WoT Ru Developer Stream QnA

Here’s the QnA by the WG Dev stream on WoT RU.

Source: WoT News

Thanks for Ctacello for translating.

*Update* I apologize for any confusion that occured about the whole Light Tank Transfer. It’s corrected now.

  • If the new stun mechanic is not well recieved by users we will must cut arty from game.
  • We are thinking about if full (3 tanks) arty platoons are good or not – 50/50%.
  • After a long time thinking, we have decided to not touch the stats of premium LTs, but we reduce their MM with the introduction of tier 10 light tanks, and we’ll see how it works in the new patch.
  • If you have EXP gathered on one of the current tier 8 light tanks ( like AMX 13 90 for exemple) the EXP will stay on the tier 8 tank, however you will get the new tier 8 light tanks as well as the new tier 9 lights, and the crew will stay on the new Tier 9 light tank.
  • Personal missions for LT won’t be changed after T9 and T10 Light tanks are being added.
  • After some balancing we could see tier 8 premium light tanks.
  • The smaller the number of players on the server, the worse the quality of the matchmaker. We encourage more to play and invite friends!
  • Skill MM will never be in random battles. we won’t touch it and most people like randow battles how it is now.
  • There will be rewards for ranked battles, but so far we don’t want to say more. It certainly will not be like a marathon and can be used in regular battles.
  • We are thinking about buffing soviet tanks (T-44, IS-7, etc.) We want do it soon. however, not in the next patch, but as soon as we can.
  • When we will rework ST-1, we will give it new mechanics. At the moment i can’t say anything about it, but it will be interesting.
  • Even with the new graphics, people with potato PCs can still play without any changes on their FPS compared to the current client, if they have 30 fps, this number will stay after new graphics.
  • Forget about all chat. It’s absolutely useless, and is mostly used for insulting players, revealing the position of allied tanks or advertising clans.
  • Crew skills will be reworked at very last, this is a very hard process, converting, reset, etc.
  • After rebalancing, arty will hit more tanks by splash, but will do far less damage to the enemy.
  • We have some ideas to get rid of teamkilling or how to fix it, it will be tested and after some time we’ll show it in the sanbox.
  • There will be a second season of Personal Missions.


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WoT Ru Developer Stream QnA

160 thoughts on “WoT Ru Developer Stream QnA

  1. skivster says:

    Geewizz, how to fix teamkilling?
    Here, I’ll sell you the secret to this conundrum. DISABLE TEAM DAMAGE. Bam done. Please send money to my paypal

    1. Even though that is a decent idea, I don’t like the fact this caters to the lowest denominator. Games should still have some difficulty. Just increase the penalties for it and will think again before risking a friendly fire hit.

    2. bonesaw1o1 says:

      I don’t think disabling team damage is a good idea, if people want to be dicks and troll they will, likely by intentionally parking infront of allied players to block their shots, knowing that they can’t be hurt in return.

      1. It works on Console. I have far less dickheads-per-session due to the fact that their is no teamkilling, and the report function will still be there for people blocking shots, trying to drown people etc.

      2. BoneSaw, trolling is a current and inconsistent problem in the game even with team killing, frankly all a friendly team sees is a wreckless, trigger happy scrub killing an innocent teammate or essentially being an unprovoked jerk. It’s not hard for a troll to even team kill a player or two without getting banned.

  2. Ruthless4u says:

    Think it’s interesting that they would remove arty. Makes me wonder how much trust would be lost in Wargaming if they did. Sure the haters would rejoice for awhile, but what if they would consider removing another class if it became unpopular enough. Could you image after say 2 years post arty removal they felt TD’s should be removed due to complaints.

    Slippery slope.

      1. AdmiralFishHead says:

        Nope. Native speaker here, he said “remove the arty”.

        Idk what the issue is. Remove the arty and introduce armor recovery vehicles that basically gonna run around the field and repair the damage tanks…. similar to the bergetiger in Company of Heroes.

    1. skivster says:

      After all, why such a sudden shift in thinking. Since ever they were saying “we will NOT remove arty, never ever” and suddenly they are willing to remove arty because one new mechanic will be present?

      1. certainly translated correctly. They did indeed consider to get rid of arty if the Stun mechanic ends up being unpopular. They can’t return it to it’s old state. So removing arty would be the last resort.

      2. skivster says:

        Sounds incredibly harsh.. I can’t believe they are willing to scrap this. Come to think of it, it would be impossible considering the amount of exp accumulated on arties. Where would it go, what would happen with the crew?
        My guess they will either force the broken stun mechanic on us “you will use it no matter what you say and think”, OR they will reanimate the zombie and keep it alive in other way

      3. All of that experience could easily be stored on servers for when the return of artillery can be made with sufficient rebalances and/or redistributed in the form of special free experience that can only be spent on specific tank chassis. There are a lot of options but it is entirely possible to remove the smallest tank class in world of tanks and no where near as monumental as removing camping, armor, or scouting for example. Actually, a lot of artillery pieces can be redesigned into tank destroyers and balanced accordingly with health, damage, accuracy, and so forth. This is just a cursory selection of suggestions just to help inspire possibilities.

