WoT Supertest: Additional Tier X LT Changes

Just a quick add-on to our post from yesterday, a few additional stats that weren’t listed earlier, and with more detail. Mostly damage and DPM related:

Rheinmetal Panzerwagen

  • Damage reduced from 360 to 320
  • DPM reduced from 2206.3 to 2179
  • Reload reduced from 9.79 to 8.811
  • Rate of fire increased from 6.129 to 6.81
  • Aim reduced from 1.82 to 1.53
  • Expansion of aim circle during turret rotation reduced from 0.115 to 0.096
  • Aim circle expansion during hull movement reduced from 0.173 to 0.134
  • Aim circle expansion during hull rotation reduced from 0.173 to 0.134
  • Aim circle expansion during turret traverse at max speed reduced from 5.06 to 4.22
  • Aim circle expansion during movement at max speed reduced from 12.95 to 10.07
  • Aim circle expansion during while turning at max speed reduced from 9.32 to 7.25

T-100 LT

  • DPM increased from 2188.8 to 2357.1
  • Reload reduced from 8.224 to 7.636

XM551 Sheridan (*Parameters for the 105mm)

  • Damage increased from 360 to 390
  • DPM increased from 2448.4 to 2652.5
  • Ammunition cost reduced from 3,056 to 2,821

AMX 13 105

  • Damage increased from 360 to 390
  • DPM increased from 2032.1 to 2201.4
  • Ammunition cost reduced from 3,042 to 2,808





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WoT Supertest: Additional Tier X LT Changes

47 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Additional Tier X LT Changes

  1. Enigmaticmuffin says:

    so lemmie get this straight
    they nerf the view range of a class whose purpose is spotting because people are using them for combat
    so they see after that fact that the light tanks are too weak
    so they buff their combat stats


    1. Anonymous says:

      Yeah god forbid they give the LT’s extremely useful camo ratings and super quick acceleration instead of viewrange b/c the LT’s r supposed to sit in the back and snipe with the meds right? That’s their purpose right?

      1. heinz says:

        Did you try out Sheridan and Rhm Panzerwagen? That is not usefull camo. Everyone seems to spot me in Sheridan. (Brothers in arms, 75% camo skill, ventilation, camo paint)

      2. Rogelio says:

        The whole camo mechanic is stupid and non-sense. There’s no point on discussing this any further.

  2. lukas93h says:

    strange enough that the 105mm guns of the LT’s did only 360 damage, but now they do the regular 390… all but that of the Rheinmetall Panzerwagen.
    Is there any plausible explenation for that? Other than ‘balancing’?

    1. Tim Allen says:

      Also, fun fact: if these changes stick, the Rheinmetall Panzerwagen would now have the 3rd worst DPM (2133) out of all Tier 10 tanks. The only two that are worse are the Type 5 with the 14cm (2105) and the Panzerkampfwagen VII (2100).

  3. Anonymous says:

    There is an explanation – it’s German, so they have to balance it.
    It’s quite strange how guns of the same caliber do different amounts of damage.

    1. cynicaldutchie says:

      How is that strange? Alpha has nothing to do with caliber. Caliber affects nothing except the overmatch mechanic.

      1. lukas93h says:

        It’s strange because Wargaming differs from ther usual pattern, where high-tier 105mm guns do 390 damage. Now it does the same like a tier 8 heavie.

        I’m well aware that ‘alpha’ is not related to caliber. But so is not the different ammunition type of the same caliber… but WG let’s AP, APCR and HEAT do the same damage, which is as much correct as every shell of the same caliber doing the same damage.

  4. Anonymous says:

    So they take the light tanks to their former state that they were before they stupidly nerfed them cause ppl are crybabies? Took them long enough…. Also I wanna live long enough until I see the kv5 buffed..

  5. WarStore says:

    WG is not just completely incapable of balancing the game. They also cannot match what they see or want for certain classes and its characteristics. They want light tanks to be scouts but seem incapable of modifying the game to make these same light tanks perform their intended roles. Instead, they keep making changes as to create underpowered medium tanks disguised as light tanks. Not only that, they make the class intended to scout have less view range than even heavy tanks. WG’s stupidity just doesn’t know any limits. I cannot imagine how much more stupid these guys can get

    1. Anonymous says:

      There is an even bigger problem! With most tank currently being city maps light tank were destined to fail! And yeah wgs balancing department is pathetic… I mean who thought this retarded mm is ok? Also they only rebalanced tier 8 and up and in tier 8 mostly premiums. Tier 5-6-7 is a nightmare….

