WoT Screw-up Compensation Announcement

On EU. For those of you that don’t visit the portal or just missed this.

Over the past couple of months, many of you have been affected by chat, friends list, and other issues that may have spoiled your enjoyment in World of Tanks. We now have those issues under control but will continue to monitor the situation closely, especially after the release of Update 9.21.


We want to say ‘Thank you!’ and show our appreciation for your loyalty during those times, so everyone who redeems this bonus code between 11 December and 25 December at 23:59 CET (UTC+1) will receive the following gift:

  •  1 day of Premium Account
  •  3 Personal Reserves: +50% XP for 2 hours
  •  3 Personal Reserves: +100% Crew XP for 2 hours
  •  3 Personal Reserves: +100% Free XP for 2 hours
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WoT Screw-up Compensation Announcement

14 thoughts on “WoT Screw-up Compensation Announcement

      1. Ulysses says:

        We regularly get 25k a day and it only dips down to about 5-7k at its quietist, unless the server was just restarted. NA is a very stable server and saying its dead or dying is inaccurate. Sure NA West and NA East got merged, but then we were offered to move to ASIA and a new server location was opened over there – Aus/NZ. And a Latin American server was opened.

  1. Berto72 says:

    1- this compensation from month and moth of premium account without possibility of see / invite friends is just pathetic.
    2 – after patch release, chat/ contacts list is again out of service.
    3 – T4NKYOU.

  2. mirotordaji says:

    I managed to turn it into 2 days of premium…….activated it yesterday ,played whole evening……and got one more day of premium as compensation for downtime during update :):):):):):)

  3. Phat_Buddah says:

    1 day of premium in return for month of wasting time to try to play, with Activated Premium account. Perfect tarded action by WG. Its idiotic to even try to compensate, when we only wants a buggfree game as possible, its like EA nowadays, its cheaper to give out wimpy compensation after month of major problems than actually fixing buggs. Lets see what they will do after this 9.21 and on new year. Maybe a “pink” camo to put on a Tier 1 tank! I bet they just used the money from all wasted premium accounts to NOT pay a decent develop/bugg fix team, if so, please just givem a big foot in the ARSE…

  4. Anonymous says:

    The NA server is NOT stable!!

    I quit the game because of it.

    I have over 4 years and 29k battles.

    I live on the West Coast of the U.S. and the new server sucks! I start the game at 50 fps, then when I am in the heat of battle, it drops to 14 fps…… unplayable!!!

    This is running SD and using lower graphics settings.

    Wargaming team for WoTs continues to add things to the game that have NOT been requested by the community, and sets aside the major issues currently facing the NA community.

    When I joined this game approx 4 years ago, the weekend players on both West Coast/East Coast servers totaled appox 45-60k…. now they are lucky to maintain 20-25k on the central server located in Chicago, which by the way is East Coast.

    The whole reason they went to a single server, whatever the excuses might be, it is constant decline of the player base.

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