        It is indeed a very dramatic option and very unlikely due to the costs, I agree Skivster, but the best solution if artillery is already killing off a large portion of the player base and this potential loss exceeds the losses of removing artillery. Favor the many over the few so to say.

    2. Anonymous says:

      No, arty needs to go. It is only causing problems with random kills etc. that can’t be defended against. All other types of tanks are valid and don’t do random kills.

    3. whitesample says:

      How much trust would be lost in Wargaming if they removed arty?

    4. Not that slippery Ruthless, currently no tank class can make any player feel as cheated as the artillery class due to its current mechanics. You can remove artillery and no other tank class will fill the orbital laser cannon role. If you removed tank destroyers, large caliber mediums, heavies, and even some light tanks could easily refill the tank destroyer role. What you’re suggesting is that wargaming will slowly delete all of their tanks, but since artillery is practically has half or even less the content of tank destroyers, the small artillery player base and tanks lost aren’t even comparable to the tank destroyer class and following.

  3. Enigmaticmuffin says:

    I really hope that the changes they made to arty in sandbox are well accepted by the playerbase, because I really do think they are exactly what SPG’s needed. I actually had fun while playing arty, and it wasn’t a painful shitstorm for me when receiving fire. Seeing the SPG class removed from the game entirely would really be a letdown

    1. Anonymous says:

      Nope, removing that cancer is exactly what this game always needed. Simply put WoT no longer needs the scrubs that can’t do anything but click with skypigs. The player base is large and consistent enough to get rid of them altogether.

  4. -Skill MM will never be in random battles. we won’t touch it and most people like random battles how it is now.
    I’d really like to know who these people are they’ve been talking to. Considering a lot of responses on the forums and social media, I really doubt ‘most people’ like random battles…

    -We are thinking about buffing soviet tanks (T-44, IS-7, etc.) We want do it soon. however, not in the next patch, but as soon as we can.
    One question. WHY? Who on earth thinks the Soviet tanks need buffs? And even if some might, there are many who need it more…

      1. Yes I do, but since he referred to how random battles are *now*, I assumed he meant not counting the upcoming ranked battles. We still can only guess how the public will react to them. They assumed historical battles would be popular because of the demand for nation vs nation battles and still screwed it up :).

    1. How long ago did you play T-44? It’s absolute garbage. I mean it – IT’S HORRIBLE. Possibly the worst tier VIII tank. The accuracy is so-so, the aiming time is nothing special, the gun dispersion on the move is god-awful, the armor is useless in 2017, and worst of all, the penetration is ridiculous. Often it’s not enough to penetrate tier IX/X heavies IN THE SIDE. I don’t know about IS-7 (and that probably won’t be changed dramatically), but T-44 desperately needs a buff. As of now, it is useless. It’s not 2010, not all soviet tanks are grossly OP (very few of them are, actually). Forget that stereotype.

      1. Heinz says:

        https://wot-life.com/eu/player/dyllen272/ this is a friend of mine. an average player but look at his stats in T-44! superunicum! the T-44 is not a very good tank but it is not bad! like, compart T-44 to TVP VTU please; TVP has less pen, same DPM, less accuracy, less hp/t, less topspeed, less amor and less view range. T-44 is still a good tank and does not need rebalancing

      2. There are still tanks which need way more attention. But without knowing exactly which tanks they are talking about and what changes they are planning, it is still just conjecture.

      3. wer says:

        Mr Heinz, t44 is 28/28 in damage dealt of t8 mediums and 25/28 in win ratio, so OP like hell, and stating someones wn8 in a tank as argument that a tank is good or bad just show fundamental misunderstanding of how WN8 works.

      4. heinz says:

        And you misunderstand Damage dealt and win ratio! It is well known that bad players more often play Russian tanks. If only newbies play a tank than win ratio and damage dealt fall of course. I guess we need a new statistic that is dependable

    2. Soifon99 says:

      the T44 and Is7 do need some attention.. some little buffs for the is7 gun, and som more buff for the T44, because they are under performing

      1. T44 sure…is7 absolutely not.

        It is extremely powerful if not overpowered. And somehow people complain about e5 when this is in the game.

      2. Maybe the ammo rack in the IS-7 could be a little less prone to popping the turret off, or any heavy tank in general when they are full health. Perhaps this is just a problem I see from artillery having such broken premium shells.

      3. Either way, can’t have a patch that only buffs russian tanks, gotta spread the love so to say with the most recent patch where german, american, british, and japanese tanks got buffs

    3. Bricktop says:

      >ppl still think Soviet tank has to be good because it’s Soviet
      But why would you learn about something you post when it’s way more simple to say RASHAAA DA BIAS NATION BECAUSE REASONS

      1. kingtrygon says:

        But comrade, T-44 has stronk 183mm of penetration. It scythe through fascist box tank armour like nothing. IS-7 2.97 second aim time very fast, like lightning compared to puny capitalist tank. IS-7 is not fastest, not high pen, not best alpha, not high dpm, not good gun handling, not good front armour, not good depression, but has good turret so best tier 10 in game!

