oh so many new customers *cough* 2nd/3rd accounts *cough*

  2. Anonymous says:

    Unrelated news. Today, around 1pm and 2pm, world of tanks Europe or North America(don’t remember which one, I am subscribed to both) uploaded the video about the update 1.4 with the AFVs. Because you can already preload 1.4, the update with the AFVs will likely come mid/late February early march (just me speculating).

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