WoT ‘Special Ammo’ FAQ

A quick little FAQ about the upcoming ‘special ammo’ adjustments coming to World of Tanks in 2019. Credit to Trobsmonkey for getting this:



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WoT ‘Special Ammo’ FAQ

47 thoughts on “WoT ‘Special Ammo’ FAQ

  1. Anonymous says:

    They state that superheavies are not overpowered and do not need nerfs with upcomming ammochanges, yet they acknowledge that their survivability will increase. No plans te return weakspots.

    So, they want us to fire even more gold? Are they really that stupid?

  2. Haba says:

    Superheavies will not become overpowered through this, ha ha ha. Does WG even play the game? We already have games w. 26-28 heavies. And if no weakspots are added or the HP of the heavies are not touched, a tank like E5 will only be worse off.

  3. At first I was excited because finally WG acknowledged there was an issue with sprem but this implementation seems so convoluted and confusing that it feels like it’s going to do more than just inadvertently nerf a few tanks.

    There are tanks currently in the game that have been forgotten to time and pretty much rely on premium ammo, the ramifications of these changes on some older premium tanks will be devastating. I hope they’re reviewing it on a case by case basic but something tells me this is a broad change with little consideration.

    I hate that after all this time this is the change they’ve come up with and it’s just going to agitate people until they reverse the change and we’re back to square one and they’ll use it as a cudgel to smash over our heads every time we ever suggest to make more elaborate changes.

  4. OuttaControl says:

    They besicaly will make gold ammo spam 30% more literaly kiling this game even faster than currently
    And no arty changes/removal is another idiotic approach by wg
    I guess GREED is more important for them

  5. Karasu says:

    The fact that they are acknowledging there is a problem with the premium ammo is a good thing.

    The fact that they are NOT acknowledging where the problem came from is not a good thing. To cut the story short, the situation is as bad as it is is basically because of a history of trying to make “armor relevant again” (or rather, armor relevant in the first place; it was never really relevant in wot even years ago because of gold ammo). This very history of trying to make armor useful has resulted in almost every bigger problem that World of Tanks currently has. Including corridor map design, removing weakspots (and thus making the gameplay dumber), various other class nerfs/changes and introduction of highly armored OP tanks and premiums which they cannot individually nerf because money.

    Just because they did not want to get rid of / fix gold ammo before. Probably because they were worried about the economy. And by “fixing” I mean making this very change they are going for now, making premium ammo not just better in every way possible from the standard ammo, but a different one. An actual gameplay element, having the player to choose the ammo he uses wisely and according to the situation!

    But while they claim they are doing that there is a problem. Which I think they do realize but just can’t do anything about it anymore. The problem is that if they do not re-introduce weakspots on tanks, you just have no way of penetrating certain vehicles with normal ammo and using your skill to defeat the opponent vs. just firing premium ammo to defeat it with brute force. So what this will result is just in firing more premium ammo.

    WG, really – if you claim you are making selecting correct ammo for every situation a gameplay element, you are not really doing that if premium ammo is still the only answer for certain situations (facing armored tanks head on). You should ALWAYS have a way of using your knowledge and skill to be able to defeat your opponent with more DPM instead of just firing premium ammo for reliable damage.

    As to why they are not doing this – my fair guess is: premium tanks. They most likely CAN’T introduce weakspots to them anymore. Since that would be an individual nerf to said tank. So, gg, you have managed to dig yourselves in a hole where you cannot recover from.

    And yes, for this very reason I’m still calling “special ammo” premium ammo. Because you will still need to pay more for it and you will just need to keep spamming more of it to win. Since there is no way of defeating your opponent in using skill and getting your opponent to reveal his weakspots to do more damage while hiding yours.

    One final rant: We, they players, have been saying this (fix gold ammo ffs) since forever. When will you actually start to listen to us? Oh and while I’m at it, you seriously need to grow some balls and find a way to nerf premium tanks. If you introduce vehicles to a game which you can never nerf, it’s only a matter of time you go wrong and introduce such OP vehicles that ruin whole games for rest of the players (lefh, The Great Motherland Defender, Skorpion G, IS-3A, E25…). You cannot make the game better if there are elements you are just not allowed to change.