      2. Bricktop says:

        Daa! Don’t forget russia bias OP OP side armor with 1500 effective value, because it’s too hard to shoot between spaced armor and tracks! Far better to go on forums and complain.
        Also, ammorack is behind upper front plate which makes shells easy to reach for loader, I think we can say it’s biased. It totally doesn’t explode everytime pike nose gets penned by a TD! :p

      3. wer says:

        Comrade you forget that you have the HP closer to medium tank than to the other non autoloading heavies. That makes it rly OP 😀

    4. WhiteBaron777 says:

      Because the worst tier 10 heavy by far is the is4. While the is7 is still highly competitive against other tier 10s overall, it’s still a fair bit under other tier 10 heavies. As for the t44, it’s been considered to be the worst tier 8 Mt for a while now, although I don’t have any experience with it so I can’t be the judge of that

      1. Well, I’ve never had any issues with the IS-4 so far… Personally, I think the British tanks, especially the HT, needs a bit more love…

    5. Evidently they don’t play NA servers or even talk to those players. I see lots of complaints about MM and shit players. Seen one team get 2 unis, 2 above average players (none in a platoon), and 1 tomato. The other team was full of tomatoes with 2 or 3 average players. Needless to say the match ended in 15-2 win for the uni team.

      I’m curious if they keep track of the number of lopsided (15-0, 15-1, etc) matches and player ratings for team members from both sides. If they ran a comparison of those matches I bet that they will find a connection to the lopsided wins/losses.

      1. I always said pretty much the same thing. Even posted a topic about it in the forums once. Responses were about 50/50. Lots of players experiencing the same thing, but also lots of players denying it.

  5. Marc Schreiber says:

    “If the new stun mechanic is not well recieved by users we will must cut arty from game.” well you know what to do… “booo stun mechanics”

      1. Pangzhu says:

        If you say so,
        I for one enjoy playing every battle more, in any class, when there i no SPGs around.
        Indirect fire is just poison to any kind of skilled and dynamic combat.

    1. Pangzhu says:

      I will gladly jump on the Booh stun mechanics-train. Have been on the remove arty-train forever and if this helps I’m all for it 😉

      1. Remove Arty=Easy Mode for lower skilled tank players. Arty is part of the game and some people don’t have the skills to excel with it in the game. Instead of looking in the mirror to see the cause of their lack of success in the game, they look everywhere else. If arty is removed, these same whiners will whine about another class. Watch and see

      2. Rawen says:

        I hate being hit by an invisible TD so I suggest we start a #BOOTD and bann them ass well. It would be fun if only heavy tanks remain in the end. that will be a bliss for all players.

      3. Bricktop says:

        But you actually realize arty punishes players who play aggressively? You know, good players? 48%ers camping base are perfectly safe

      4. PzBarkhorn says:

        Remove arty, then we have TDs rulling. Have TDs removed, and we have heavies rulling. Remove heavies, and we have meds rulling. Get rid of meds, and we have onlt LTs to rule. Remove LTs and rename the game to “World of infantry”. This makes sense to you, low-skill cry-babies plebs?

        No. Better learn to play, and support the game with really bright ideas, not the “boo-hoo remove arty” gibberish that we hear since 2011.

      5. Arty keeps players honest. Yes it can punish those that get aggressive, but punishes those that don’t pay attention, that camp in the open, and those that don’t use cover more so than the aggressive players.

  6. Marc Schreiber says:

    “Skill MM will never be in random battles. we won’t touch it and most people like randow battles how it is now.” you can do better than that…. Do you really expect new players to like being seal clubbed by pzb2’s, no they dont. There are options:
    – Try to balance teams out by player stats, instead of tier/tank etc.
    – have 2 level mm split, 1 with more new/regular players and one with veteran/experienced players. you can even cross link the players that can go in either category.

    1. Tyrud says:

      I’m pretty sure they already separate the very new players from the rest of the player base at the low tiers. I don’t know if it’s working as intended, but that was definitely something that was implemented/mentioned a few patches back.

    2. You forgot the new players that buy or rent the premium tier 6-8 tanks, which just adds lopsided matches because there is no team balance based on player stats and that doesn’t take into account the players with over 5k battles and a double digit WN8.

  7. MakeRushaGreatAgin says:

    “We are thinking about buffing soviet tanks (T-44, IS-7, etc.) We want do it soon. however, not in the next patch, but as soon as we can.”
    Finally comrade! Plis buff IS-3 already! Not best in town anymore, da!

  8. Marc Schreiber says:

    “We are thinking about buffing soviet tanks (T-44, IS-7, etc.) We want do it soon. however, not in the next patch, but as soon as we can.” how about some love for other nations to prevent the “russian bias”opinion on the eu/na servers. A lot of other tanks need some attention and bufs/nerfs. Churchil gun carrier / Maus / type 5 heavy / britsch heavy line, etc. you can do better

      1. Marc Schreiber says:

        the type and maus, are currenty overbuffed. especially the maus. Heavies already have a high impact on the gameplay, much more than arty in my opinion. They need a nerf. while other tank, especially some tier VII, VIII mediums and tds need some love.

