WoT Ru Developer Stream QnA

Here’s the QnA by the WG Dev stream on WoT RU.

Source: WoT News

Thanks for Ctacello for translating.

*Update* I apologize for any confusion that occured about the whole Light Tank Transfer. It’s corrected now.

  • If the new stun mechanic is not well recieved by users we will must cut arty from game.
  • We are thinking about if full (3 tanks) arty platoons are good or not – 50/50%.
  • After a long time thinking, we have decided to not touch the stats of premium LTs, but we reduce their MM with the introduction of tier 10 light tanks, and we’ll see how it works in the new patch.
  • If you have EXP gathered on one of the current tier 8 light tanks ( like AMX 13 90 for exemple) the EXP will stay on the tier 8 tank, however you will get the new tier 8 light tanks as well as the new tier 9 lights, and the crew will stay on the new Tier 9 light tank.
  • Personal missions for LT won’t be changed after T9 and T10 Light tanks are being added.
  • After some balancing we could see tier 8 premium light tanks.
  • The smaller the number of players on the server, the worse the quality of the matchmaker. We encourage more to play and invite friends!
  • Skill MM will never be in random battles. we won’t touch it and most people like randow battles how it is now.
  • There will be rewards for ranked battles, but so far we don’t want to say more. It certainly will not be like a marathon and can be used in regular battles.
  • We are thinking about buffing soviet tanks (T-44, IS-7, etc.) We want do it soon. however, not in the next patch, but as soon as we can.
  • When we will rework ST-1, we will give it new mechanics. At the moment i can’t say anything about it, but it will be interesting.
  • Even with the new graphics, people with potato PCs can still play without any changes on their FPS compared to the current client, if they have 30 fps, this number will stay after new graphics.
  • Forget about all chat. It’s absolutely useless, and is mostly used for insulting players, revealing the position of allied tanks or advertising clans.
  • Crew skills will be reworked at very last, this is a very hard process, converting, reset, etc.
  • After rebalancing, arty will hit more tanks by splash, but will do far less damage to the enemy.
  • We have some ideas to get rid of teamkilling or how to fix it, it will be tested and after some time we’ll show it in the sanbox.
  • There will be a second season of Personal Missions.


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