    1. Deadoks says:

      But solution can be simple even if they’re stuck if they change it to all tanks.
      Increase the pen of regular ammo by a % and do the test, continue to do it until test are good.
      Delete the gold ammo.
      Keep the HE and maybe increase damage of all HE by % and do the test.

  6. Robopon says:

    There will be sandbox test for this surely, and sandbox actually gives useful feedback to WG. They’ll HAVE to rebalance armor of super heavies or else it just won’t work. Here, I’m hoing to do WG a favor and say exactly what they need to do:
    – give Type 5 its weak shoulder plates back, so it can’t angle too much.
    – give Type 4 and 5 actual weaksponts on the front, like a driver’s hatch, just make it how it was before armor buffs and also fix broken cupola on Type 4 so you can actually pen it
    – nerf Maus cheecks back to 240mm, so you’ll actually need to angle the turret against AP
    – make VK.100s armor model closer to VK.168, weaker lower plate, weakspot behind a road wheel if you overangle and nerf the damn cupola to around 160-170mm

    Well, that was easy, wasn’t it?

    1. Michael says:

      Robopon, sounds like you play the game, unlike wg! there’s a range of simple fixes similar to those all through the tech tree. Why isn’t a machinegun port a weakspot? or a vision port (which would be armoured glass), silly eh?

    2. Anonymous says:

      Stop making sense!

      But seriously, they should reintroduce the weak lowerplates, weak shoulders, weak cheeks and weak cupola’s. Good players know how to angle so their weakpoints can bounce, or know how to hide their weakpoints and make them difficult to hit. Reward skill, stop with retardproof designs.

      The Löwe is a great example of a balanced armor layout. If you know how to angle, know how to hulldown and know how to hide your lowerplate, it’s a beast. While sidescraping you can bounce tier 10’s all day. If you don’t know how to play this game, you will suck in it. Even tier 6’s will pen you frontally. That’s how heavy tanks should be.

    3. Boris_The_Hitman says:

      – give Type 5 its weak shoulder plates back, so it can’t angle too much

      How about no? Instead of punishing skillful play they should make the driver’s hatch and the LFP weaker so if you don’t angle it could be penetrated by normal shells.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Good point in case of the Type 4/5. Tanks should have frontal weakpoints that can be penetrable by -2 tier opponents if they are not angling.

      2. Robopon says:

        Yeah, sure, because sitting in front of the enemy angling at ~45 degrees takes a lot of skill. Let these asshole type 5 drivers actually try to hide their weakspots.

    4. Kai says:

      … okay iam fine with this..
      if ….my E100/VK get auto hit amo or HE like the type 4/5
      … and medˋs with laser gun‘s and 3000+ dpm lose 25% pen…

      Sry, but it’s just funny … A Tank with 20kmh(VK) top Speed …thats turn like a house is OP in the eyes of wot player‘s …because it’s the only ger.tank u can‘t pen with Auto aim….from the front…

      The only good thing SuperHT have is armor/HP … worst gun/aim/rld/turn/speed… but Player still thing they are OP … nearly every med or TD @ Same tier can easy kill them …

      I realy dont get it…


    5. Ali Alasfoor says:

      So basically you are saying that SLOW heavies with armor that make up to their lack of speed and sluggish turret/tank traverse speed needs their armor to be nerfed so people with fast tanks who are dump enough to stay face to face with them get an equal chance to fight them?

      like seriously, what is the point of having a super heavy full of frontal weak spots if everyone can pen it frontally?

      1. Robopon says:

        Yeah, you tell them! You’re supposed to use your mobility as a medium or a light tank to flank heavy tanks instead of shooting gold at their front armor. And you totally can flank them on corridor maps, yes. And on open maps you can easily cross open ground covered by sniping TDs to flank thise pesky heavies. Oh, wait, YOU CAN’T! So what are you going to do other than spamming gold? Nothing? Great idea.

    6. DZ says:

      love the changes.. especially with the whining, why would they give it even more weak spots if the ammo isn’t getting a penetration nerf ffs.. let me guess, everybody now wants every tank to be penned with regular ammo so they don’t have to use premium (special) ammo at all? give me break.. people whine no matter what WG does. how about this, learn to freaking aim instead of spamming the 2 key, right-click — >left-click for once in your life.