        The tvp vtu stock grind is horrible, tanks like the indian panzer, panter do not have a lot of maps which suit the sniping role of the tank. and a tank like the su101 are horrific.

        problem here is that the maps and tanks classes favor heavy play, with all the linear paths. I have on average a lower winrate in the mt, lt, and tds than in the heavies… they are just easier to play. Either chance the maps so fast and sniping tanks have a role, or ballance out the tanks in play

    1. Worldatwar2 says:

      Hahahaha the Chruchill Guncarrier, I remember seeing those 10 times in 16k battles.
      And 4 of the GC where killed by me.
      That tank is a joke, but instead Comrade we need to buff stronk IS-7, British are not Communist yet, so we’ll wait

  9. Im sorry but did I miss somethin? Why do Soviet tanks need a buff? FUck off with you’re Russian biased shit. I’m sorry but they actually need to put down the vodka and gain back some braincells

    1. – “If the new stun mechanic is not well recieved by users we will must cut arty from game.”

      If arty is cut fromm the game I better get compensated all the credits and exp I used on each arty and module

      1. Anonymous says:

        nope, all the other players should get compensated for suffering to play the game along side you. And btw, WG owes you nothing. Says so in the EULA, deal with it scrub.

      2. Players be compensated for suffering against arty? HAHAHA

        Did they grind out to tier 10? No. I think HTs should be compensated for suffering against high penetration TDs because they remove the worth of their armor …

        Should those TD players be compensated? According to you, no. It’s the HTs that should be compensated…

        I’m sorry butt you’re logic is flawed and you sound like a cunt

    2. A Dude says:

      So the various buffs given to the german tanks were completely fine with you? And the T-44 is a completely competitive tank compared to other T8 meds like a Centurion?

      1. Did I ever say I was fine with the changes to the Germans? No, I’m against it. I’m over how unhistorical WG is making the game. For how much they say this year is about fixing issues they have no issue making tanks that were close to historically accurate further from it…

        You would think that if they want tanks have better armor they would just nerf high penetration guns rather then just adding more armor.

        SO no,, I’m not “completely fine” with it. If it were up to me I would take the WG Balance team, put them in a field and have the Historians (that put in the time to research the tanks only to have their findings ignored) shoot them

  10. – If the new stun mechanic is not well received by users we will must cut arty from game.
    – We are thinking about if full (3 tanks) arty platoons are good or not – 50/50%.
    – The smaller the number of players on the server, the worse the quality of the matchmaker. We encourage more to play and invite friends!
    – Skill MM will never be in random battles. we won’t touch it and most people like randow battles how it is now.
    – We have some ideas to get rid of teamkilling or how to fix it, it will be tested and after some time we’ll show it in the sandbox.

    1. You can simply have “lower damage shots”….. and at least DOUBLE HP levels of ALL TANKS in game. This will fix multiple problems with people hating the game, there’s absolutely ZERO reason to totally get rid of Arty form the game. AW tried it, and people hated it, and they at least partially reversed the decision. There are ways to improve arty, you morons haven’t even done ANYTHING to do so. You try one or two things in sandbox, and you then want to give up? Utter idiots.

    2. A team only needs ONE ARTY….. Arty “platoons” are completely unneeded serving no necessary purpose. Arty only really needs to platoon with tanks. Or, you can make a “checkbox” in Settings so people can “choose” if they want to play against more than one arty, that way some might get some games both ways.

    3. Make tanks not perform like shit and increase HP levels of all tanks drastically, and people won’t hate the game and will stay. The QUICK DEATH is the #1 reason people leave these games, no matter the “symptom” be it Arty, “op” tanks, tier power spread, etc. Fix these things and you’ll have a good game finally.

    4. And that is just proof that you don’t listen to players. Skill MM should absolutely be in Random, at least in a good degree even if not fully. People like playing a game before dying, so the above HP etc. and skill MM will resolve this issue. You all just don’t want to offend the Unicorns. The 1% of your playerbase who doesn’t actually really PAY for this game, idiots.

    5. Teamkilling is easy to fix, the Safeshot Mod….. prevents you from being able to shoot your teammate in most cases, but “accidents” can still happen after the shot has left the gun, thus “realism immersion” is STILL in the game. I used safeshot for a long time, and the game was enjoyable.

    1. Renzo says:

      Nobody wants double HP on every vehicle except you. Even in the time when I was still active on the AW forum you kept going on about double HP for every vehicle.

