WoT Ru Developer Stream QnA

Here’s the QnA by the WG Dev stream on WoT RU.

Source: WoT News

Thanks for Ctacello for translating.

*Update* I apologize for any confusion that occured about the whole Light Tank Transfer. It’s corrected now.

  • If the new stun mechanic is not well recieved by users we will must cut arty from game.
  • We are thinking about if full (3 tanks) arty platoons are good or not – 50/50%.
  • After a long time thinking, we have decided to not touch the stats of premium LTs, but we reduce their MM with the introduction of tier 10 light tanks, and we’ll see how it works in the new patch.
  • If you have EXP gathered on one of the current tier 8 light tanks ( like AMX 13 90 for exemple) the EXP will stay on the tier 8 tank, however you will get the new tier 8 light tanks as well as the new tier 9 lights, and the crew will stay on the new Tier 9 light tank.
  • Personal missions for LT won’t be changed after T9 and T10 Light tanks are being added.
  • After some balancing we could see tier 8 premium light tanks.
  • The smaller the number of players on the server, the worse the quality of the matchmaker. We encourage more to play and invite friends!
  • Skill MM will never be in random battles. we won’t touch it and most people like randow battles how it is now.
  • There will be rewards for ranked battles, but so far we don’t want to say more. It certainly will not be like a marathon and can be used in regular battles.
  • We are thinking about buffing soviet tanks (T-44, IS-7, etc.) We want do it soon. however, not in the next patch, but as soon as we can.
  • When we will rework ST-1, we will give it new mechanics. At the moment i can’t say anything about it, but it will be interesting.
  • Even with the new graphics, people with potato PCs can still play without any changes on their FPS compared to the current client, if they have 30 fps, this number will stay after new graphics.
  • Forget about all chat. It’s absolutely useless, and is mostly used for insulting players, revealing the position of allied tanks or advertising clans.
  • Crew skills will be reworked at very last, this is a very hard process, converting, reset, etc.
  • After rebalancing, arty will hit more tanks by splash, but will do far less damage to the enemy.
  • We have some ideas to get rid of teamkilling or how to fix it, it will be tested and after some time we’ll show it in the sanbox.
  • There will be a second season of Personal Missions.


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WoT Ru Developer Stream QnA

160 thoughts on “WoT Ru Developer Stream QnA

  1. rke says:

    what I think the spg should be more like in Armored Warfare: it didn’t deal lots of damage, it was more accurate, and had a higher RoF, target got a warning from incoming arty shot and counter battery was an interesting mechanic. for WoT why not SPG more accurate, less splash damage, average damage as a medium, counter battery so not to stand in the same spot for the whole game, a bit more mobile, no one hit kill at full health, bit faster RoF, no AP, no premium ammo, HE and smoke. in addition, but not necessary: flattened the trajectory of high arc arty like bishop and FV302. I fear that without spg camper will camp more, more frequently.
    addition 2: all the tanks except spg have the option lunch a smoke flare to mark a spot for spg to hit where they suspect there is a camper? something like you ask to hit a target but yo don’t need to see the enemy, if you suspect there is an enemy you toss a flare and the arty will hit that spot

  2. Shiva says:

    WG, thank you for me getting full Swedish tech tree without playing a single match in Swedes.
    And thank you for getting me the few tanks I still miss from UK tech tree.
    This from the xp and credits compensation from removing the Artillery class.
    What will I do with the rest of the credits and xp?
    Buy gold ammo? Naah!

    I think I’ll wait getting back to WoT, until I see what happens.
    Have fun arty haters.
    What will be the next class that gets removed?

    1. Standup Philosopher says:

      what the next class would be? tds like the deathstar or jagdpanzer e100 with their high alphadamage guns….

  3. Byxl says:

    Stun mechanics don’t work. Remove Arty from the game. I do have and play arty myself but remove the thing from the game or make it extremely expensive to play. It’s my least played class as I grind all tanks. Leave the crew to be retrained and reskilled for free,leave free xp from all the grinding and leave the credits (full price) for compensation (gold if the premium arty is in question), but remove the thing from the game. Introduce less of the corridor maps, but more open field maps and let the fun starts.

  4. Standup Philosopher says:

    i think, the new arty splash mechanic, is the right way to go.
    not that much damage per hit but a bigger splash.
    give the arty the roll from an area of effect damage dealer. maybe ad some he ammunition with fire damage over time effect in the splash area.

  5. SpottableSky says:

    Maybe if they remove arty they would introduce arty strike or barrage like in stronghonds defense to random battles but only give it to LTs since they’re the eyes of the current ingame arty.

  6. On the subject of balancing arty, why not just reduce the max HE damage by about 15-20% and remove all AP rounds from them? The most frustrating thing about getting hit by arties, from what I’ve seen, is getting one-shot. And at upper tiers, that’s mainly caused by tier 8-10 arty firing AP.