  7. m galko says:

    Gold Ammo problem :
    – Increase pen of regular ammo (cca 10%), keep the same damage. (Call it AP)
    – Decrease pen of regular ammo by cca. 10-15%, increase damage by cca 15 % (Call it APHE)
    – Increase damege of HE by cca 20%, increase pen of HE by cca 10 %
    – keep pen of gold ammo as is, decrease damage by cca 40% (Call it GA)
    GA can get some module damage buff :
    – cca 50% increase – soft modules crew, tank (HEAT)
    – cca 50% increase – hard modules (APCR)
    Price of GA do not set too high.
    Problem limited.

    MM problem:

    Pyramid (3 5 7, 4 5 6,, not so easy to solve) –
    Not enough foot soldiers at lover tiers to fight knights of tier 10 (expect of tier 8,
    but it is creating problem at tier 6)
    Solution, scrap new MM. Introduce old MM with limits (1 arty per team 🙂 … for example)
    … and stop talking about skill based MM, good players in platoon do not want apes in team all the time.

    – Couple of thoughts of 50k battles veteran, 40+ (too old 🙁 ) civil engineer trying to accomplish
    all missions of personal missions 1 with secondaries.

    RIP Stronk tenk KVaS.

    1. Deadoks says:

      I like your idea but far to much…
      – Increase pen of regular ammo (by a % and test), keep the same damage.
      – Increase damage of HE (by a % and test), don’t touch the pen.

      Delete all the rest that is not needed and especially the high price ammo that will always y gold ammo!

  8. Assaultcat says:

    Arty changes would be soooo easy to make it usefull and not a pain in the ass.
    – Cut the splash radius by 1/3 or 1/2
    – Remove the stun
    – Give the shells more pen like 65 – 70 so that arty can make a bit damage again
    – Reduce Module damage a bit so that you can not “one-shot”
    – Give Arty AP shells with 1/4 of their HE max damage. 1200 HE dmg = 400 AP dmg
    – Give Arty a “TD” mode that:
    * Makes Top-Down Arty view impossible and switch it with a TD zoom
    * Limit gun elevation to 8 degree
    * Speeds the aim to 4 – 3 sek
    * Speeds up the reload a bit, but still being much worse than ANY TD ingame (low dpm)

    This would make Arty useful, gives it a bit self-defense and promotes to use this as a secondary TD at the frontlines. Even if you are build of paper, you can influence the battle a bit more. And the damage reduction on HE, and the limited AP Damage would not be overpowered but more of a “weak” TD. With reduced module damage there are no one-shots, and you cant cant really “hate” arty anymore.

    1. Swatdennis says:

      Nope, arty needs to have 1mm of HE pen, in 1/4 battles arty has the most damage in a game or has the confederate medal, I call unacceptable for some clicker, I feel arty needs to be supportive only and deal low damage a shot (around 1/3rd of regular tanks of their tier), but fire faster so that people are actually inclined to move when thry get hit…

      Remove the stun, yet give every tank a “adrenaline rush” to the crew that makes the tank move faster for 5 seconds, so the only people farmed on are people who don’t move or don’t counter arty

      1. Assaultcat says:

        Right now they have 29 – 35 mm pen, and they can not deal any reliant damage to heavy armored targets. They actually have to search for weak targets. And you know that with 1 mm pen they can not deal damage AT ALL? I believe dear sir, you have to learn a bit about the armor mechanics in this game. No offense.

        Also, if an artillery can shoot more often, they are more annoying. Before, Arty had a high damage, but had to hit you. Some meters next to you, and it didnt do shit. Then arty was nerfed (at least in my oppinion) and cant deal much damage to the targets that are actually important. They just annoy players with shooting the stun effect and having a ridiculous splash radius. When i play my artillery, i dont need to aim . Its just ok if the tank is somewhat in my aiming circle.

        An Artillery should have damage, but it should be more reliant on your own skill and situational awareness. I also had the idea to implement combat-guns and supportive-guns which give you another choice of shells (smoke, flare, shrapnell) ect, but i doubt that Wargaming would implement something like that. So the best solution is to make Arty a) playable b) balanced and c) not annoying to the receiving end.

      2. Oskar Sibeck says:

        Telling someone to learn about armour mechanics while having no clue how HE mechanics works, classy.

        Protip: for non-penetrating HE shots the pen has no effect on the resulting damage.