    2. I wouldn’t want skillbased MM as in only playing against same skill players, but I would like to have a system that makes sure both teams have about the same amount of skilled players, not one full of greens the other all tomato. But you know at least the new Matchmaker fixes the issues with the weird comps, where one team gets a ton of heavies and the other meds and you get to play on a citymap and all those weird setups

  11. BTW…. Forgot to mention with the #1 reason people leave because of the QUICK DEATH, the second related reason is the “shit performing” tanks you have the game in this game play. The slow speeds, the terrible accuracy, the terrible bloom, all of which you’ve made worse year after year, so bad in fact that with the physics nerfing/”feature” you added, and then the accuracy and bloom nerfs the last year, all tanks perform so bad, that when I’ve come back, I’ve lost a HUGE amount of my WN8 because tanks perform like absolute crap now, that it’s like playing with a BENT POOL CUE…. The T49 alone for example I’ve lost 1,000 WN8 due to it’s nerfs. That is utter shit!!!

  12. Liam says:

    “The smaller the number of players on the server, the worse the quality of the balances will be. We encourage more to play and invite friends!”

    Did I read this right?
    Well, I guess the NA SERVERS are screwed

    1. Ion7 says:

      People complain about the ping issues and long wait times on EU, here on NA we’re lucky to have more than 100 in que on average.

      1. "Light" tank-player says:

        I regularly see 200+ in que, not really sure why it’s a big deal.
        Maybe you don’t get on to play at the same times as me.

      2. Ping on the NA West server was about the same as it is for the EU servers for me and since this last update the EU pings are almost the same as NA East at times.

    2. I wondered for a long time if they were going to put up a central/south American server, but I realized that the NA server would lose at least 1/3 of it’s players if that were to happen.

    3. Marc Schreiber says:

      BUT WG, we have no friend except or the friends in WOT. Are you implying we should go out there in the real word and stop playing to get to know people?

  13. theundying says:

    “If the new stun mechanic is not well recieved by users we will must cut arty from game.” – Yay!

    “Forget about all chat. It’s absolutely useless, and is mostly used for insulting players, revealing the position of allied tanks or advertising clans.” – Booh!

  14. Did no one else see this: if you have EXP on a Tier 8 light, it stays on the 8. Since you get both the 8 and the 9, what good is EXP on a Tier 8 (other than on the AMX 13, of course)? Looks to me like a ploy to get people to spend gold on transferring EXP.

    1. vtalonv says:

      Yeah its confusing.. So if you played a tier 8 light tank once you get the tier 8 and 9 unlocked but cant use your exp? Is this correct?

    2. Solnakar says:

      Thats exactly, what they are thinking: First show them tX lights and tell them that they will be accessible from current t8, which will be moved to t9. Let them grind XP for few months. Fuck them hard by transfering those XP from tank on which they grinded to lower tier, so it is useless unless they pay us some solid gold.

      WG classics. I still hope that they wont do this to us and if they try, they will get proper shitstorm for it.

    3. voodoo says:

      yeah tell taht to the xp i stocked on the T54L, wz132, RU251, to get the tier10 lt….totally useless now but to use gold to get frree xp

    4. You can still use the the experience to be converted with gold, that much has not changed from the current patch. But essentially, players shouldn’t feel so entitled to instantly unlock tier 10 tanks especially when they originally gambled on whether the experience might be transferred over in the first place. That would just be silly to already get a free tier 9 tank and a tier 10 tank when the game centers around tank grinds and no player has grinded out experience with the new tier 9 tanks (with their reblances, yes, they will technically be new tier 9 tanks, amx for example is getting its autoloader reworked).

      The option of getting a free tier 10 tank would defeat the purpose of players playing the tier 9 light tanks as though they were normal tanks.

  15. ForumLurker says:

    I just think this is funny about the team damage i will team kill someone for no reason other than to get some laughs (very funny by the way) when you team kill all of the arty on your team and then your team thanks you for it. Just remove arty it is broken for such small maps.

  16. Anonymous says:

    “If the new stun mechanic is not well recieved by users we will must cut arty from game”. I’ll predict WG being sued in Australia as a minimum, (possibly the EU and potentially other jurisdictions as well) if they were silly enough to go forward with this as suggested. Australian consumer law has a number of appropriate game/software application precidents/remidies WG might like to consider in relation to monetary damages they might be liable for if a judgement were to be entered against WG. And of course the Australian Consumer Law supercedes and replaces any “click here” agreement we all entered into to open & use the game, once actual money changes hands.

    Of course its entirely up to WG to do whatever they like with the game, so lets hope it doesn’t come to lawyers at 10 paces as the Government (through the ACCC) has both deep pockets and seemingly endless staff lawyer time to find work for, something STEAM has already found to their considerable discomforture. I dare say other legal jurisdictions might also be interested, assuming they have strong consummer rights laws and established remedies/paths to follow.

    There’s rarely a dull moment once everyone lawyers up, no matter how long it takes to finalise. Lets see what happens next !

    1. I bet they will only buff the gun to be as accurate- and with the same gun handling as the E-100’s and leave it at that.
      Still an improvement since it’s weird that the IS-7’s gun handling softstats and hardstats are worse than the E-100’s…

  17. wolvenworks says:

    i’d imagine the general population will raise a massive shitstorm from the stuns, especially from the noobs. if that happens, perhaps WG will just make arty into a TD glasscannon class. maybe that will make more ppl carry HE? i dunno i’m just speaking my mind. fried chicken nuggets.

