WoT Supertest: AE Phase I, Second Iteration

Today we have a stat screen cap with fuller info than the original “Leak”. Click for full size.  First part here.


Now some in the wild pics.

Source WoT Express.

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WoT Supertest: AE Phase I, Second Iteration

8 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: AE Phase I, Second Iteration

  1. if they don’t change it again it will be better than the researchable M103, so yeah, WG keeping their tendency of making premiums and/or reward tanks better than the regular ones

    1. undutchable80 says:

      As an optimist I am hoping the US regular tech tree HTs from Tier 8-10 get some love during the upcoming HT rebalance, otherwise you are (sadly) correct. Nonetheless, I am well on my way to get it and I look forward to it in its current state!

      1. I am also someone optimistic, however I am also realistic (which cancel each other out? maybe I am someone without any expectaions on everything?)

        anyway, judging for the Q&A they released last year, around WG Fest, it does not seem they are interested in reworking the US TT and started giving excuses, they said there’re not many designs to pick from and at the end had the b*lls to ask people to send them materials if they had any

        the really upsetting thing is that since then they added the TS-5, AE Phase I, T95/Chieftain(FV2001) and T54E2, the last 2 are a different case since info on them (surviving prototypes, highly detailed manufactoring blueprints, etc) is obviously easier to be found (despite no T95/Chieftain had been built or did the T54E2 turret “survive”) but the first 2 are among a large number of concept-designs and/or mockups that can be found in the archives (at least photos of the mockups) and so the idea that is not possible to rework as well as add new lines is obviously a lie, I mean, even hobbyist modellers have been able to make accurate models based on info available publicly

        AGF 150t super heavy tank concept (155mm gun)


        (original artistic impression of the concept)


        the model is not far off from the original and was done by an amateur, WG has professional 3d artists and access to the archives, they should be able to do the same

        NOTE: if that became the Tier 10 of a super-heavy line the TV-1 could probably be the Tier 9 with its “blob” shape and 356mm of frontal armor, but only a 105mm gun and week side armor, although exceptional power/weight ratio, despite being 70tons heavy, thanks to its nuclear reactor


        and these are only 2 among the many available

      2. I am also an optimist, however also being realist balances things out, unfortunately they released a Q&A around the last WG Fest where they claim that there are too few options to do anything major with the US TT

        it could be true if not for the fact that since then they have released 4 premium/reward tanks despite “not having options”

        additionally they also added that there were no plans to rebalance the T110E5 because they don’t want to make it “OP” again despite the statistics putting it among the worst tanks overall on its tier

        so yeah, I have almost no expectations for anything to happen despite the fact that just from memory I think I could fix the US TT and maybe duplicate the number of lines and tanks (Tier 5 and above, the tiers that actually matter) and still leave them a good number of premiums

        of course I have to mention that there are people with far more knoweledge about them than I do (I know about their existence and what they were or were supposed to become) and if even I think I could draft an idea for it and even include 3 new types of lines we do not have in the TT (armored cars, amphibious with the TV-8 at Tier 10 and super-heavy with the TV-1 and AGF 150t at Tiers 9 and 10, respectively) there are others who could do even better

        furthermore many of them are the type that WG likes the most, designs where you have drawings/blueprints and photos of the mockup + a list of requirements for everything else that allows them liberty in order to balance them according to the desired Tier, just like how they balanced the AE Phase I and TS-5

  2. Lefanatik says:

    I love it I cant wait to see gameplays and to have enough token to take it. Only thing I find it could be interesting to increase a little bit its dpm, cause its a 105mm it should be able to shoot faster

    1. unfortunately you are mistaken, the design was for a medium tank with similar protection to a M48 (but better armor angles) and a 105mm gun, in the game it will be a heavy tank with a 120mm gun (bottom left corner of the stats card)

  3. 0gungrave0 says:

    I still think they should have used this to reorganize the US HT line. Two ways they omplement the Phase 1 and replace the god awful M103 and make it the frontline reward.

    1)Put the phase 1 at tier 9 on the tech tree where the M103 is.

    2) Alternative option would be to buff the phase 1 to tier 10 since its got a better overall turret design and is sort of a direct precursor to MBTs. Reason for this one is the E5 is honestly one of the worst tier 10 heavies right now especially with that damned tumor on top it would be better suited at tier 9 I think.

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