  9. fighting_falcon93 says:

    Sometimes I wonder how WG think… So they say:
    “We do not want to limit the use of shells by outbattle methods”
    But at the same time, they want to limit it by keeping the high credits cost. Well credits is also an outbattle method. For me it looks like they want to find some kind of solution, but they’re still to greedy to say good bye to the premium ammo credits sink. They need to understand that they can find a replacement for the credits sink, and then need to get rid of this P2W system where players with endless amounts of credits can spam premium ammo and still laugh about it, while players with no credits are still locked out from using it even when they really need it.

  10. lukas93h says:

    so tanks that weren’t designed to fire certain ammo types will get some compelete random shell types? I do not like that…

  11. Anonymous says:

    WG has only one (1) problem. They only listen to a small group of people who is their testing group, has allways been and allways will be. Ok they have the contributors, but have you ever feel like they listen to them, no, instead they do everything to blacklist those who Acctualy say the trouth, like the “sir foch” affair. As long as WG is using the old fasion “russian” close romm discusions/decision/cover up tactic all new will be shitty, no matter. If the ywant a vibrating new life to this dying monster they need to look further, much further and start to take some serious actions to some transparancy and collect/implement/realese some gamer wanted stuff. Not short term dollar bonuses to Wg and a long term strangeling the awesome game of WoT.
    It cost 5 dollar to get a customer, it cost 1 dollar to maintain a customer, it cost 50 dollar to loose a customer.

  12. Mikosah says:

    Some of the others have hit the nail right on the head- the true problem is the armor rather than the ammo. When WG says “armor relevance” they have this expectation that the armor has to be completely idiot-proof. They’ve forgotten that you can have obvious weakspots and still have relevant armor. If the armor forces you to aim for a weakspot rather than just shooting for center mass, then the armor has served its purpose.

    And if properly hitting that weakspot delivers reliable damage, there wouldn’t be a pressing need to spam gold. And if there isn’t a pressing need to spam gold, then even modest armor values can still produce results.

  13. Urzum says:

    Armor wise everybody here whines about the Type 4-5 heavy or the Maus, yet no one bats an eye for the ridiculous Obj 268-4. That’s the only shit tank that needs bigger weak spots.

    for the rest you should simply learn to tackle those “OP” super-heavies

  14. Snow Viper says:

    Unpopular opinion: Nerfing the Prem ammo would just hurt too many tanks and buff a lot of the others, the tanks that have to depend on gold to have a decent chance at penning others will suffer. Personally leave prem ammo alone and just makes tanks pennable from the front.

      1. Karasu says:

        The point most likely is that WG is once again trying to downplay a real issue here. Just a couple of months ago they were seriously claiming that only 5% of shots taken in game are gold ammo.

        …Which was/is obviously bullshit. But for some reason that’s how WG operates. Every time players raise a real concern, be it gold, arty, corridor maps, whatever – WG will release “this is utterly false”-statements. And after a few years they will say “We have detected that there is a problem”.

        And in case you’re wondering what is the issue about names: It’s the fact that you will still be paying more for them. You cannot afford firing premium ammo without a premium account or premium tanks. WG is trying to change the term “premium ammo” into something which is conveyed as a choice of an ammunition. But as long as the ammunition is just required to defeat certain types of opponents (heavily armored targets) or to provide consistent damage without skill (weakspots which they will not re-introduce), it’s NOT a choice.

        It’s Premium Ammo as long as it’s required to win.

  15. Anonymous says:

    193 pen for a HESH round is not going to work for Type 5. If your fighting another heavy of equal tier your not going to get threw their frontal armor. They however can get threw your big ass turret and front haul bar. So your only option is to go fight with the meds where you have a chance of penetrating

  16. 0gungrave0 says:

    They’re still ignoring the very reason of why people use gold ammo far more than they did 2 to 3 years ago. The reasons are basically newer tanks introduced with fewer or no exploitable weakpoints or ones that require gold to pen, more corridoor maps(favors idiot proof tanks), and 80% bottom tier games where some tanks have to spam gold to even hope of having good matches.

    At the end of the day they’ve focused far too much on trying to make money at the cost of ignoring proper game balance. When developers do stuff like this while dumbing down what made the game good its the quickest way to killing off your game.

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