      1. wolvenworks says:

        ikr? gets on my nerves when my tanks get golded, but in a way it’s just a really clear indication of them being REALLY FUCKING SCARED of you when they have to apcr gold your paper tank…

      1. wolvenworks says:

        i mean, i would if i’m gonna get stunlocked….mostly because i’m usually the carry in my usually thoroughly incompetent scrub team

  18. nrnstraswa says:

    Very surprised to see they’re considering removing arty now. Also not a fan of the rumored buffs to Soviet tanks. Buff other nations first please. T-34-2 needs more love than T-44 imo.

    1. Honcho says:

      This! China needs some buff love and some more HD tanks.
      They should also get the chinese TDs that are exclusive to SEA Server for now.

  19. Wahnfried III says:

    Still pissed about all chat removal. It is like fighting bots.

    As for arty, I dont believe that they will remove it. Also it would seem awfully stupid to say that if the stun mechanic is not well received that arty will get deleted as any moronic useless arty whiner will then of course forgo any reasonable behavior and enter nonstop whine mode.

    As for no platoon rights for arty as it was suggested here: How about no? If you want no arty platoons, how about no platoons at all?

  20. Steve says:

    Over the moon about the fact that removing artillery is finally on the table. Don’t get me wrong, I hope that the stun mechanics work out great and that they find a way to make artillery less toxic, but if this doesn’t work, I’m glad to know that we won’t be chained to a horrible mechanic in perpetuity. That said, I doubt that the class will truly get removed and, ala Armored Warfare, will instead become gun-carrier TDs.

    1. Speaking of Armored Warfare, why is the player count so low in this game ? If i remember correctly back in the launch days of AW many Player said goodbye to WoT (at least they told us in the comment section)

  21. MOTHER'S LOLL says:

    Remove the arty. It’s time to be honest that arty was introduced to give players the chance to eat or do something else while clicking…

  22. Rombat says:

    Hold on…wg is planing to screw the players who have been gathering xp on their tier8 light tanks in order to skip right to tier 10?…that wil make a lot of people angry. And why only crews will be on tier 9 and not the xp?…just to grind again 200.000 xp? If wg thinks that this measure will make us to play moore that,s wrong. I play for pleasure not to be wg xp grind slave on random.

  23. LtTuvok says:

    If you have EXP gathered on one of the current tier 8 light tanks ( like AMX 13 90 for exemple) the EXP will stay on the tier 8 tank, however you will get the new tier 8 light tanks as well as the new tier 9 lights, and the crew will stay on the new Tier 9 light tank.

    Say what?!? Are they insane? EXP collected on a 1390 is exp on the 1390 which becomes tier 9. If this happens, it’s going to be a nice pile of bulls***.

  24. Infernal969 says:

    Too bad it’s not the arty that’s the biggest problem currently, but the ridiculous goldspam, the p2w premiums and the alpha damage creep at tier 8.
    Remember when a tier 8 medium could take multiple hits? Yeah, now it’s 3, when top tier.

  25. Rawen says:

    “There will be a second season of Personal Missions.”
    Do they keep season 1 tanks available for completing or get removed? I only missing the tier9 med last missions what require super high amount of luck and lemming enemy. I hope they leave them in.

  26. KingTiger375 says:

    I am not sure why you are complaining about lt’s, be happy that you’ll not have to regrind t9’s…. for me i really can live with the solution that i won’t have to regrind 1390+ru251!

  27. stun mechanics are an improvement to getting artillery to be more support tanks than exceptionally punishing tank destroyers. At worst, stun needs to be tweaked in radius and effects per artillery piece. Artillery cannot be removed entirely without not nerfing scouts with normal mm + rebalancing scout mediums or at least giving scouts a tank specific artillery drop. 3 tank artillery platoons are certainly a stretch because in the current state, they can delete tanks too easily with seeming randomness to the majority of players. It can work but stun mechanics need a limit to being stacked because of this. Rebalancing artillery is difficult, it takes time and patience and at the end of the day, there is no perfect solution. Just a new hope of improving things with every attempt.

  28. Giving players new tier 8 and 9 light tanks is very generous and much appreciated. Exceptionally dubious of not rebalancing premium light tanks when removing their scout mm. It does not look like a good idea on paper when they have better guns, mobility, damage per minute, accuracy, and so forth over their rebalanced normal light tank premiums like the T37. As for not changing personal missions, probably unwise as it took current light tanks to their current limit to complete them. Not asking for anything drastic but it should not be ignored. Looking forward to new premium light tanks but most of them should be introduced to the in-game store so it discourages the feeling of pay2win. Exotic, non-competitive premiums are the proper way of doing premium tanks right.

  29. Might be wise to invest in partial PvE special match maker games. Armored warfare’s PvE concept was succesful and mixing some partial PvE into the normal mm would stop splitting your community and still provide something unique to fill in tank line ups on either side. A simple check box similar to encounter and assault can regulate it for the player base’s preference. Honestly the proper way of doing historical battles as well.

