WoT Server downtime 2nd Night Running


Last night there was a server-side Micropatch of which no details were given. Tonight there will be server downtime again but for this one contents have been give.

For RU: The work on each server will take about 30 minutes and will begin:

RU8, RU9 – 3:00 (MSK).
RU2, RU10-330 (MSK).
RU3, RU4 – 4:00 (MSK).
RU6 – 4:20 (MSK).

For EU: The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 09.05.2018 for approximately 35 minutes: ( This is what the EU support posted )

  • Both servers starting from 06:30 CEST
  • WoT EU1 starting from 07:00 CEST
  • WoT EU2 starting from 06:00 CEST

For NA: We will perform maintenance on May 9 at 03:30 PT | 05:30 CT | 06:30 ET. The game will be unavailable for approximately 1 hour.

Patch Notes.

Starting May 9, Frontline: Road to Glory will have some changes to the economy to bring things more in line with Random Battle mode. They are as follows:

  • Supreme Gun achievement: Rewards 10 Bonds (reduced from 25)
  • Small Arm achievement: Rewards 10 Bonds (reduced from 20)
  • General of Army achievement: Rewards 40 Bonds (reduced from 100)
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