WoT Sandbox: Front Lines

Good day everybody,

Few things regarding the next Sandbox iteration, which will be used to test the new 30v30 mode, Front Line.

First off is a developer overview video from the WoT Asia Youtube account:

And a few screenshots showing off the new map, which will be 3k x 3km.

And a few notes


  • Tier X only for TDs, Mediums, Heavies, and SPGs.
  • Tier 8 Light  Tanks may participate.
  • Attacking team must advance and destroy at least 3 of the 5 heavy guns on the far edge of the map. The defending team must prevent this.



  • The map will be divided into an Eastern, Central, and Western section that the teams will be distributed evenly across (10 players from each team per section) at the start of the battle.
  • There will be several advance points for both teams, and advancing too quickly will result in destruction of their  tank. The defending team cannot access the attackers starting beach, otherwise they will be destroyed by an off-shore fleet. Attackers that advance too quickly will be destroyed by defending aircraft.
  • Attackers will need to secure capture zones as they advance towards the man objective. Working essentially the same as the standard capture zones in other modes. However, the amount of tanks the zone counts to capture has been increased from 3 to 5 tanks.
  • Capture zones are A, B, C have capture times of 120 seconds. D, E, F have times of 150 seconds.
  • Capture times for damaged tanks is not reset, but essentially stalled for 5 seconds.
  • Capture points must be captured in a relative order to advance. For example, Capture zone A must be captured to advance to zone D.
  • Securing any second line zone (D, E, F) will allow the attacking team to move on the min objective.

Main Objective- Heavy Guns

  • Each gun has around 4000 HP.
  • Armor for each gun is as follows: Front- 2000mm, Sides- 250mm, Rear- 160mm
  • HE shells will do half of their base damage.


  • On destruction, the player will reach a respawn screen where they can reselect equipment, consumables, and which flank they would  like to return to battle on (Unless that flank has more than 15 teammates in it).
  • Attacking players have 2 respawns. Defenders have 1 respawn.
  • Every 5 minutes, both teams receive “reinforcements”, granting each player an additional respawn. Thought the player can not accumulate more than 3 respawns.
  • If the attacking team captures all 6 capture zone, the reinforcement function will be disabled.

Repair Zones

  • Each repair zone has a 25m radius.
  • The per second repair rate is as follows: 1 second will repair- 100 hit points, 100 points of crew/module health, and restore 10% of ammo.
  • Standard consumables will be restored for their standard price. Premium consumables will only be restored based on availability.
  • If the player takes damage during repairs, the repair process will be halted for 25 seconds.


  • Platoons will be increased to 5 players.
  • Standard and dynamic platoons are available.
  • Platoons will likely be limited to 1 SPG.


Source: WoTExpress

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WoT Sandbox: Front Lines

52 thoughts on “WoT Sandbox: Front Lines

    1. It’s simple, you drive forward, you cap a point, you advance and when you’ve captured at least one cap point in the second line you can proceed to the third line of the map where you can destroy the objectives.

      Or to make it really short, you capture points untill you can destroy the objectives. And you can respawn and use repair points.

  1. Tried it out this morning, I think this is an interesting mode to be honest.

    I am positive about the core mechanism, just need some more tweaks for balance.

    Also I was hardly punished by sky cancers because of the map size, which I don’t like.

    1. Marc Schreiber says:

      Agreed, I played it today as well. I believe the mode has potential and problems. First the current problems.

      – will it be enjoyable in the long term?
      – will it be competitive enough to keep it interesting?
      – will it favor the attacker/defending team?
      – There is no teamplay, 30 players act randomly in groups of neighboring tanks.
      – won a game, no premium ammo, still a loss of money, while penning most shots.
      – because of the chaos, autoloaders do extremely well, they are not focussed on due to the many targets.

      But there are also good points:
      – mt, lt, td type of tanks finally have room to maneuver without getting cock blocked by some heavy. They can actually flank, scout, snipe.
      – Skill is less an issue here as the map is large and you have respawns to make mistakes. As the number of players is high, the teams are less randomly picked.
      – larger platoons are possible.
      – what, I do need a radio? Interesting….

      I would like them to use the same map and make the game a 30vs30 death mode, with a large (+500meter) central cap, which can be capped fast (in order to speed up the endplay between the last players). Why? because of the large map, with many players, is interesting. It feels more epic to roll out on a flank with +10 tanks and face a large number of enemy tanks.

      All in all, WG did a good job to team up with an external development team to get some fresh ideas into the game. It is not a perfect model, and sure not a mode for every player, but it yields potential.

  2. Anonymous says:

    what about the repair costs/ammunition costs? I don’t want to spend too much since I’m literally a peasant who farm in a tier 3 tank

  3. captin the classic says:

    as someone who barely plays wot anymore this is the type of mode that may bring me back to the game. seems a bit overly complex, especially for an average wot potato, but i will wait to pass judgment until i try it myself. 30v30 on a big map sounds fun

  4. SpottableSky says:

    Seems pretty good, not surprising as it would need some changes and tweaks. I feel it should be available to lower tiers also, I suggest tier 6 and up.

