WoT Sandbox: Front Lines

Good day everybody,

Few things regarding the next Sandbox iteration, which will be used to test the new 30v30 mode, Front Line.

First off is a developer overview video from the WoT Asia Youtube account:

And a few screenshots showing off the new map, which will be 3k x 3km.

And a few notes


  • Tier X only for TDs, Mediums, Heavies, and SPGs.
  • Tier 8 Light  Tanks may participate.
  • Attacking team must advance and destroy at least 3 of the 5 heavy guns on the far edge of the map. The defending team must prevent this.



  • The map will be divided into an Eastern, Central, and Western section that the teams will be distributed evenly across (10 players from each team per section) at the start of the battle.
  • There will be several advance points for both teams, and advancing too quickly will result in destruction of their  tank. The defending team cannot access the attackers starting beach, otherwise they will be destroyed by an off-shore fleet. Attackers that advance too quickly will be destroyed by defending aircraft.
  • Attackers will need to secure capture zones as they advance towards the man objective. Working essentially the same as the standard capture zones in other modes. However, the amount of tanks the zone counts to capture has been increased from 3 to 5 tanks.
  • Capture zones are A, B, C have capture times of 120 seconds. D, E, F have times of 150 seconds.
  • Capture times for damaged tanks is not reset, but essentially stalled for 5 seconds.
  • Capture points must be captured in a relative order to advance. For example, Capture zone A must be captured to advance to zone D.
  • Securing any second line zone (D, E, F) will allow the attacking team to move on the min objective.

Main Objective- Heavy Guns

  • Each gun has around 4000 HP.
  • Armor for each gun is as follows: Front- 2000mm, Sides- 250mm, Rear- 160mm
  • HE shells will do half of their base damage.


  • On destruction, the player will reach a respawn screen where they can reselect equipment, consumables, and which flank they would  like to return to battle on (Unless that flank has more than 15 teammates in it).
  • Attacking players have 2 respawns. Defenders have 1 respawn.
  • Every 5 minutes, both teams receive “reinforcements”, granting each player an additional respawn. Thought the player can not accumulate more than 3 respawns.
  • If the attacking team captures all 6 capture zone, the reinforcement function will be disabled.

Repair Zones

  • Each repair zone has a 25m radius.
  • The per second repair rate is as follows: 1 second will repair- 100 hit points, 100 points of crew/module health, and restore 10% of ammo.
  • Standard consumables will be restored for their standard price. Premium consumables will only be restored based on availability.
  • If the player takes damage during repairs, the repair process will be halted for 25 seconds.


  • Platoons will be increased to 5 players.
  • Standard and dynamic platoons are available.
  • Platoons will likely be limited to 1 SPG.


Source: WoTExpress

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