    1. Jurrunio says:

      If that’s what they do, arty needs to get a credit and exp multiplier to keep their income while reducing their damage potential

  7. Palduros says:

    Honestly, i don’t understand why you all are complaining about the T-44. This tank work pretty damn good. The only problem i see is that the playerbase wants more and more “Allround Specialists”, doing the same things closely perfect. And when they do more aspects perfect, then better. But if you get such a supreme tank the community suddenly cries “Op as fuck! WG you ‘Beep’suckers!!!!” We already have specialists in WoT:

    If i wanna snipe with good pen, bit don’t care about Dmg i chopse the Panther line. For more punch behind it i grap the Indien Panzer.

    If i wanna use terrain as my advantage i grap the USA with their strong turrets and great gun depression.

    If i focus on DpM and gain some protection and pen, but prefer to spam down enemies i take my Cent 1 for a spin.

    If Speed is my cup of tea and i’m willing to sacrifice armor for it i take the CDC from the french or choose to play the high tier Czech tanks.

    So…. Why in hell now needs the T-44 to get squeezed into this shematics? I started my Medium tanks with exactly that where it’s 100mm LB-1 had “only” 175mil penetration. And i’ve put it to work well. The same with the T69, the autoloading T8 Medium from USA. 181mm Pen are enough to work well. The T-44 also has the advantage that the tank itself allows you to use your complete knowledge you gathered the line along and stay effective (Aside: If you complain about gun Depression, aiming time and accuracy you may played the wrong gun on it. The 122mil only has -5, the 100mm LB-1 has 7- which is quite workable)

    What i want to say is that the tank is what i prefer the most. It is special by being no specialist. The T-44 works in nothing highly good, bit it’s in no aspect a total douchebag. You need a scout because your own ones suicided away! Call your nearby T-44! You see a gap at Himmelsdorf the enemie left open? Slip with the T through an wreck havok! Need to shoot while driving and still hit? The LB-1 can do it to a proper degree. The Tank lives from versatility, and that’s why i love it.

    PS: If you still complain about the T-44, tell me one thing: Why aren’t you complaining about the T-54 Mod.1, the Type 59 and any other Tier8 medium tank that has under 200mil penetration? Why only the T-44? Because you need to grind it up? Or just for the lolz? I see no reason why to complain ONLY the T-44. You need then to complain about all other Meds with under 200mm pen, too as the share the same “Problem” in your eyes. As i said: i learned driving Mediums with the “Lowpen”-44, and it works actually better than any other Med in my storage, being only passed by the Type 59. but that only because the type has special mm, never seeing Tier10s. The stats of both tanks are still close together: average dmg per battle 1,6k (yep, i deal my own HP-pool as standard Dmg per battle) spotted acerage half of it, and i gather average 3 kills per battle. The Type only gains the first place by bouncing shots from it’s turret. Nothing more.

    1. Jurrunio says:

      Before the argument starts, I’ll list the tier 8 meds with less than 200mm pen: All USA, Chinese, Czech and Soviet ones, other than the Object 416.
      1. You just pointed out 2 reasons why we don’t complain about the Type 59: preferential MM and bouncy turret. The type has worse mobility than the T-44, but the two reasons completely offset it.

      2. The two examples, T-54 mod 1 and Type 59, and other premiums are bought by players with money from their pockets and bank accounts. If they don’t like the low pen, they can simply not pay for it. Those who do buy them are well-aware of that pen. The T-44, on the other hand, is the bridge between the T-43 and T-54, so you must play it unless you dont mind spending a lot of money and time to get enough exp to skip the tank. This same argument goes for the Czech TVP VTU and Chinese T-34-2. Since they lead to less tanks and are less popular, whines and complaints about them are less.

      3. USA tanks work because they can spam powerful gold shells. They can snap shots well on the move. If they are allowed to aim fully, which they can since their turret protection is so good, they can hit weakspots and do damage. The T-44’s gun handling is worse, and the low ammo capacity makes you hesitate on snapping shots. The low shell velocity doesn’t help either.

      4. Tanks like the T69 and T-34-2 with the 122 at least has 1 strong point to abuse, but the T-44 doesn’t

      I’m not complaining about the T-44 about the low pen. Just low pen alone cannot make it disastrous. The problem with it is that it performs below average on paper in every aspect other than mobility: Armour that can’t stop shells from tier 6s, gun depression that is just moderate, shell speed that is slow, pen is low, alpha is standard, DPM is terrible, runs out of ammo in games you carry hard…

      The worst thing is the only thing the T-44 can really be proud of, the mobility, is worse than the light tanks which are just as capable in dishing out damage.

  8. Bill grey says:

    So developers listen to complaints about players being killed by arty, due to their own actions, but notdying + loosing due to mm rediculous teams?
    Hmmm, is that because theyd have to admit, that since 8.6, they have actively manipulated mm, to create wins +losses!

  9. yellowhammer67 says:

    They don’t need to keep bashing the Spg’s. The only detrimental part of this game are the whiny nerfers.

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