WoT Sandbox: HE Shells Update


n October 25, the Sandbox server will see another small update to test HE shell mechanics.

During the last period, we collected data for HE shells with different efficiency settings, from the highest to the lowest possible values. On October 25, the latest micropatch will test the updated mechanics of averaged HE shells settings and values, so we can compare them to previous Sandbox iterations. This will present a middle ground between the two extremes of earlier testing iterations.

We will continue testing the updated settings of damage-causing mechanics and the reduced damage-per-shot values of HE shells. Here is what will be changed:

  1. Increased HE shell damage by 40% over the first iteration of testing. After the first iteration of testing we bumped up damage by 75% for HE shells and the result was that they were excessively efficient. So damage will be scaled back a bit from those high values. 
  2. Reduced splash damage to armor by 20% as compared to the second testing iteration.
  3. Reduced armor spalling damage by approximately 30-35%
  4. Reduced damage within the burst radius. In the current iteration, the damage value on the edge of splash will be 0.2 (compared to 0.1 in the first and 0.5 in the second iteration). In addition, we changed the dependency of damage drop-off from distance to explosion — the damage drop-off will be more balanced with respect to the new extreme value.
  5. Removed the improved HE shells for USA light tanks and Japanese heavy tanks. This is not a balance measure and we are not trying to remove this type of shells forever. Rather, within the testing, we are adjusting the efficiency of standard HE shells. Based on those adjustments we are planning to change the improved HE shells. During prior testing, improved HE shells of these vehicles were used excessively.

Damage Per Shot Values

We continue to search for the best suitable ratio of damage caused by HE shells, the value of their situational use in battle, and the extent of their use in battle. We used HE shells with low damage during the first tests and used HE shells with considerably higher damage during the second test. This resulted in their extensive use in battle. We think that HE shells demonstrated too much damage during the second testing iteration, so we’re considering it the threshold value and will not test higher values.

Currently, we’re working on a middle-ground solution based on these previous iterations.

The Mechanics of Causing Damage

It presents a precise mechanics change that works in the same way as reduction of damage per shot: we correct causing damage with HE shells for vehicles with different armor. Changes in splash damage will affect all vehicles but will be most noticeable to vehicles with weak armor. The mechanics of causing damage with armor spalling will be also applied to all vehicles but will have the strongest effect on medium and heavy tanks. Changes to the distribution of damage within the shell burst radius are also planned — with the introduction of the new settings, the external modules will be damaged in the areas that are closer to the shell burst point. This will reduce the number of cases when firing at a turret might result in damaging tracks.

Lessons from Testing

Thanks to your feedback and data, we made sure that the mechanics work without technical issues. We have been detected and fixed several bugs.

Now, the result of firing an HE shell has become more predictable and firing at vulnerable spots of vehicles provides a more predictable result. Players should now have an idea of the approximate amount of potential damage when firing at the specific spot and this amount of damage will be predictably higher when firing at a vulnerable spot on a vehicle. This means that we have to find out the proper values for HE shells.

In addition, your feedback suggested that a part or parts of a vehicle being susceptible to HE shells are important for players. We’ll take this into account during the process of development of separate and individual changes to vehicles.

Looking Forward

We encourage all players to join the Sandbox testing. In the near future, we will continue collecting data and release additional changes to HE shells settings and mechanics for causing damage. Each change will approach the HE shells settings to their final values. Consequently, the gameplay for HE shells will gradually become closer to the one we are expecting on live servers. Player feedback is important to us.

By collecting data and your feedback on the changes, we will be able to take the next step towards our goal — the complete rework of HE shell mechanics. Your feedback ia s key aspect of making decisions on future changes.

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WoT Sandbox: HE Shells Update

13 thoughts on “WoT Sandbox: HE Shells Update

  1. mtamas1986 says:

    “Player feedback is important to us.” Yeah sure.
    Another insult for the players.

    This band called wargaming is extremely lucky because there arent any real competiton on the market at the moment.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wargaming is putting in alot of time and effort into something the community NEVER asked for!!

    Why dont they listen to the community and work on continued balancing of MM and providing us with maps (old reworked HD maps and new ones). This is what we have been asking for.

    And why we are at it, why dont they come up with middle ground on team damage. Quicky Baby himself, along with other YouTube contributors think it was a mistake to remove team damage.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Quite simple why they removed it; now the griefers and out right idiots can’t be punished by team mates anymore. You can just shoot at a mass of brawlers with your fingers crossed since why not since you can’t damage your team mates anymore. Anything to make the game more accessible to mere idiots and assholes.

  3. I have a name says:

    As usual WG is inventing “problems” with the game that they need to solve. All of this to take focus of the real issues. Pretty much the same m.o as most politicans have.

  4. I’m glad I sold my account and moved on to Destiny 2. Only reason I keep coming back to see this rolling dumpster fire get destroyed further by its devs is because its very entertaining.

  5. JackTLadd says:


    “Alternative shells: These shells have a high penetration value and significantly lower, but predictable, damage if the shell penetrates. Basically, they will be like AP shells, but a small share of them can be HEAT shells. These shells will not stun.”

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