WoT Supertest: AM 39 Gendron-Somua

We have preliminary stats and texture pics for this tier II Armoured Car from the forums.


The Gendron-Somua has a crew of two: A Commander with extra skills and a Driver. Gameplay-wise, this vehicle will be typical of similar light tanks of the tier: rapid, fast-shooting but vulnerable. The differences lay in the handling and driving. It is hard to pin-down the Gendron-Somua, you need to damage more than half of its wheels to bring it to a stop. The vehicle is also armed with a 25-mm rapid-firing autocannon. To sum it up, the Gendron-Somua is a fast vehicle able to quickly take key positions and use its rapid-firing gun. This armoured car’s further fate and its exact specs will depend on test results.


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