WoT| Steel Hunter & Frontline

The Great Expedition For Vehicles

Soon, you will have the opportunity to set off for the great Expedition for vehicles in World of Tanks. Over the first half of the year, Expedition will run in the Frontline mode, and then move onto Steel Hunter for the second half. Three rare vehicles will be waiting for you during the Expedition: The Object 777 Version II, the Char Futur 4 and the AE Phase I. A worthy reward awaits anyone who dares to go on the Expedition!

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WoT| Steel Hunter & Frontline

One thought on “WoT| Steel Hunter & Frontline

  1. Tachenk0 says:

    Well…as always I will be ignoring the stupid grindfest full of Progettos, LT-432s and Defenders that Frontline is. But I will happily grind Steel Hunters with my pals. That mode was fresh air into the sails for me.

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