WoT- Sandbox: Reusable Consumables

With the introduction of the stun mechanic in Sandbox, we will also see the introduction of reusable equipment/consumables. Heres a quick screenshot showing the new info panels, as well as the new info panel for artillery HE shells and guns ( with new info on their stun power and duration):


In short, regular consumables will have a 90 second recharge period, premium version will have a recharge of 60 seconds.

The consumables will retain their current functions, with first-aid kits gaining the ability to remove the stun effect of an artillery impact.

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WoT- Sandbox: Reusable Consumables

42 thoughts on “WoT- Sandbox: Reusable Consumables

  1. Good, this is a mechanic I’m happy they are taking from WoWS.
    British tanks are getting indirectly buffed with these changes – arty won’t beat the sh*t out of them in 1-2 shots anymore and ammo racks won’t be as big of a problem anymore.

    1. The reusable consumables could certainly be tweaked, currently there isn’t any reason to use the smaller packs over the larger packs in a pay2win fassion and the cool downs might be a tad bit too short for any meaningful impact in gameplay, in theory, this current mechanic allows you to repair a damaged ammo rack, engine, all of your knocked out crew 14 times in the course of a standard random battle. Seems a tad bit excessive and makes eagle eye, wet ammo rack, dead eye, c02 tanks, and cyclone filters even more meaningless. Burning a removed speed governor constantly is also a possibillity and massive buff to russian/chinese tank drivers. And I am assuming you’re not just refering to british tanks but any vehicles with weak modules.

      That said, you’re definatly right that it is a big relief to not worry about artillery randomly shutting down players before they can play the game. No more absurd penetration, increased accuracy and aim time as well as a very healthy splash to keep artillery working well in the support role of stopping tanks from clumping together. It looks very promising, I will have to try it out ^^b

      1. Apparently large med kits do counter artillery stun effects so that’s why the recharge is so short. The short large repair kit recharge might also be for repairing your tracks after being splashed by artillery. Still means small med and repair kits are imbalanced. So yeah, interesting change.

      1. thebugmonster says:

        wonder if the changes for stun soley affect arty, or all HE? i mean i can see synchronized type 5 heavies destroying maus’s or e100s

    1. Meagain says:

      If you zoom the picture you can see that in the description it says that if you use the consumable even once it will be removed

    2. It’s a great question, wargaming probably will have it set as one reusable consumable for every battle but to give perspective if it were one consumable per use, you can burn a large consumable 14 times every standard game, 280,000 credits. If you run two large consumables, you can burn 560,000 credits. If you throw in a removed speed governor and fire premium rounds, you’ll just chew through your credits at record breaking speeds. This is of course assuming you live long to begin with haha, happy tanking 🙂

    3. OrigamiChik3n says:

      One consumable per battle probably makes sense. Considering how costs could mount otherwise.

      I watched a bit of stream from sand box server. It seems that crew members get stunned not only from direct HE hits but from splash as well. Which can mean that “small” derp guns, like 105mm, can have even more uses.

    1. DZ says:

      another retarded shitter that has no idea that if u actually do good, u earn credits. but from u being bad ALL the time, no wonder u think its pay2win.

      1. So You want to tell me, that if you take large repair and large med kid (40 000k credits without discount) that You make profit in average battle without prem acc (I guess not so many people play with prem acc)??

  2. Meagain says:

    If you zoom the picture you can see in the description it says if you use the consumable even once during the battle it will be removed

  3. Thomas A. says:

    At lest to me this is a good idea for arty. Low dmg and stun. And is quite Balance from my point of view.
    1. Normal: Campers…will be avoiding this stuns and even if they get stun they will be behind cover.

