WoT Styles 1/14

Quick post trying to catch up on the newly shown styles for WoT 1.4. These are for all nations and tiers unless otherwise stated:

Alpha (Unhistorical):

Farmoz Tricolor (For Chinese M41):


RNG (Unhistorical):


Australian Expeditionary (Unhistorical, for Australia Day):


Dynamic Protection (Unhistorical):


Chinese New Year (Unhistorical, Five colores for the five elements- fire, earth, metal, wood, water):




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WoT Styles 1/14

6 thoughts on “WoT Styles 1/14

  1. Illuwatar says:

    I want the swedish M90 camo pattern – would be nice together with the new swedish mediums.

    With all these funky camos added to the game, I don’t see any issues with more modern patterns too as they could go as “unhistorical”…

  2. Anonymous says:

    What about adding more real camo into the game? Camo that is actually real, but may not have been on tanks. I would like to see more digital camo in the game.

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