      1. WarStore says:

        Oh, I hear ya. Noticed that I said ” incapable of modifying the game”, as in the entire game rather than simply mess with the parameters of a few tanks. They won’t bump up the AMX 13 damage a little bit and suddenly make it a viable scout. It will continue to be a shittier Batchat, nothing more. And even if they do increase its view range, the shitty tiny corridor maps will continue to favor heavies. WG is simply delusional if they think they can make light tanks viable scouts. They don’t even know from where they should begin. But we do. They should begin by firing all the idiots who let the game reach this horrible state.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Tier 7 WAS the most enjoyable tier and i believe that cause instead going to a single tier 10 i wanted every line to tier 7 so i can have all the flavors of tanks,BUT the new mm screws tier 7 badly. You are 95% of time bottom tier being farmed from stupid defenders,patriots and libertes. Also the o-ni needs rebalancing cause its hand down the best tier 7 heavy (t29 is close second). If they don’t fix the moronic mm nothing will change. One example i as i said in my tier 7-8s am 95% bottom tier my friend in his tier 9s is 80% top tier! It’s not rocket science. With the current mm meta and the fact that most people playing tier 8 thus having a huge pool of players at tier 8 ensures tiers 6-7 are screwed by the mmer.

  6. BashirTheTrainMaster says:

    Why do light tanks need 390 alpha with a 105mm? They may as well be medium tanks just like mediums may as well be heavies or better at this point.

    1. Tim Allen says:

      Because they lack the pen, dpm, accuracy, and, in some cases, view range of both mediums and heavies. God forbid they get some damage. Except the panzerwagen. Because screw german tanks right?

  7. Ragnarokbazil says:

    Wargaming just buff the view range you medium tank asskissers (Sheridan 450, RhM 445, T100LT 440, Amx105 435, WZ 435. That’s all you gotta do you retards

  8. Mikosah says:

    Are the shells really that expensive? Normally an apcr with 390 alpha costs about 1.2k credits at high tiers, have light tanks really been paying three times that until now? As for rebalancing the high tier lights, clearly it was bound to happen. The fact of the matter is that currently the lights are gimped mediums. They could have fixed that by returning their view range, but one caveat is inevitably combat is going to be a thing, so making them better at it isn’t that dumb. If we could choose which maps to play it would be a different story.

  9. At least the lights are not complete shit any more….oh wait they are….

    That penetration, accuracy and pretty much everything else is still garbage.
    They still have much less firepower than the original test.
    Their view range is still lower than heavy and medium tanks 2 tiers lower than them.

    And where are the buffs to the rest of the lights in the game? (t71, 13 90, t54lt, t49 excluded)

    The Rhm Panzer actually got nerfed which is also hilarious. What a bunch of ducking monkeys at WG.

    What the community told them in the same ducking patch that the tanks were released…and now they realise….utter morons. LISTEN TO THE PLAYERBASE IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU WANKSTAINS!


    (Apologies for rage, WG really get on my tits)

      1. It’s ok. Reading is hard.

        So is looking at the minimap, using brains, breathing and playing at the same time.

        That’s if my teams are the rule rather than the exception….

    1. I got totally surprised yesterday that the t71 still had a six clip, I was gone for a while and totally assumed it wouldn’t considering the 13 75 lost 2 shells, and is worse in almost every other way as well…

      Also needed to mention that the tier 10 LTs have lower view range than a tier 5 SPG and tier 6 TD, I mean a DM will be able to pretty reliably out spot them when sitting still on a ridge/bush…

      1. Indeed.

        The funniest thing is that WG excuse is that they keep their camo on the move.

        But if you look at the base camo ratings of a lot of tanks like the udes, ikv65, run, even tanks like the OBJ 704 have a lot better base camo than most light tanks.

  10. Blankman says:

    Maybe WG think it’s fine because LTs retain their camo on the move.. Funny, because my UDES and Obj.416 have better camo on the move than my LTs with the same all camo + camo paint loadout..

  11. Infernal969 says:

    So the tanks with big alpha also get better DPM?

    Damn, so many years have passed and their stupidity still amuses me.

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