WoT Supertest: AE Phase I, Third Iteration


The changes in this iteration seem to be all buffs.

  • DPM: up from 2,002 to 2,275.3
  • Rate of Fire: down from 5.006 to 5.688
  • Reload time: up from 11.986 s to 10.548 s
  • Aim time: from 2.59 to 2.4

Aiming Circle Spread

  • Upon Vehicle Move: 0.153 to 0.134
  • Upon Vehicle Travers: 0.153 to 0.134
  • Upon Vehicle full speed Moving: 5.37 to 4.7
  • Upon Vehicle full speed Traversing: 4.6 to 4.03
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WoT Supertest: AE Phase I, Third Iteration

12 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: AE Phase I, Third Iteration

  1. it always feels “nice” when you see that a premium/reward tank that was already better than its researchable counterpart get additional buffs, altough the M103 is a bit underpowered and the buffs might not mean much in the end, it might be better than the other tanks from its own country but might also be average against the tanks from other nations

    1. Anonymous says:

      I no right? It would be a shame if I were to subsidize people who refuse to pay for anything yet criticize those who can afford to do such things, only to have the worst vehicle at its tier for them farm.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Look as someone who has helped pay for this game over the long years I have played it when you make the “tanks for dollars” better than the researchable counterpart the game becomes pay to win. Some people like that because they can afford it but it becomes unfair to those who cannot afford it. I buy premium time, I buy premium tanks, premium tanks should never be objectively better than the free to play vehicles.

      2. Anonymous says:

        IKR, why don’t more people feel bad and help subsidize a multi-billion dollar corporation? It’s like they just want to type criticisms that are so hurtful. Corporations are people too and if you don’t spend more than me, they should not get to talk.

      3. some people never heard of something called “game balance”, no one is saying it should be worse than the “free” tank of the same tier and role, it simply should not be way better

        these same people who never heard and do not understand the concept of “game balance” are often the ones who complain because their pay-to-win tank is completely outclassed by a even more OP pay-to-win tank, but yeah, game balance is overrated, at least until they have to play the exact same underpowered tanks

    2. Osc says:

      That’s more an argument to buff the m103. It is an underwhelming, disappointing tank in a line that peaked at tier 7. Reward tanks don’t need to be OP, but they do need to be good enough that people don’t feel they’ve been scammed out of their time every time they look at it. Is this better(with current stats) than the m103? yes. Is it OP? no. Short of nerfing all other tanks to make the m103 competitive(and boy would the howling begin then) they need to tweak it. Making a reward tank worse than a mediocre tree tank is a plain stupid idea.

      1. again, its about game balance, not making a premium or reward tank below average, I honestly don’t get where do you guys get that idea, did you guys even read what I wrote?
        it is all there, I also mentioned how being better than the M103 might still not be enough to make it a average tank
        «the M103 is a bit underpowered and the buffs might not mean much in the end»

        seriously, read things properly because in no way am I saying WG should sell cr*p to the players or the players should not buy OP premiums and stuff, is it that bad to hope for a balanced game?

        also, don’t be like our “friend” from the first reply because, and this is coming from someone who has also spent money in the game, in the end we all still need to progress through the lines and face those same OP tanks, or do players actually buy their way to Tier 8 and not play progression tanks at all? I do not see what is the fun of playing 50 instead of 300+ tanks

        and I am not even going into the idea that f2p players have to “suffer” for the fact that they don’t invest in the game, I wonder how long the queues would be without those players and how the MM would look like, +/- 2 like it is now? more like +/- 3 or 4 so that they could cut down in queue times, it is like that in every pay-to-win game (Heroes&Generals being a prime example)

      2. OUTFIT says:

        If a tier 8 tank is stronger than a tier 9 it is not op??? even if the tier 9 is underwhelming.

  2. Vepe says:

    There is definitely no problem if AE Phase 1 would be a competitive/useful tank because it will require most play/work compared to any other T9 tank (or maybe on the same level that T-55). You can get 10pcs M103 with same playing time so it would be insult if it would have to compared to somewhat underpowered national tech tree counterpart. In addition this tank you cannot buy so it’s not really p2w tank. Reward for stamina grinding.

  3. 0gungrave0 says:

    Still annoyed this wasn’t used to replace the aging M103 which that tank in and of itself could have become a premium replacement for the aging T34 heavy.

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