  30. Semi-skill mm is advisable, at least enough so that players don’t get stuck in 2-3 games with 70% chances to win/lose in a row. This can simply be done with a general reshuffle of the specific game’s 30 tank player pool.

    Please do not revert to the old wargaming that was so afraid of changes that it ignored them for years.

  31. Buffing underpowered russian tanks is a good idea, please keep in note that single nation buffs can get out of hand with the community. The T-44 will be fairly buffed with the rebalance of light tanks tier for tier so patience before making commitments after large changes is wise.

    What’s the deal with the ST-1 getting new mechanics?

  32. Good graphics optimization if the potato pc players can still get a very respectable 30 fps. I’m impressed wargaming but we will see how honest this speculation is because there are some ancient pc’s that meet the requirements for the game only on paper.

    All chat in competitive tournaments, skirmishes, and clan wars is entertaining but then again, my perspective is skewed because the clans I’ve played with were never fundamentally jerks. Not having all chat in pubs is wise for the reasons stated above. Perhaps some minor improvements to in-game voice acting will help encourage better player behavior.

    Looking forward to crew skill reworks, at the moment the difference between a 4 skill crew and 5 skill crew is extremely steep. Curious to see how crew retraining might be underwent. Overall the crew skill concept is a good idea to keep players going long term to a certain degree.

    Discouraging team killing is a much needed improvement because it still cheats innocent players while inconsistently punishing rule breakers. Terribly underrated subject.

  33. Hurrah for second season of personal missions! Looking forward to the new rewards. The Stug IV and T28 Concept are certainly interesting low level rewards but they don’t really feel like rewards with recent tanks that make their exotic armor/nature obsolete. Simply the massive credit drain from them is why we don’t see them more often.

  34. Sorry for spam, there was an enormous number of changes to take into account. The bigger picture is changing and becoming more confusing so I encourage you all to make impulsive or absolute decisions. Stay flexible and keep an open mind, there are almost never any one-dimensional decisions.

  35. G13M says:

    1. Whether it’s true or not who knows but, last time I saw they reported the sandbox mechanics were fairly well received. I hate the current state of arty with a PASSION but during sandbox arty worked in an actual SUPPORT role, with some AoE suppression and no ridiculous 1 shots (no AP helped too I think). If they make arty like the sandbox including reusable consumables, I can totally live with that. I also really wish they would remove auto aim from arty, but I’m happy if they at least stick with the sandbox mechanics.

    2. Three arty platoons are bad but wouldn’t be quite as bad IMO if they incorporated the sandbox changes. However, many other games incorporate limits including WoWS where you can only bring 1 CV in a platoon and there is a good reason for that. I don’t see why WoT can’t do this too. It doesn’t hurt anything to have some sort of limitation, especially now that we’re getting light tanks all the way up to tier 10.

    3. The only thing I have with matchmaking is when it, for example, throws 8 unplatooned heavies on one team and only 1 on the other. Sure it doesn’t have to be even but the potential team class swing is way too high. Supposedly this is getting fixed soon, right?

    4. On the east and west NA server you generally get a match in a matter of seconds at most at higher tiers throughout the day. I’d rather wait a bit longer on average and get better matchmaking than get in a game at lightning speed. There are plenty of high volume online games with matchmaking/match-starting that takes longer so as not to be uncommon, and the NA servers are supposedly the least populated WoT servers. Server volume is a terrible excuse as an explanation for bad matchmaking in theory and especially in practice.

    5. I think completely removing teamkilling would open up a much bigger can of worms than any issues of keeping teamkilling. Maybe if this was a subscription based game, but not as an open F2P game. Imagine how many more trolls could/would take advantage of there being absolute zero deterrence that you or your team/platoon can use in-game. Sure, “report” it. Good luck with that.

    1. 1. Indeed about the sandbox, the results were promising for their goals 🙂

      2. I did not know WoW did that with their carriers, that seems like an interesting idea to be tested, maybe even messing around so only two artillery are limited to a platoon, there are a lot of possibilities to still achieve the 3 max arty per team without focus fire problems. I think it is very to assume most of the problems are associated with the current form of artillery.

      3. I believe that is what they talked about with their improved mm, certainly a current problem in the game and would decrease the number of stomp games

      4. Although I really appreciate your patience in the lobby, I cannot ignore that a large portion of the player community lack that virtue. Server volume is indeed a poor excuse and crutch for good matchmaking. There are certainly alternatives solutions.

      5. There are certainly alternatives to team killing in games, not necessarily meaning a removal, but because it is a simulated experience, a player can still shoot their teammate, not kill their teammate, but still suffer the same penalties as though they had killed their teammate. Games have the luxury of only punishing the rule breakers because they define their universe. I mean this as an example to inspire new possibilities and not as a suggested rule. (I’ve had this discussion and the most annoying retort is that “people will butcher/troll each other without team killing”, it simply means the current penalties are too weak). Team killing should not be a crutch for deterring trolls or abusers. But otherwise, trolling is an active problem in the current game system to get players banned. I speak from short tempered experience that it really is not difficult to abuse the current system so irrelevant of the method, it needs to be improved.