    2. Good:Stoping aggressive push from the enemy by helping in stunning them giving your team a chance.

  4. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    From this screenshot I can see three things :
    -Reload wasnt buffed as announced to make up for the damage nerf (even tho the nerf was needed). Which means a tier X arty will throw 300dmg shots every 30s… Very useful for the team, having 3vs2 arty mm will mean the 3 arty side will have a big disadvantage.
    -Accuracy wasnt buffed a lot, neither did aim time. Considering a BC155 with 5.5s reload actualy takes around 11s to fully aim, I’m expecting much better than that. We’d need to see what happened for arties like T92, M40/M43, GWs… But the nerf will be huge and the buff minimal, they admited arty was a pain BOTH for the arty player and arty target yet they only really solve the problem for the target ; and make arty useless and a handicap for its team.
    -While the premium HE for arties is completely useless (1.2m difference when the splash is already rather big is not worth it) ; the consumables cooldown is pure pay2win. Especialy for the med kit : now that is will also be used to counter stun, a regular kit will be extremely used ; while the premium kit has a 1/3 cooldown buff AND still heals all crew members. So when you have multiple dead members already being a huge handicap AND have the stun in play, the difference between paying or not is immense. And its the same as gold ammo : you cannot afford as many premium stuff without paying. If you now add the NEED for premium consumables to the already expensive gold ammo the game is pure pay2win.

    1. Nocomment says:

      They are also going out of their way to encourage even more premium spam.
      maybe there will be an option soon where you can send them money and get credited with wins and a high wn8. It will save actually bothering to play that way.

      1. Nocomment says:

        As for the actual changes. Not going to do a thing for arty hatred. f’cking arty stunning me from across the map behind a hill its soooo unfair. while zarty will be stunning tanks so that thier team can hide behind a rock until it wears off, then roll out and die.

  5. StevoMS says:

    I understand you pay nearly 10 times as much for premium consumables, but the ability to heal all crew members/ modules at a faster pace than regular consumables may be a bit op. For example, say you are in your IS-3 and you just get hit by arty who takes out your gun and your turret ring. With standard consumables, you will have to repair one module and after 90 sec repair the next. Premium you repair both and are ready to repair the next problem in only 60 seconds. Say you get rushed by a T-44, with premium consumables you are ready to deal and defend yourself, even if he blows off your tracks, with regular you get tracked and circled and are don’t have your turret repaired and you get killed and allow your team to be flanked etc. I believe Premium consumables having the same refresh timer as regular is enough of a bonus for paying extra for consumables as this scenario is likely to happen fairly regularly.

  6. For me it is money grab, nothing else. They could easly just change arty to do nice splash dmg instead of direct dmg and not touch consunables that will make game slower (players will wait for repairing etc) and pay to win (premium ones are op). Also old skills like “better crits” will be useless as hell

  7. I understand what they are trying to do….but….

    1. The effect of someone doing critical hits is massively reduced due to such a short ‘reload’ time on the consumables.
    2. The premium consumables are already better but also having a shorter ‘reload’ time will make this very pay to win.

    The reload time on all of them should be about 3 minutes. Why 3 minutes?
    Well in wot blitz the consumables reload in 90 seconds. They have 7 tanks with a max battle time of 7 minutes. On pc that is effectively doubled. Do the same on the consumables and you keep the ratio.

    Even then I feel that is may be too short. Maybe 200 seconds would be a better ‘reload’ time.

  8. If this gets implemented, the games officially becomes pay-to-win, and I’m out. And it’s not like I didn’t invest $$$ in this game more than any other…

  9. Rombat says:

    And that, prooves that wg is going for our credits an real money and not for our pleasure to play the game…nobody asked for such shit stunnn mechanic and for this recharched premium consumables…

  10. DZ says:

    love all the mentally challenged losers who use the term pay2win because they haven’t figured out after 50k games, that if u actually get kills, and do damage u can make credits… its people like u that need to go play checkers.

    1. Jonny Texas says:

      Are you defective?

      Arty is shooting more often, more accurately, and with a larger area of effect, so it will be nearly impossible to be safe. You will get hit, and without a premium kit to remove stun you are screwed. Hell if you add XVM sniping on top of the ability to make it easier to hit/stun you, being good is actually going to get you hit substantially more often…

      The med kits have just become a 20K penalty for playing in higher tier no matter how good you are. Have a crap game, lose 20K more than you would have. Have a great game, you earn 20K less than you would have. Either way, you area still out 20K and it will take you longer to buy that module, piece of equipment, or new tank than it otherwise would have regardless of your skill. It’s the regardless of the skill part that is the money grab.

      TO top it all off with the accuracy and velocity nerf coming later this year, you are going to waste more money on ammo. Your T8 money grinder just became much less effective on a per game basis regardless of your skill. God help you if you don’t run premium time. Hence the pay-2-win narrative, which could very well become pay-2-play.

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