  5. VladCelTroll says:

    Questionable question: will this be available for other tiers too? You know, playing in tier 10 isn’t that cheap. Besides that, some of us haven’t gotten there yet.

  6. Enigmaticmuffin says:

    i can’t download the sandbox client for some reason, the page just comes up as non existing when i click the link to download the installer

    1. Thagomizer says:

      You’d think so, but no. The mode and map is designed to force players into hotspots. You can’t flank unseen as you just run into the next column. If you do get behind the enemy, you get blown up by the ships or aircraft.

      It’s basically 9 “normal” maps and, once you’ve won or lost one “normal” map, you just move to the next “normal” 1km x 1km map.

      There is nothing new about any of it. They’ve just recycled an old failed mode and made it bigger and more expensive.

  7. Dracon says:

    [Standard consumables will be restored for their standard price. Premium consumables will only be restored based on availability.]

    Isnt this pointless since the new system of consumables recharge on their own? And the sandbox already was testing this, so why is it not implemented in this new mode too? Seems odd…

    1. The problem here is: for some unknown reason the sandbox still has the old system instead of the testserver stuff, arty really wrecks you on this map. Why they couldn’t have used the new LTs and Arty changes is beyond my comprehension.

      1. why they stopped testing LT and SPG changes and rushed it onto the Common Test is beyond my comprehension. It’s nowhere near ready.

        I say postpone Frontlines and go back to test 9.18 until the balance team finally pull their shit together and balance the tanks properly. Nothing I have seen from the Sandbox or the Common Test indicates that 9.18 is ready for the live server.

        The only reason I can think of for them not using the new SPG and LT is because they know it’s not ready and needs work so why they aren’t further testing it is beyond me.

        The balance team really has gone to shit this time

  8. Thagomizer says:

    It’s another WG screw up and they just haven’t learnt from previous cock-ups.

    A loss can cost anything between 50k to 150k in silver. That’s just not sustainable.

    As for the game mode, it’s useless. Players are too spread out and the map is too big, so the game is just won by those who manage to concentrate their forces. The only ways to concentrate forces is to spend a minute or two just driving and trying not to be hit, or get blown up, get a 50k bill, and then respawn near other friendliest.

    And if you lose your lives before the 5 minute extra life, you just have to sit around watching. There’s no fun in that.

    Goodbye sandbox.

    1. Anonymous says:

      wow.. me? playing in that mode with just 70k creds of farming for fv215 183 expect to lose over 100k creds? are you for real wargaming?

      if only wargaming can lower or fix these fucking repair costs, then it wouldnt be shit since I spend 20 stirlings for a tank

      i wish i could support this like earlier but due to the footage of that lose over -117k in that battle, and playing the most ‘expensive’ tank to run with ammunition AP costing 2,250 and HE 1,950 NOT TO MENTION THE 8 THOUSAND CREDS HESH ROUNDS!!!!!!!!! make me lose my satisfaction for the new mode, I’m just going to farm in my alt playing the O-I

      but I’m just making presumptions, hopefully ( and I really hope since like how long this repair costs has been striking me for every death with a good match I do (with doing 4k+ damage and death resulting in -1,000 credit loss)) they will make the mode suitable, for tiers 6,7,8,9 rather then rock-hard 10

      sorry about my horrid grammar

      1. Thagomizer says:

        Lol. If I had been, I wouldn’t be complaining (58k games with a >53% win rate with most high tier lights – I know not to yolo 😉 )

        The problem is the old “high tier mediums have scout-level spotting abilities), so any attempt to scout (actively or passively) 100m ahead of the main team is instantly punished.

        Spotters have no role in Frontline. It’s a mode for autoloaders and snipers only. It didn’t take me long to give in and use the clippies.

        Throw in the fact that you can lose 30k silver for a win (despite doing 9k damage) and if quickly becomes apparent that the only people who can afford to play will be those who don’t mind buying 10m silver bundles. An ordinary farmer / grinder (i.e. the vast majority of players) just won’t continue to play Frontline meaning it just won’t get the players.

      1. Thagomizer says:

        Oh, that’s always a possibility;)

        However, lights are no use (med spotting range is too high), German, Brit and US heavies are too slow (try to bug out in a maus in 45 seconds once the zone is lost) meaning a big silver bill once the airstrike hits, repair zones are too far away or easily overlooked, meaning 2 to 3 minutes running further back and providing no support, or a big silver bill.

        Respawn can be open, meaning you’re essentially an exp piñata late in the game, Russian and Chinese meds are pointless (not a bad thing as it makes hill fighters are more useful), and it’s all going to quickly become a game dominated by TVP’s, BCs and 50Bs.

    2. Celtic says:

      Your ability to listen to instructions is horrible Thagomizer.
      She literally said directly in the video that the economy is being left alone for now while key elements of the game mode get tested, ergo, it’ll be tweaked and adjusted when the mode works.
      Learn to LISTEN when they speak.