  36. ortega says:

    I don’t understand why they can’t just give us a perk for radio operator that shows when an arty is aiming at you. Would make the suffering so much less.
    Sure heavies and some slow tanks wouldn’t be able to React but at least know where they are in cover….

    1. Wahnfried III says:

      Because it doesnt help at all. AW had this. You enjoy the benefits.. for arround 20 games. That is how long it takes even the dumbest arty player to realize that aiming a meter in front of your tank is much more sensible. Either you will hit him with splash or you just minorly correct aim in the very last second.

      So, when the warning goes off you are at best 0.5 seconds away from getting hit. That wont solve anything.

    2. Dontspill McGinnis says:

      And maybe we could have magic spells to deflect gold ammo, and.. Dragons to eat all the nasty arty…

  37. James says:

    “The smaller the number of players on the server, the worse the quality of the matchmaker. We encourage more to play and invite friends!” HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH i am soooo glad i uninstalled this game yesterday.

  38. panonis says:

    They fuck E5, was to stronk but now we have mouse vk… and now is7?!? Then bring back old E5 so I can fight mouse nad is7!

  39. RAD FROOD 25 says:

    I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want team killing to be turned off, on the console if you could kill your teammate’s I’m pretty certain that the game would die within 3 months.

    Oh and people who complain about Arty are idiots “remove Arty” “sky cancer” and other stupid things, just deal with it. “Oh no Arty one shot me again” “REMOVE ARTY REMOVE ARTY” and yet you get one shot 5 times in a row by a KV-2 or Death Star. “I won’t complain as much because they are tanks that I can see, not something that can shoot over mountains or building​’s that’s cheating”.

    If they simply halved the damage from tier 8 to 10 Arty and had a stun mechanic that lasted 10 to 15 seconds depending on whether you had a direct hit, I don’t see the problem.

    If you increase the HP of all tanks up to 50% depending on the class the games would be longer and you wouldn’t get one shot by a large caliber gun or arty.

    Not only that where are the bloody high tier British Light tanks it’s taking the piss now. What are they so low down on the list that when the game has nothing left to implement or improve then they’ll get done, it’s outrageous that wargaming can add tanks that nobody has heard about. It’s like as soon as someone in the dev meeting says the word British everyone just laughs and then a doodle that they’ve made yesterday gets the nod instead

      1. Dontspill McGinnis says:

        But there was no blueprint.. Its a WG invention. the 183 was the mooted even a wooden mock up built, but never a 120.

  40. Afrika says:

    No skill based MM wow.

    You have a very good PR and shoukd use that to balance out the games.

    Just make sure that the sum of the PRs of both teams are as close to the other team as possible.

    It would smooth out most MM problems that people have.

  41. “most people like randow battles how it is now” HAHAHAHAHA
    also buff soviet tanks… .-. You could buff Amx 12t, Churchil Line Churchil GC, Somua Sau40, DW2, but no, you have to buff soviet tanks.

  42. Here is how you handle the MM: You set up tiers using personal rating (maybe something like 0-1k, 1k1-2k, 2k1-3.5k, 3.5k1-5k, 5k1-7k, 7k1+) or some other stat(s). you then add +/-1 to MM based on the player tiering. So if you have a player rating that puts you in the 3.5k1-5k tier, when you battle you would face players with player ratings of 2001 to 7000. This would allow players the chance to move up the rating tiers and play better players.

  43. Palduros says:

    Srsly…. Complaining T-44 is “weak”… I puke in’a face by this XP Whoever is complaining about the T-44’s 183mm of pen started playong meds with the CDC or any highpenning med else. You can call me dumb like bullshit, but i started playing mediums with exactly that T-44, even to the time it had only 175mm average pen. And i’m a potato gamer if you look on XVM…. But i strangely put this T-44 to work. Damn good work! My own 1,3k HP as average dmg throughout closely 1k battles and even the ability to kill tier 10 vehicles inside this “weak shitload of soviet bias piece” aren’t that bad. Everybody focuses on Dmg, Dmg and more Dmg…. Hell, if you love Dmg so much marry it and fuck with the ISU-152! There you have your Dmg! A medium tank, no matter if it’s a T-44 or a Cent 1, lives from versatility. I can play my T-44 as scout if our ones are shitbrained and suicide, i flank wherever i see gaps at the enemie’s lines ’cause good mobility…. Reducing tanks on only one fact is utterly disgusting! You can put the 183mm pen and the 0.35 Accuracy on the 100mm LB-1 to good work. Modt people are just to dump learning it because they either already played a 230+ penn med on tier 8 or are, as most, in love with raw dmg fapping right into the enemie’s face where they get farted down with ease.

    So pls don’t tell me that the T-44 needs a pen buff. I learned to use it as my first true tier 8 Medium, and the tank itself made it quite easy to do so as it allows to put all you learned the whole grindtime long what you learned. You fail in it, you failed to learn a whole branch long. No words more.

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