WoT & Sabaton “Primo Victoria” (and Other Music News)

After being announced several months ago, we finally have the music video collaboration between World of Tanks and Sabaton. Set to the bands existing song, “Primo Victoria”, it’s as delightfully mad as you’d hope:

In other World of Tanks soundtrack related news, WG will also be collaborating with Japanese game composer Akira Yamaoka (whose previous work includes Silent Hill) to create a new soundtrack for World of Tanks, along side work with Sabaton.

World of  Tank’s marketing director, Maxim Chuvalov, as added “Music is an important part of the players experience, and these songs are a breath of fresh spirit in the World of Tanks. Close collaboration with Yamaoka will result in adding a unique song to the soundtrack. Together with Sabaton we have created a new video, which premieres today. We know that there are a lot of talented people in the gaming community, and we are excited to inspire them.”

Both Sabaton and Yamaoka will be performing at the WG consumer booth at Gamescom 2017.


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WoT & Sabaton “Primo Victoria” (and Other Music News)

29 thoughts on “WoT & Sabaton “Primo Victoria” (and Other Music News)

  1. Backslash says:

    ive been listening to sabaton for over 8 years, and now that they are part of the game its like a dream come true.

  2. Spots says:

    I say this is a nice way to create a unique tier VIII premium, a much better one than making an OP tank like the new generation premium tanks are. (Patriot, Liberté, Defender)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Copy pasting a tank is a nice way to create a “unique” tier 8 premium?
    It’s literally a fully upgraded Centurion I, the turret armor is the same value as it will be in 9.20
    OP premiums are a problem but getting copy paste tanks like the Tiger 131, Pudel and now this is another problem in itself, it would be nice to get an actually new tank.

    I also hate the fact that we don’t get post-ww2 camouflage patterns and yet we keep getting parade painted tanks(liberte, patriot) and now this.

      1. The centurion buff is supposed to happen in the next patch AFTER 0.9.20 until then the primo victoria version is simply the better tank.

  4. Fighting tier IV tanks with a tier VIII tank? What a band of noobs!

    BTW they are all german tanks: should these centurion tanks bought to defend Sweden against the soviets?

  5. redW says:

    Everyone (i think) atleast most of the guys in Sabaton have actually been playing WoT quite some time,even before this collab.. I think its a great collab since Sabaton are such historians 🙂 especially about ww2

  6. Jeffrey Bangle says:

    I’m hoping that eventually sell the Strv 81 with a regular paint scheme and without a special crew. I want a trainer for my Swedish medium crew.

  7. Berto72 says:

    Total crap premium policy, unbalanced turret armor for – 10 gun depression and no turret weakspot, so buy it and find hulldown, who’s care if this ruin game as defender and Chrysler K GF in sidescraping? World of Premium for Wallet Monkey…
    PS: add a clown tank camo for kids and their consoles… wow….

  8. Tuning bling bling tank, next patch you will see ads on tank: redbull obj140, Audi strv etc… We were préservéd from tuning like wot console, now it’s append.

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