      1. Thagomizer says:

        You assume I watched it. 😉

        But rebalancing the economy won’t fix the med spot range problem, won’t fix the fact that the game is just multiple normal sized maps, won’t fix the fact that autoloaders are the only way to go, won’t fix the inability to quietly flank, wont fix taking yourself out of the game for a couple of minutes as you retreat to a safe repair zone, won’t fix the nuking of slow tanks, won’t fix the boredom waiting for a new life, and won’t fix the end of the game just sitting there being a target whilst multiple enemies spend 30 seconds just sat there being a piñata.

        It’s a medium only mode. It’s constrictive. It’s repetitive. And it quickly becomes dull.

        It won’t attract enough long-term players to be sustainable.

        Give us proper 3km x 3km randoms. That’ll be more fun.

  9. The people complaining about the map size must be those that love being able to spot the other team as soon as they leave spawn. WOT needs bigger maps, no tank’s view range should be able to cover more than 1/4 of a map. Also, larger maps would also reduce the affect of arty if they can’t cover the whole map. Think in terms of the limited range of a Bert.

  10. The Sandbox is for testing changes nice and slowly to get it right so the fact they rushed out 9.18 in order to get a new game moder where they aren’t even testing any of the 9.18 changes pisses me off

    Honestly tthey need to take Frontlines off Sandbox and go back to testing 9.18 until its got good balance

      1. considering the release dates for 9.18 indicate it starts rolling out to live server next week…

        I want whatever WG are smoking that makes them think that 9.18 as it is is good

  11. Steve says:

    I get the point of the game mode but I doubt there will be enough discipline for teams to carry off this complex meta without lots of gnashing of teeth. I’ll give it a go tomorrow on Sandbox.

  12. Thomas A. says:

    To me is good, and yes they can still improve. But they need to give us a filter to select tanks, to much mouse click.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Nice idea!Very nice indeed!I can’t wait to try it!Pitty i won’t cause i’m in no hurry to get a tier 10…tier 8 is my max…

  14. PingKiller says:

    I’m no great Wn8 hero, but enjoy the sandbox frontline a lot already…

    If u havent the money to play it, farm in less then tier 10 tanks… if u can drive tier 10 good enough, u make easy enough credits for even more money… it all depends if ur just a lame rush+die hero or a teamplayer like me…

    Cya on battlefield, PIngKiller

  15. Str0nktenk says:

    I saw a video from wg where they state they have not set up the economy for this mode yet.
    Of course they wont allow a loss of credits for a win with decent performance.. provided you are not spamming teh goldz

  16. PlayR says:

    I dont give a fuck to this crap which will be infested with farming cocksuckers in platoon on tier 10 medium tanks and -60000 every battle. Pathetic piece of shit intended for milking money as always.

    1. Sir_Lanzenschrott says:

      you sound a little bit hurt, don´t you?
      thats why?
      because you are FORCED to take part in a FIRST test?
      no one forced you!
      you were there deliberatly, because you wanted to test it.

      even (and i am just quoting you) “a cocksucking pathetic piece of shit” should realize what a FIRST test is for.

      1. PlayR says:

        Of course I was not testing that shite. Because I know what is awaiting me there even without testing.

    2. Celtic says:

      You need to walk away from WoT. At least the “farming cocksuckers” care. Rather play with them than someone with this pathetic piece of shit attitude. Your kind do more damage than they do.

      1. PlayR says:

        That pathetic arrogant trash is spoiling every battle for solo players, no matter what game mode.

  17. well… this new game mode needs some serious improvements…
    1) credit income…
    -i made 105k credits without premium (10k+ DMG, 3x dead, win)
    -repairs: 107k
    -resupply consumables: 18k
    -ammo: 65k (only regular shells used…)
    -final result: -85k 😀
    *this was 1st potato yolo style battle… (2nd battle 8k dmg, 1x dead, and loss… -65k)
    2) game performance…
    -core i7 4790k, 32GB RAM, 2x gtx 970 (bit old, but not a regular potato PC)… on regular server 105-110fps, on sandbox 80, and massive fps drops (sometimes 20-25fps for 1-2s WTF?!)
    3) GUI:
    -no tank filters on respawn screen…
    -no scrolling (no drag-and-drop as well)…
    4) arty…
    -when you are attacking its OP as hell (because you are in “safe zone”, so all you have to do is point and shoot)
    -defending? like in regular game… when the zone is lost you are fucked 🙂

    1. Shadow hunter says:

      I’m pretty sure WG is trying to finalise the game mode first. After that, they will balance out the economy you get after the battles

  18. SeppC says:

    When the costs are the only thing you complain about, it seems to be a good mode. Don´t you think that this part can be fixed without too much problems?
    That scouts are useless against T10 Meds is … normal – like in the current game. A Batchat can do nearly the same spotting like a light and has a much better gun.

    When i finish my Leo Grind i will try it out.

  19. name says:

    I don’t like idea of it being X tier only. I bet it will be empty after everyone try it and WG will tell its size was the fault and there won’t be any big battle modes every again.

    1. ArticaPLR says:

      Why do you presume the outcome? Its tier 10 for testing purposes. A level of critical thinking on your part would help here.

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