WoT: Stage 2, Supertest Emil 1

Changes for The Swedish Tier VIII Heavy Tank. First the in-game stats and then the Supertest stage 2. Stage 1 here


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WoT: Stage 2, Supertest Emil 1

7 thoughts on “WoT: Stage 2, Supertest Emil 1

  1. NoComment says:

    Those two pics are a bit misleading as the ingame is showing gold ammo stats and the supertest not. Making the supertest look a lot worse…e.g shell velocity.

    1. Nighthuntertauren says:

      Well ignoring the shell velocity and por the supertest seems to be showing the buffs that the rest of the Swedish heavies got which is really good

      1. Anonymous says:

        6,8s less reload clip,but 1 shell less in magazine you call buff???Shit gun handling same as before, and that was the main problem,and u call this buff???Pls look at the stats before posting comments dude,u are so wrong.

      2. Avalon304 says:

        The increased gun bloom is insignificant (going from 0.24 to 0.25 is literally nothing). Meanwhile each of your 3 shells does 40 more alpha, and you reload the gun faster, meanign increased DPM and only slightly less burst. These are straight buffs right now. Also gaining an extra hp/ton is not “decreased mobility” thats increased mobility. And given how effective traverse rates are calculated the slight nerf in listed traverse will be balanced out by the fact that you get a higher horsepower engine.

        Pure buffs right now.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wtf do I see?
    So stage 1 proposed some nice changes to emil 1, even though the gun handling stats were not improved, it was compensated with DPM. Now, they took away part of that added DPM, nerfed gun handling while moving from 0.24 to 0.25 (WTF?!) and give it slightly more straight line mobility (traverse speed was nerfed from 30 to 28°/sec to compensate for more horsepower I guess). This is like a bad joke. Stage 1 looked promising, but now, this is straight up disappointing…

  3. Freya says:

    Its not a buff if you ask me. It makes the whole Emil line even worse. Noone fears a heavy with only 3 shots and 3 seconds between the shots.
    Kranvagn has the best gun of the line but it still sucks and often doesn’t hit it’s target properly. You won’t even be able to clip a tier 8 medium or td with these changes. It will make the whole line pointless.

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